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Where to eat in Granada Like a Local – Best Restaurants in Granada

A guide on where to eat in Granada, Southern Spain and where to eat typical food from Granada, Andalusia

Andalucía is one of the most beautiful autonomous communities in Spain. Its southern location makes the region a wonderful place to visit all year round.

One of the eight provinces that form this region is Granada, which is considered a top destination by those travelers who are seeking to get immersed in a welcoming culture that offers unforgettable experiences. 

Once you get there, not only the history of Granada but also its gastronomy will encourage you to discover every single hidden gem of the city.

Delicious traditional dishes in Granada, Spain

My main aim as a local is to help you make the most of your stay here by giving you some useful piece of advice about what and where to eat in Granada. Let’s dive into the wonderful world of Granada tapas!

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If you happen to be a foodie in Granada, make sure to have a look at our guide on typical food from Granada and things to do in Granada.

Best Breakfast in Granada

Delicious toast and coffee for breakfast in Granada, Spain.

One of the most important meals of the day is breakfast as it is supposed to give you enough energy to face your day. Discovering a new city, walking through its streets, and visiting its most iconic places takes a lot of it so below we offer you a list of some of the best places to have a great breakfast in Granada.

Travel Tip: Before booking your hotel room, check the price and the products available at the breakfast they are offering because usually, it is cheaper and better to look for places to eat in Granada.

Find out more about the best Spanish breakfast foods before deciding where to head yourself.

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Where to eat breakfast in Granada:

Mimimi C/ Pasaje del Profesor Sainz Cantero, 7 Local 1

It is the perfect place to drink delicious fresh juice combined with one of their tasty toasts. We strongly recommend you order the tomato, olives, and feta cheese slice of bread. 

Mimimi offers you the possibility to have some organic food and several vegan options in a chilling atmosphere where you will feel at home. Another positive aspect of this cafeteria is its price range, which is quite affordable. Indeed, you will have a full breakfast for 5 to 10 € per person.

Café 4 gatos C/ Placeta Cruz Verde, 6 

It is one of the most popular places to have a traditional breakfast in Granada. Visiting this cafeteria offers you the possibility to enjoy some of the best Spanish tomato toast in the region while enjoying unbeatable views of the Alhambra.

However, as the space is limited we recommend you book a table in advance or to get up early and head over there as soon as possible.

Café La Cala C/ San Juan de Dios, 52

Café La Cala is an amazing place to drink great coffee accompanied by a ham toast, which is popular because the owner will make sure that the slice of bread is fully covered with it.

The cafeteria offers a breakfast menu composed of a cup of coffee, a glass of orange juice, and a toast for 4 €, which is one of its star products. 

Toma Te Pan C/ Camino de Ronda, 43

If you prefer to have a sweet breakfast, you should visit this iconic bakery.

Toma Te Pan is a luxurious place with a vintage atmosphere that offers you a wide selection of pastries and cakes. Although it is not a cheap place to eat in Granada, we guarantee that it is good value for the money.

Elvira81 C/ Elvira, 81 

The perfect place to taste some delicious Spanish crepes is Elvira81. Moreover, it is one of the best options in Granada if your budget is low but you still want to get a complete breakfast that won’t disappoint you. The prices of its menu range from 5 to 9 euros.

Besides the unique breakfast experience, here is a 3-day itinerary of things to do in Granada, Spain.

Best Brunch in Granada

Mouthwatering traditional Montadita for brunch in Granada, Spain

Recently, brunches have become really popular and some of the best restaurants in Granada have adapted their traditional menus to this new demand. If you are one of those travelers who enjoy having brunch and a light lunch afterward, this is your section.

Travel Tip: Having a great brunch may make your day if you are visiting the city and you end up spending more time than the initially planned sightseeing of some of the most important monuments of the city, which is something that usually happens in Granada.

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Where to eat brunch in Granada:

La Platea Centro C/ José Luis Pérez Pujadas, 9

Some of the top restaurants in Granada to have a great brunch is La Platea Centro, which offers two different options:

  • Brunch menu nº 1 for 11€: Coffee or tea, Orange Juice or Mimosa, cereals, natural yogurt, nuts, water, fried eggs with bacon or tortilla, toast, and brownie.
  • Brunch menu nº 2 for 16 €:  Coffee or tea, Orange Juice or Mimosa, cereals, natural yogurt, nuts, water, scrambled eggs, toast, salmon or chicken sandwich, smoothie, and brownie.

Barista Australiano C/ Doctor Severo Ochoa, 3

Eating in Granada is an unforgettable experience and when it comes to having a delicious brunch in the city center, one of the best options is Barista Australiano because the quality of its coffee is stunning.

For breakfast, we strongly recommend you to taste their blue cheese, apple and walnuts jaffle. 

I need coffee Cuesta del Realejo 5

“I need coffee” is located in the city center and is one of the best places to enjoy brunch in Granada for coffee lovers.

Their coffee is super yummy and the menu comes with a large choice for breakfast and brunch (also gluten-free options available). Choose from their large juice and toast variety and spend a lovely morning in this cozy setting.

From here it is only a short walk to visit some of the most important places in the city right after that.

Avocado toast is one of their best sellers and combining them with a handcrafted cup of coffee may be the perfect way to start your day. The price range goes from 2 to 8 €. 

Perspectives Café C/Elvira, 115

The business’s full name is Perspectives Café & Honest Food and it is committed to promoting a sustainable lifestyle and serving fresh and seasonal products, prepared daily in its kitchen.

Moreover, they have gluten-free and vegan options to make everyone feel comfortable.

Their brunch options change every day, but they usually have more than two options toast, cereal bowls, and sandwiches. The price range goes from 2 to 5 €.

Best Restaurants for Lunch in Granada

Delicious and authentic Spanish Migas in the restaurants of Granada, Spain

If you are wondering about where to eat in Granada (Spain), this section will be useful to you. Below you will find a trustful selection of some of the best places to eat in Granada.

Travel Tip: Some of the best restaurants in Granada (Spain) may not seem attractive at first sight; however, do not judge the book by its cover. Although Spanish people may be a little bit traditional in terms of decoration, some of these restaurants still serve the best food in Granada.

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Where to eat lunch in Granada:

El Mercader C/ Imprenta, 2

It is one of the restaurants that does not look as good as its food is going to be. Everything that is on their menu is exquisite and all the dishes have a reasonable and affordable price.

Do not leave the place without trying one of their homemade desserts.

Palacio Andaluz Almona C/San Jerónimo, 5

It is a great place to taste some of the best typical Moroccan food in Granada and to spend some time in a restaurant that will make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Some of its best dishes are the traditional couscous and the lamb tagine. Moreover, we suggest you try their Moorish tea. The price range goes from 7 to 16 €.

¡Viva María! C/ San Jerónimo, 10

If you already had enough traditional food in Granada (Spain) maybe you will feel like trying some of the best Italian dishes in the city.

This restaurant’s price range goes from 5 to 15 € per serving, which makes it a cheap but still surprisingly good place to eat. There you should try their meat or vegan lasagne and the plum cheesecake.

Restaurante Cala C/José Luis Pérez Pujadas 

It is the perfect place to have a sophisticated lunch made with fresh, seasonal, and local products. Their prices range from 8 to 20 € and they offer a seasonal tasting menu that is highly recommended.

Moreover, one of its main attractions is the Jornadas de Arroz, usually celebrated in March, when they elaborate on special rice dishes.

El Trillo Restaurante C/Callejón del Aljibe de Trillo, 3

It is one of the best places to eat in Granada (Spain) not only because of the quality of their dishes but also because of the spectacular views of the Alhambra that you will delightfully enjoy if you stay in outside terrace of this beautiful restaurant.

You should definitely try their salmorejo with beets and avocado and their rice with wild boar and mushrooms. The price of the dishes may range from 25 to 51 €.

Best Coffee in Granada

Canva Espresso and Coffee Grain 1 - Where to eat in Granada Like a Local - Best Restaurants in Granada

Coffee lovers recognize the importance of drinking a great one each morning or after lunch. However, when you visit a new city you may find it hard to find cafeterias that reach your expectations.

Bearing this in mind, we offer you a selection of the best bars in Granada to enjoy delicious cups of coffee. 

Travel Tip: If you are a foreign traveler you should be aware of the fact that traditional cafeterias usually serve strong coffee.

If you do not like strong coffee flavor, do not hesitate about asking for your regular one but specifying corto de café, which means that you want a little bit less coffee than the norm.

Where to have coffee in Granada:

Oteiza CoffeeC/ Carrera Del Darro, 25

The location of this caffé is unbeatable because its terrace is located in a traditional patio andaluz, which will allow you to have a great cup of coffee while getting immersed in the Andalusian culture.

Moreover, the cafeteria is run by expert baristas that will customize your drinks to meet your expectations.

To find out more about their authentic cuisine, check out our guide on the best Andalusian food.

La Finca Coffee – C/ Colegio Catalino, 3

If you are seeking specialty coffee, La Finca Coffee is your place.

They toast their own coffee beans and highly qualified baristas make sure that everything you purchase there is simply excellent.

One of its most positive aspects is that even offering some of the best coffee in Granada, its price range is reasonable.

I need _ C/ Cuesta del Realejo, 5

This is the perfect place to have an affordable breakfast without sacrificing the quality of your cup of coffee.

Moreover, you will be spending your time in a beautiful and comfortable space decorated with nordic inspiration.

One of its most positive aspects is the wide variety of breakfast menus with special prices that they offer daily.

Best Churros in Granada

Sweet and tasty churros in Granada, Spain

Churros are one of the most popular sweet bites in Spain. Locals usually eat them as breakfast, snack, or dessert.

In winter they usually dip it in typical Spanish hot chocolate but in summer it is better to avoid it because of the hot temperatures.

Travel Tip: 3 to 5 churros per person are usually enough, eating more may cause you tummy ache. If you order those filled with chocolate or dulce de leche, one will satisfy your sweet tooth.

To learn more about this delicious treat, read about the hidden history of Churros right here.

Can’t travel to Spain but you crave some churros? We come to the rescue with our authentic churros recipe from Spain. 

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Where to eat Churros in Granada:

Café Fúbol C/ Plaza Mariana Pineda, 6

Café Fútbol was initially a milk shop and it became a cafeteria in 1922, which made it one of the oldest cafes in Spain.

Their breakfasts are really popular in the city because they serve some of the best churros in Granada with their traditional leche rizada, which has a cinnamon touch.

Cafetería Agustín C/Trinidad

Although this cafe is rather small, their professional and pleasant attention makes it one of the best places to have some churros.

We encourage you to visit this café early in the morning or otherwise it may be difficult to get an available table.

Gran Cafe at Bib Rambla Plaza Bib Rambla

The Gran Café Bib-Rambla was founded at the beginning of the 20th century and is today the oldest Café in Granada as it has been open since 1907.

Their specialty is churros with chocolate, whose secret is the watchful eye of the experienced churreras that are in charge of their elaboration process. 

Best Tapas in Granada

Appetizing traditional Tapas in Granada, Spain

Spanish tapas are those small servings that most bars in Andalucía include with your drinks.

It is typical in Granada to opt for a tapas night out instead of having a proper dinner, that is why you will see how all the terraces in the city center get crowded as the day goes by.

Travel Tip: When walking around the city try to pay attention to the terraces of the bars in order to distinguish those in which free tapas are served from those in which no food is accompanying the drinks ordered.

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Where to eat tapas in Granada:

Bodegas Castañeda  – C/ Travesía Almireceros, 1-3

It is the perfect place to taste some traditional tapas in the city center. Moreover, it is a great restaurant to have dinner as their tapas servings are abundant.

Ávila II Bar TapasC/ San Isidro, 11

This place offers you the possibility to choose a different tapa each time you order a drink.

The most positive aspect is the wide variety of options available and the quality of their ingredients.

Bar Los Diamantes C/ Navas, 28

The price range of this tapas bar goes from 13 to 19 € and although you may think it is a little high, the elaboration process and the quality of their products justify their above-average prices.

Undoubtedly, it won’t disappoint you.

Bar Casa Julio – C/ Hermosa, 5

This small bar is one of the most popular ones in the city, especially among locals. Visiting Casa Julio you should order some of their fish tapas because those are absolutely amazing.

Prices range from 5 to 15 € and you better book a table in advance as it gets crowded during peak hours!

Best Paella in Granada

Delicious traditional Paella in Granada, Spain

If you are wondering about what to eat in Granada, you should consider having a tasty paella. Although it may be considered a simple dish of Valencian cuisine, wonderful paella experiences are waiting for you in Granada. 

Travel Tip: Run away from places that add chorizo to their paellas, an authentic traditional Spanish paella never contains chorizo.

Where to eat Paella in Granada:

Taberna La Tana C/Virgen del Rosario, 11 

Taberna La Tana is one of the best tapas restaurants in Granada. Although its paellas are not so popular, they are also stunning.

However, you should book a table in advance in order to make sure you get a place to eat there. Do not hesitate about ordering their special Arroz Tana, we are sure you won’t regret it.

El Pescaíto de Carmela C/ Marqués de Gerona, 12

The quality of the ingredients they use is the key to their delicious paellas and the kindness of their waiters and waitresses will make you come back again.

It does not matter which paella you will choose, all of them are incredible and we can guarantee you will be satisfied.

Arrocería Maese Pío C/ Placeta del Pulgar, 1

One of the best paella in Granada can be found at Arrocería Maese Pío, which is a specialized restaurant whose paellas are becoming increasingly popular since it opened.

The seafood paella is one of the best options on their menu; but if you want to try something genuine you should order their tasty black rice with baby squids.

Best Restaurants in Granada for Dinner

Traditional Albondigas in the restaurants of Granada, Spain

Some of the best restaurants in Granada (Spain) will bring you closer to the gastronomy of the region, others will show you the influence of the Arabic cuisine in their most popular dishes.

However, all of them will make your stay unforgettable. With this aim in mind, here you will find a selection of the best restaurants in Granada for dinner.  

Travel Tip: Sometimes getting a little bit far from the city center may allow you to find some restaurants that may be considered hidden gems because of the quality of their products and the money you can save. 

Where to eat dinner in Granada:

Taberna La Zarzamora C/ Glorieta de Arabial, 4

This is the ideal place to have a great dinner without spending too much on your night out.

As it is a popular restaurant they are able to keep an extensive menu without sacrificing the quality of its elaborations.

Their prices range from 10 to 40 € per person and there you may order some tapas or one of their best dishes, which makes it the perfect place to go being or not really hungry.

Biloba C/ Plaza del Campillo Bajo, 10

Bilboa is one of the best places to have a vegan dinner as its extensive menu offers a wide range of dishes elaborated using exclusively fresh and local vegetables.

Certainly, its innovative and peculiar cuisine will surprise you as much as its fair prices. The tomato and burrata salad is a must of this place and their quinoa salad is delicious!

Restaurante Jardines de Zoraya, Tablao Flamenco C/ Panaderos, 32 

Is there anything better than enjoying your dinner while watching a Tablao Flamenco in Granada? Undoubtedly, it can be a perfect romantic dinner and we can ensure you won’t regret living this amazing experience. 

Prices at the restaurant range from 10 to 40 € and one of their best main dish is the Iberian pork cheeks with Parmentier potatoes and Vichy carrot. – Get tickets for the show here

Restaurante Albanta C/ Carretera Sierra, 2

If you want to get relaxed after a busy day, Restaurante Albanta may be the perfect place to go.

There you will be able to access a free parking lot and head into its welcoming terrace, in which their attentive waiters will make you feel right at home. 

If you want to discover the influence of Moroccan cuisine, you should order their Mozárabe lamb and bird cake with date and plum sauce.

Short FAQ about the best restaurants in Granada, Spain

What food to eat in Granada?

From Paella to Churros and all sorts of Tapas, we recommend trying all the delicious and authentic dishes Granada has to offer.

Where to eat in Albaicin Granada?

We recommend trying Café Lisboa or any sympathetic tapas bar in its area.

How to eat tapas in Granada?

Instead of dinner, go out and have a tapas crawl in the city, where the drinks will be accompanied by them, instead of a traditional dinner.