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Spain Is A Top Contender With Several Dishes That Would Make Everyone's Top-Ten List For Food. Travel Down To Andalucia In Southern Spain, And You Will Discover A Cuisine That Uses Not Only The Freshest Ingredients But Takes Spanish Food To The Next Level.

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With both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea on its doorstep, you are sure to notice that seafood plays a big part in the Andalucian diet.

With more than 320 days of sunshine, a year dining al fresco is very popular with the Spanish and visitors alike.

Spanish soup recipes like gazpacho are hugely popular, as are fried whitebait and calamari served with a green side salad.

Contrary to most people’s conception, winters in Andalucia can be quite chilly, making warm soups and hearty stews the way to go.

No matter what time of the year you decide to visit Spain you are always going to eat delicious fresh food and perhaps come away with a recipe that you will want to try and make at home.

What Spanish Recipe do you want to cook today?