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Where to eat in Seville Like a Local [Best 2024 Restaurants]

A guide on where to eat in Seville, Southern Spain and where to eat in typical food from Seville, Andalucia

Wondering where to eat in Seville? Eating is one of the best things to do in Seville because the city is at the heart of Spain’s food culture.

Seville is a place where you can experience dishes blending traditional and modern that you will cling to for a long time. 

As former locals, we take pride in our history and gourmet heritage, which is why the following guide on where to eat in Seville will satisfy any type of traveler.

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A buffet table is pictured. There is rice, stews, meat dishes and more. They are in steel bowls.
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Best Food Tours in Seville

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Best Breakfast in Seville

close up of Spanish savory pastries on table.
Spanish savory pastries on table.

Looking for breakfast in Seville? Typically it consists of toast, coffee, and juice, and despite being simple, it represents a huge part of typical life in Seville.

For those who aim to experience food in Seville from the local’s point of view, this meal creates a sense of belonging.

Here is a fun fact about the importance of breakfast as food in Seville Spain: the local governing body Junta de Andalucía, even has a school program known as “Know the Andalusian Breakfast” that highlights the significance of quality food.

Travel Tip: Breakfast is a meal that deeply embodies the food culture across the whole Andalucía.

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Where to have breakfast in Seville

Bar AlfalfaCalle Candilejo 1

This bar, located near the Plaza Alfalfa is one of the best places to eat in Seville, especially when it comes to breakfast.

Visiting this little and comfy place without ordering their Andaluz breakfast would be a fault, and it would be a shame to miss the best salmorejo in town too.

Add to the equation good service and the fact that the average price for a meal is from 3eur to 10eur per person, and you will understand why Alfalfa is an enchanting bar in Seville.

La Cacharreria de Sevilla Regina 14 St

This is another popular yet very trendy place and with a reason! Moreover, it is vegan-friendly, and despite being overly crowded, it is loved by locals.

Besides the average price range of 12eur for a big breakfast, what makes this café one of the best places to eat Seville, Spain in terms of breakfast is that it offers a wide choice of muesli bowls and all sorts of toasts and milkshakes. 

Pan y Piu Calle Cabeza del Rey Don Pedro Esquina calle Aguilas

To enjoy a truly remarkable combination of three countries (Spain, Italy, and France), Pan y Piu is the place to go.

Bread, being the main product that represents the authenticity of this bakery, it brings forth the desired experience of the food prepared the way the previous generations taught us.

Pan y Piu is definitely one of the best places for breakfast in Seville.

Whether you choose a classic Spanish pan con tomate or some of their pastries, you’ll get a taste of tradition and genuineness for an affordable price.

Confeteria la CampanaCalle Sierpes, 1-3

One of the oldest confectioneries in the town is an ideal breakfast spot for those with a so-called sweet tooth.

La Campana is a great representative of Sevillian centuries-old recipes for sweets, thus, sweet breakfasts, and it is among the first choices for anyone wondering where to eat in Seville.

You can order typical Andalusian pastries such as piononos, or simply have a club or mixed sandwich before you continue exploring Seville.

Café PiolaPlaza Alameda de Hercules 57

When feeling uncertain about what to eat in Seville in the morning, stop by Piola café.

Not only you will encounter a lot of locals, but you will be offered a wide range of toast bread, and accompanying ingredients to put on it such as tomato (a Spanish classic), or jam and butter if you prefer something sweet.

Also, efficiency in service and good prices made this place stand out for both passengers and residents of the city.

Casa MorenaCalle Gamazo 7

Casa Moreno is the ultramarino (grocery store) in Seville, but that’s not all. In addition to the fully functioning grocery store that operates inside, you’ll find a long bar, which is crowded with locals most of the time.

The food here consists of tapas made solely from items sold in the grocery. You’ll find all the expected cured meats, cheeses, and anchovies, and later in the tortilla and stews.

This is a traditional place for eating in Seville and starting a day with some tostada or montaditos (small sandwiches.)

Best Brunch in Seville

a close up of Mushroom burgers with jamon and vegetables on a wooden plate

Travel Tip: The brunch trend, also known as a late breakfast or even early lunch has become increasingly popular in the last few years.

Spanish cuisine didn’t stay behind, so it is no wonder that you can find a variety of brunch options in many restaurants in Seville. Besides brunch, there are several other engaging things to do in Seville.

Depending on the atmosphere wanted while eating, there are traditional tapa places, and on the other hand, a lot of contemporary, chic restaurants that serve all kinds of brunches. 

Where to eat brunch in Seville

To get the most out of the brunch options in Seville, you should visit some of the following places: 

La Cacharreria  – Regina 14 St.

You are not seeing double, La Cacharreria was already on the list.

However, with the price range from 5eur to 15eur, their open-toasted sandwiches with all sorts of toppings that include tomato, different cheese types, guacamole, or hummus for veggies is worth mentioning twice. 

Ananás Coffee & Brunch Calle Pirineos 3 Junto Registro Mercantil De Sevilla, 41018

Ananás Coffee & Brunch serves an amazing brunch menu with a focus on health and freshness. Think vibrant smoothies that are as refreshing to the palate as they are to the eye.

Pricing is good too. You can pick up a smoothie for 4.90eur and a poke bowl for 10.50eur

If you have specific dietary requirements, this is the place to head. The menu caters to a spectrum of dietary needs, making it a haven for vegans, vegetarians, and those with intolerances.

La Escalona  Plaza de la Alfalfa, 12, 41002 – is one of those family restaurants that has been ‘’in the neighborhood’’ for quite some time.

Nowadays, it is among the best Seville restaurants for those who are eager to try traditional Andalusian cuisine, especially dishes such as patatas bravas or Jamon Iberico

The price range from 10€ to 25€, along with excellent service and reviews, qualifies La Escalona as one of the best restaurants in Seville Spain. 

Brunchit Sevilla Calle de la Feria 83 Esquina con Peris Mencheta

For those who like to post food they eat on social media rather than just eat it, Brunchit is a perfect spot. This is a trendy gastropub that meets the needs of those who are not in Seville primarily for its historical foody heritage.

When it comes to price range, it is average (8€-15€), but when it comes to taste and atmosphere, it can be a perfect choice for contemporary lovers.

Viriato Calle Madre María de la Purísima, 7

For a more pub-like feeling while enjoying a brunch Viriato is a perfect choice.

And if you are a soccer fan, it’s even better since this place is full of friendly people who gather to watch matches that are streaming on TV regularly.

It is a rather modern place where you can order food in a price range from 2eur to 12eur, so it is quite affordable too. And to feel like a full-fledged local here, you need two things: a pint of craft beer and a burger (one of the best in the city). 

Uno de Delicias – Paseo de las Delicias 1

As its name suggests, it’s a sweet restaurant with an intimate atmosphere that is perfect for those traveling with their significant other.

Uno de Delicias is known as the ‘’house of the best Spanish omelet in the world’’.

The great thing about this place is that one can enjoy all sorts of Mediterranean dishes for a good price (menu items varying from 3eur to 12eur), which makes it additionally good for small groups, not only couples.

Billy BrunchCalle de Pedro del Toro 12, 41001 

Billy Bunch serves some of the best brunch in Seville and is a must-visit on any trip to Seville. It’s the sort of spot where one could easily snap a picture of their eggs Benedict for Instagram.

All the dishes have excellent presentation, and there’s a nice ambiance about the place too.

Billy Brunch falls comfortably within a pocket-friendly range. And while the menu prices might not leave a hole in your pocket. A classic English breakfast is 9.50eur, and you can pick up a detox juice for €3.80.

Whether you’re looking for a classic English breakfast or some authentic Spanish food, Billy Brunch is the place to go.

If you want to learn more about Spanish food, make sure you read our Spanish food facts.

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Best Restaurants for Lunch in Seville

Spanish migas with pork and green onions in cast-iron pan on dark background.

Lunch, or La Comida in Spanish, is typically served between 2 pm and 4 pm here. Moreover, for us, lunch in Seville is the biggest and the most important meal of the day which is why it usually consists of several courses.

Lunch is a great opportunity to try some of the best food in Seville Spain.

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Travel Tip: When visiting Seville, or any other city in Spain to be honest, it is important to know that lunchtime is considerably later than in other cultures.

Where to eat Lunch in Seville

Note that in most of the places, including the best restaurants Seville, food is gastronomical, but also a cultural experience. Here are a few restaurants that will blow you away with their quality:

El Rinconcillo – Calle Gerona 40

Considered to be the oldest tapa bar in Seville (opened in 1670), El Rinconcillo is a place for those who want to fuse elegant and luxurious food taste with the old yet verified reputation with the price range from 20eur to 40eur.

We are talking about first-class garbanzos, tuna steaks, and many other dishes worthy of a Michelin star.

It is safe to say that it is among the best places to eat in Seville Spain. 

La Chalá Plaza de la Puerta Real 6

It’s a perfect spot for those who enjoy creative and vivid food.

They have something for everyone, so it is possible to order traditional dishes such as Granada pastry, and more contemporary options such as curry chicken pastry with almond sauce.

The price range is also reasonable, going from 10eur to 25eur on average, and the best thing is that they always have some unexpected meal for us to explore.

ConTenedor  – Calle San Luis 50

For those looking for beauty and high-quality service, ConTenedor should be an obvious choice.

It is perfect for special occasions, and the price range follows by going from 10eur to 45eur on average.

Trying out the duck with the crispy rice, which is their signature dish, is a must.

La Brunilda – Calle Galera, 5

It is a well-known restaurant to locals, but it is also one of the busiest places in Seville.

The food quality is out of this world; still, people are waiting in line before it even opens to snag a table.

If you are lucky enough to find a place, you should try their croquettes – they are homemade, or you can go with super delicious mushroom risotto.  P.S. La Brulinda doesn’t work on Mondays.

La ComilonaCalle de Luis Arenas Ladislao

If you want to get the best lunch in Seville, try La Comilona which stands out as one of the city’s premier lunch destinations, combining traditional Spanish flavors with contemporary flair.

This charming eatery offers a diverse menu featuring meticulously crafted tapas, paellas, and regional specialties, all made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

The restaurant’s warm ambiance and commitment to quality create an inviting atmosphere for both locals and tourists.

Best Coffee in Seville

red cup of coffee on a tile with a drawing on top

In fact, a lot of people couldn’t imagine their day without at least one cup. Make sure also to check out the list of the best boutique hotels in Seville since many of them have tasty coffee bars.

When it comes to Seville, the most common coffee is café con Leche, and it is usually made with the Andalucian brand known as Catunambu.

Travel Tip: Just like in many countries surrounding Spain, coffee is heavily incorporated into our daily lives.

Where to have the best coffee in Seville

Still, few bars offer distinctive coffee types, thus serving the best coffee in Seville. Without further ado, here they are: 

Virgin Coffee Calle Regina, 1 Local 6

Known as the first specialty coffee shop in Seville, Virgin Coffee is an ideal address for coffee lovers.

With over six different types of coffee beans from all over the world, it is established following the example of Mr. Chava Cafeteria which will be mentioned later.

The latte from Virgin Coffee is said to be the best in Sevilla, so it’s a must-order while visiting the town. 

Parceria Cafe Plaza de Calderon de la Barca 9, 41003 

Parceria Cafe is a must-visit for those who appreciate the art of coffee.

An extensive coffee menu with reasonable prices ranges from the aromatic turmeric latte to the strong and full-bodied V60. The menu is also a haven for vegetarians and vegans. Prices range from 2.50eur to 5eur.

If you’re also hungry during your visit, their menu includes items such as avocado, tomato, goat cheese toast, and Baba Ganoush with feta cheese.

JesterCalle de la Puerta de la Carne 7 A

Jester is among the top coffee shops in Seville and a favorite for those seeking a delightful morning or afternoon experience.

Renowned for its exceptional coffee and diverse menu, Jester stands out with its delectable acai bowls, croissant sandwiches, fresh juices, and other light bites.

The inviting atmosphere, coupled with a variety of treats such as three-layered cakes, pastries, and more, makes Jester a must-visit spot for both locals and tourists.

From the quality of the coffee to the array of delectable bites, Jester provides a memorable and satisfying experience for coffee enthusiasts and food lovers alike in the heart of Seville.

Mister Chava – Calle Francisco del Carpio 1 Frente al Hospital de la Merced de Osuna

Although it is located in the province of Seville, Mister Chava is one of the so-called ‘’cult’’ places for locals when it comes to specialized coffee shops, not only in Seville but throughout the whole of Andalusia.

From naturally processed Columbian espresso to all sorts of dry-processed blends, this cozy yet refined place where you get to see the master of coffee himself is one of the all-time favorites among the people of this part of the country.

After a tasty coffee, make sure to head over to our favorite beach resorts near Seville and enjoy the gorgeous seaside near Seville.

Best Churros in Seville

Traditional mexican dessert churros with chocolate sause on a rustic background.

Those who want to sound more like locals while visiting Seville will order calentitos rather than churros.

If you want to go further, you can order one of the following two types: calientito de Rueda (soft) or calientito de papa (crispy).

Travel Tip: Churros are one of the most classical representatives of traditional food in Spain.

They are commonly dipped in hot thick chocolate and served as breakfast or as a snack. However, in Seville, there is another expression used when referring to churros

Where to eat churros in Seville:

Some of the places to taste the best churros in Seville are: 

Bar El ComercioCalle Lineros 9

It is a place known for the best churros in town, and guess what – this is one of those bars that lives up to its reputation.

Aside from having amazing calientitos, El Comercio gives a great price of 4.5eur for both churros and chocolate sauce. It can hardly get better than this.

The Churreria Alfalfa Calle Candilejo 1

This churreria has been around for more than three decades. It is a nice and cozy family place with good prices (starting from around 3eur) and great service.

They have a special Spanish hot chocolate recipe served exclusively on weekends, and it is another must-try order.

Dona Carmen Calle San Eloy 19

A lot of locals hang out at Dona Carmen’s, especially because the food tastes great and the portions are large.

The price varies from 2€ to 15€; thus, there are people from all kinds of backgrounds. Not to mention that churros con chocolate is delicious and among the best in the city center.

Chocolateria Virgen de LujanVirgen de Lujan 41

One of the best place to eat in Seville if you are craving churros is at Chocolateria Virgen de Lujan.

This hidden gem in Seville is captivating locals and visitors alike with its irresistible chocolate creations.

Nestled in the heart of the city, this charming establishment is renowned for its decadent chocolate delights that elevate the sweet-tooth experience.

The warm ambiance adds to the allure, making it an inviting haven for chocolate enthusiasts seeking a delightful escape while eating churros.

Best Tapas in Seville

tapas and wine served on wooden board at a traditional wine and tapas tour in Seville in Winter

Usually, tapas were paired with drinks in bars, and they served as a snack, mostly for free. However, nowadays, tapas are the core of food culture in Spain, and Seville is no exception.  

If you’re wondering what to eat in Seville, trying some of the local tapas is a great way to get a taste of the local food, whether you plan to do a tapas crawl or settle down for a sit-down meal at a traditional tapas bar.

If you want to make the most of your time, we recommend going on a tapas tour in Seville. – Check tours here

Travel Tip: Tapa is another signature dish coming from Spain. The simplest definition of tapa is that it represents a small plate of food.

Where to eat tapas in Seville:

There are countless tapas bars, and here are some that serve the best tapas in Seville and that we like the most:

Bar Las Teresas Calle Santa Teresa 2 Barrio de Santa Cruz

Located in the Jewish quarters, Las Teresas is an old and cozy tapa bar that opened over a century ago.

It is one of the best tapas bars in Seville, Spain, famous for its pulpo aliñado which is a cold tomato soup with octopus. The price range goes from 9eur to 27eur.

It should be pointed out that Las Teresas has one of the best Jamon Iberico selections in the whole of SevilleIf you’re looking for classic tapas bars, this is one of the best places to head.

Bodeguita Romeroc/ Harinas 10

Considered one of the best restaurants in the town, Bodeguita Romero is adored by tourists as much as by locals.

They have been in business for decades, serving both classical Spanish cuisine and their own specialties, such as montadito de pringá, which was recognized as the best in Spain.

You’ll fall in love with their traditional tapas and make sure to try their virgin olive oil on a warm toast. A delight!

La Fresquita – Calle Mateos Gago 29

This is a place mainly visited by Sevillan residents. There are not many tourists around, but it is still a great choice for those who really want to experience the authenticity of Spanish culture.

The best tapas to choose when visiting La Fresquita are definitely their aged manchego, espinacas or cheese, and montaditos

CastizoCalle Zaragoza 6

The highly rated Castizo is an archetypal Sevilla restaurant where you can feast on some of the best tapas in Seville.

Castizo prides itself on the creativeness of the delicious tapas dishes. Prepare to be amazed with the best food in Sevilla.

Castizo serves modern, innovative tapas, with a focus on hot dishes. The atmosphere here is electric. Be warned, though, that it can get busy at this popular hotspot, so it’s best to book ahead.

Mercado Lonja del BarrancoCalle Arjona

One of the best restaurants in Sevilla is Mercado Lonja del Barranco.

It is a gourmet market set in a beautiful wrought-iron former fish market that was designed by Gustave Eiffel (of Eiffel Tower fame).

Built in 1883, the market is now home to a range of gastronomic delights.

In addition to the plethora of local delicacies on offer here, you’ll find tapas fusion takes on dishes from the wider Mediterranean region right through to Asian creations.

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Best Restaurants in Seville for Dinner

Risotto with porcini mushroom on wooden table
Risotto with porcini mushroom on wooden table

If you want to know where to eat in Sevilla for dinner, you are in the right place.

Remember, the fact is that restaurants serving dinner won’t open before 8 pm, and in most cases, locals won’t show up before 9 pm. 

Before booking your stay, make sure to check out our guide about the best neighborhoods to stay in Seville.

Following the logic of lunch being the largest meal of the day, dinner in Seville is usually light, and at the same time, it is an important part of socialization for people of the city.

This is the main reason why restaurants and bars in Seville are crowded in the evening, and it is very important information for those looking to experience food in Seville from the perspective of a local. 

For dinner, make sure you try some local dishes like fried fish. Some of the best food in Seville can be found on dinner menus, so make sure you plan to eat out at least once.

Travel Tip: Just like with lunch, dinnertime in Spain is also later than in most other cultures.

Where to eat dinner in Seville:

Here are some of the best restaurants in Seville for dinner. Some of the best restaurants in Seville are listed here where you can try some delicious food.

Abantal Calle Alcalde Jose de La Bandera 7

When talking about luxury and quality, Abantal is considered to be the best restaurant in Seville, and they have a Michelin star confirming it.

There are multiple-level courses to choose from, and you can even enjoy some extravagant options such as edible candles, mini ice cream cones, anchovies, and so on.

Abantal is the epitome of fine dining in Sevilla, combining the Andalusian tradition in the kitchen and contemporary touch in design. 

Mamarracha Calle Hernando Colón, 1-3 Plaza San Francisco

Now, Mamarracha is a more down-to-earth place, but with a lot of tasty options. It is located near the City Hall, and it has a very nice vertical garden in the dining area.

The prices are super affordable, every dish is below 10eur, and you can accompany it with even more wallet-friendly beer pines that are priced around 1.5eur. 

Condendê Calle Feria 98 Positions: 92,93,94, 41003 

Located in the Calle Feria Market area, Condendê really is a hidden gem. The outdoor seating area in a pedestrian zone offers a cozy spot to dine and people-watch.

Every dish speaks of passion and tradition, and the menu fuzes together Asian and Spanish food using some of the best Spanish ingredients.

The menu includes things like Arepa, Gyoza, Samosa, and Foccacia, all at reasonable prices. Dishes are priced at  3.50eur to 6.70eur.

Mariatrifulca Puente de Triana Corner Plaza del Altozano

Another so-called ‘’mid-range’’ restaurant in terms of price, and still one of the coziest places to eat in Seville. Whether choosing tuna tataki, mushroom risotto, or croquettes, guests frequently overorder.

Mariatrifulca is said to be a particularly romantic restaurant in Seville so make sure not to go alone.

El Pinton – C/ Francos 42

El Pinton is also considered to be one of the best places to eat in Sevilla – among the best Seville restaurants.

The menu is characteristic because of their twists on the classic recipes, and in terms of price, two people need around 50eur to get a decent dinner with some accompanying drink such as the fruity sangria.

Gazpacho is one of El Pinton fortes, and they have really good shellfish rice.

Can’t you get enough Seville restaurants? Have a look at my webstory about where to eat in Seville.

Best Restaurants in Seville – Map

a map pinning the best restaurants in Seville

If you’re planning a trip to Seville, make sure you take a look at our other Seville posts, including the best resorts in Seville and the best holiday villas in Seville.

For things to do, make sure you read the best things to see and do in Seville for first timers.

A Short FAQ about the best restaurants in Seville

Where to eat in Seville Old Town?

Most of the restaurants in Seville’s Old Town are highly reputable, offering a range of the best Spanish cuisine.

Where to eat in Seville on a Sunday?

For a delicious Sunday meal in Seville, ou should consider Antigua Abacería de San Lorenzo or El Rinconcillo.

Is it expensive to eat in Seville?

Compared to some of the bigger cities in Spain, food is relatively cheap in Seville, with varying prices between the restaurants of your choice.

What tapas are popular in Seville?

Favourites include “Espinacas con Garbanzos” (spinach with chickpeas), “Churros con Chocolate”, and “Salmorejo” (a cold tomato and bread soup).

What food is Seville famous for?

Seville is known for its “Salmorejo” with toppings like hard-boiled eggs and tuna, and dishes like “Flamenquín” which sometimes incorporate seafood, given its proximity to coastal regions.

Are there any drinks unique to Seville?

Seville is known for its “Rebujito,” a refreshing mix of Manzanilla sherry and soft drink, often enjoyed during the Feria de Abril festival.

What’s the best dinner in Seville?

For a delightful evening in Seville, consider savoring the innovative Spanish cuisine at Abantal, indulging in the lively atmosphere and grilled specialties of Mamarracha, or exploring the unique blend of Portuguese and Andalusian flavors at Condendê.

Where do the locals eat in Seville?

In Seville, locals often enjoy dining at traditional tapas bars and family-run restaurants that offer authentic Andalusian cuisine.

What are the best restaurants in Seville old town?

For an authentic taste of Seville’s old town, consider dining at El Rinconcillo for historic charm and traditional tapas and La Brunilda for creative and flavorful small plates.