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Where to Stay in Granada in 2023 [8 Best Areas]

A guide to help you find out where to stay in Granada in the best districts

Welcome to the vibrant city of Granada, a captivating gem nestled in the heart of Andalusia, Spain. Known for its rich history, breathtaking architecture, and iconic Alhambra fortress, Granada is a city that truly enchants visitors.

If you’re planning to visit Granada, you’ll undoubtedly be faced with the question of where to stay in Granada.

In this blog post, we will guide you through the best neighborhoods ensuring that your stay here is nothing short of exceptional.

aerial view of Alhambra in Granada with mountains in the distance. Where to Stay in Granada in 2023

Whether you seek a luxurious retreat, a budget-friendly hostel, or a cozy boutique hotel, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in and explore the best places to stay in Granada, so you can make the most of your unforgettable journey.

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Where to stay in Granada

  • Old Town- Best for location and shopping
  • Ronda – Best for visiting wineries and tasting good wines.
  • Albaicín – Best for walking around alleys.
  • Zaidín- Best for a meeting at the football stadium.
  • Sacromonte – Best for entering the caves

Where to stay in Granada – Albaicín

where to stay in Granada in the Albaicín district

The Alhambra, the most visited monument in Granada, also called the Red Palace, is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

If you only have one day in Granada, prioritize the visit to Alhambra and reserve at least 3 hours to visit this gorgeous place. It’s completely unmissable. – Check the guided tour here.

The Palace was built in the 13th century by Moorish rulers to serve as a residence.

The Alhambra is divided into 3 parts: the Nasrid Palaces Palace, the Palace of the Lions, and the Generalife.

And to end this incredible tour, you’ll visit the Alcazaba: a military fortress from the 11th century. It is the oldest part of Alhambra and served as the base for the entire construction afterward. 

The Hotel Parador de Granada is located in the courtyard of the Alhambra Palace.

The Historic Center and the Cathedral of Granada are located just 10 minutes walk from the Parador.

Budget Hotels in Albaicín

Hotel Macià Plaza**

Suites Casa Cuesta del Agua**

Atenas Granada**

Mid-Range Accommodation in Albaicín

Hotel Casa 1800 Granada***

Casa Bombo***

Sueño de Elvira***

Family-friendly Accommodation in Albaicín

Smart Suites Albaicin****

BiBo Suites Oro del Darro****

La Posada de Quijada****

Luxury Hotels in Albaicín

Casa Miravalle Apartamentos Darro*****

BiBo Suites Plaza Nueva****

Carmen de las Campanas****

Where to stay in Granada – Ronda District 

aerial view of the Parador de Ronda, where to stay in Granada

The  New Bridge (New Bridge) of Ronda, built in the 18th century, is one of the main neighborhood attractions.

It divides Ronda between the old, Moorish part and the modern, the Market. – Check guided tours in Ronda here.

Very close to the New Bridge, you will find, in the district of San Miguel, the famous Arab Baths of Ronda. 

Surprisingly, the hydraulic system is almost intact, with hot and cold water. You can still see the boiler used to heat the water.

An unusual visit is to visit the Bandido Museum, which is next to the Duchess Square.

It is a little talked about aspect of the region. Among the bandits, there were bullfighters; flamenco singers, and smugglers. 

Armed with a spirit of justice, these men stole from the rich to help the poor. Considered generous, they were also ruthless killers.

End your tour of Socorro Square, a beautiful small square surrounded by bars and restaurants, as well as a beautiful view of Nuestra Señora del Socorro Church. 

A tip for those who go by car is an underground parking lot next to the square. 

But for those who don’t want to worry about a vehicle, Ronda can be visited on foot in just one day.

Budget Hotels in Ronda 

Ibis Granada*

Albergue Inturjoven Granada***

Pensión Eurosol**

Mid-Range Accommodation in Ronda 

Don Juan***

Urban Dream Nevada***

Reino de Granada***

Family-friendly Accommodation in Ronda 

Gran Hotel Luna de Granada****

Occidental Granada****

Pensión Eurosol**

Luxury Hotels in Ronda 

Barceló Granada Congress*****

Senator Granada Spa Hotel****

Porcel Sabica**** 

Where to stay in Granada – Old Town

aerial view of Granada Cathedral

The Granada’s Historic Center has many things to do. A true treasure. 2 days in Granada, you will have enough time to visit the Cathedral of Granada, which is a must. – Get your guided tour here.

It is the greatest symbol of the city’s Renaissance. There is also the Royal Chapel where you can see the contrast of Renaissance details, mixed with Gothic, already in the process of extinction.

The Merchant Exchange Market Medieval stands attached to the Royal Chapel and was built in 1518 as a house for meetings and merchant trades.

Silk was a key commodity in the economy of Granada in the 14th and 15th centuries.

Budget Hotels in Granada Old Town

Casa de Reyes**

Hotel Párraga Siete**

Atenas Granada**

Mid-Range Accommodation in Granada Old Town

Arte Vida Suites & Spa***

Hotel Macià Granada Five Senses Rooms & Suites***

Casa yamur bajo la Alhambra***

Family-friendly Accommodation in Granada Old Town

Vincci Albayzin****

Crisol Guadalupe***

Hotel Granada Center****

Luxury Hotels in Granada Old Town 

Áurea Washington Irving by Eurostars Hotel Company*****

Seda Club Hotel – Small Luxury Hotels*****

Alhambra Palace*****

Where to stay in Granada – Zaidín

a street in Granada at sunset

Zaidin is also known as Zaidin – Vergeles. The most interesting thing about Zaidin is that in addition to a lot of flamenco, there are also a lot of rock & roll and dance groups. 

Always in the last days of summer and the first days of autumn, there are open-air concerts. Admission is free and new national and international bands are presented. 

These events aim to give visibility to the needs and projects that are developed in the neighborhood.

Initially, the neighborhood was built for more humble populations, in 1953 along the Genil and Monachil rivers. 

The name Saidin (Zaidin in Arabic) means “between rivers”. The Zaidin neighborhood has one of the few monuments erected in Spain for football fans.  

The idea of ​​building the monument came up in 2010, to exalt the difficulty that the club went through throughout its history.

Budget and Mid-Range Hotels in Zaidín

Los Morales de Granada***

Vivienda turística Salazar***

Hotel Saray***

Family-friendly Accommodation in Zaidín

Hotel Saray***

Hotel Andalucía Center****

Big Apple Apartment Granada by A3Rentals***

Luxury Hotels in Zaidín

Hotel Andalucía Center****

Piso Estadio de los Carmenes****

Where to stay in Granada – Sacromonte

aerial view of the Sacromonte in Granada

In this neighborhood, initially composed of gypsies, you have the opportunity to visit the Cuevas del Sacromonte Museum.

You will find 10 caves that show the living conditions of its ancient inhabitants. In the museum, you will also learn about the origins of “flamenco” style.

A part of the museum is dedicated to Nature and offers information about the flora, fauna, climate, landscape, and agriculture of the region.

Apartamentos Montesclaros**

Carmen Vistas de la Alhambra**


Other great districts where to stay in Granada

aerial view of granada city

Chana – It is a commercial and university district and an important gastronomic hub, full of Spanish tapas bars. Chana is close to Granada station.

Camino de Granada****

Be Free Granada***

Genil – In Genil, there are also many things to do, especially hiking. The most popular trail is the trailGenil Pins – Pradollano. The region has an altitude of 824 meters.

Hotel Macià Real De La Alhambra****

Maciá Monasterio de los Basilios***

Hotel Albero*

Realejo – Realejo San Matias is the Jewish quarter of Granada. This is the main tapas area in Granada. The proximity of the Realejo to the center of Granada permits you can walk to from all parts of the city.

Gar Anat Boutique Hotel***

Hotel Palacio de los Navas***

Where to stay in Granada at the best boutique hotels

Alhambra palace boutique hotel

A boutique hotel is a new hotel concept: the idea is that tourists live a unique experience in terms of quality and comfort. 

The boutique hotel is usually small, with few rooms and personalized service.

his type of hotel has a special design, enhancing its decor, and making the environment more informal, yet cozy.

Check out other boutique hotels in Granada.

Budget Boutique Hotels in Granada 

Hotel La Casa de Los Mosaicos***


Mid-Range Boutique Hotels in Granada 

Shine Albayzín***

Hotel Dauro Premier***

Hotel Boutique Puerta de las Granadas***

Family-friendly Boutique Hotels in Granada 

Eurostars Puerta Real****

Hotel Macià Granada Five Senses Rooms & Suites***

Hotel Tent Granada****

Luxury Hotels Boutique Hotels in Granada 

Áurea Washington Irving by Eurostars Hotel Company*****

La Corrala del Realejo – Boutique Apartamentos*****

Alhambra Palace*****

Where to stay in Granada at the best spa resorts

the pool and outside of the Hotel Macià Real De La Alhambra

The best hotels in Grenada, which are luxury hotels in Grenada, offer a spa and fitness center, a restaurant, and a cafeteria among other facilities.

The Barceló Granada Congress is located in the main shopping area of Granada and prices start at 103 euros per night for 2 people. 

This is considered an excellent accommodation in Granada, due to being a 5-star hotel and very close to the Garcia Lorca Museum, which is a great Spanish poet, born in Granada.

The Eurostars Gran Via start from 116 euros and is located in the historic center, 100 meters from the Cathedral and 15 minutes, on foot, from the Alhambra, and very close to the main tourist and cultural attractions of the city.

The Hospes Palacio de los Patos is also considered one of the best luxury hotels to stay in Granada. 

The stay costs 135 euros. The building, originally from the 19th century, has been completely renovated. Spectacular location, 650 meters from the Cathedral.

The hotel’s restaurant, Los Patos, offers healthy cuisine using only fresh ingredients.

The Seda Club Hotel has all the features of a 5-star hotel, located in the center of Granada, 20 minutes walk from the Alhambra. Frederico Garcia Lorca Airport is a 23-minute drive away. The hotel accepts pets.

Luxury Spa Hotels

Barceló Granada Congress*****

Eurostars Gran Via*****

Hospes Palacio de los Patos*****

Seda Club Hotel – Small Luxury Hotels*****

Mid-Range and Budget

Hotel Macià Real De La Alhambra****

Senator Granada Spa Hotel****

Gran Hotel Luna de Granada****

Hotel Macià Granada Five Senses Rooms & Suites***

Apartamentos Montesclaros**

Where to stay in Granada at the best budget hotels

pool outside Ibis Hotel Granada

The Camino de Granada hotel has a fantastic outdoor swimming pool, rooms for events, a restaurant, and a terrace where grilled food is served in the summer.

It is located 3 km from the old town and a double room starts at 60 euros.

The Princesa Ana hotel is located 200 meters from the Renfe train station and a 10-minute walk from the Cathedral.

The hotel offers a restaurant, laundry, and room service. Price: double room from 50 euros.

BiBo Suítes Oro del Darro is located 400 meters from the center of Granada and 800 meters from Granada Cathedral.

The accommodation features air-conditioned apartments with 1 or 2 bedrooms, equipped with a TV and the rate starts at 70 euros.

Hotel Abades Nevada Palace is 2.5 km from Generalife and 2.7 km from the Royal Chapel of Granada. Guests can enjoy a swimming pool, bar, room service, and 24-hour reception.

The Nest Style Granada Hotel is located in a busy commercial area, full of high-end fashion stores.

Ibis Granada is 9 km from Palacio de Granada. Guests can enjoy air conditioning, wi-fi, and a swimming pool. Breakfast is charged separately and you can pay around 60 euros for one room.

Check out more cheap hotels in Granada here:

Camino de Granada****

Princesa Ana****

BiBo Suites Oro del Darro****

Don Juan***

Hotel Abades Nevada Palace****

Nest Style Granada*

Ibis Granada*

Why I Love Granada and Why You Should Stay in Granada 

aerial view of the town of Albaicín Why I Love Granada and Why You Should Stay in Granada 

In conclusion, Granada is a city that captivates the hearts of all who visit, offering an extraordinary blend of rich history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking landscapes.

Its undeniable charm lies in its magnificent Alhambra, the maze-like streets of the Albayzín, and the warm and welcoming spirit of its people.

Whether you are an art enthusiast, a history buff, a food lover, or an adventure seeker, Granada has something to offer everyone.

By choosing to stay in Granada, you are immersing yourself in an enchanting world where every corner tells a story and every experience leaves an indelible mark.

If you are not sure what to eat in Granada.  There are some tips for you. The Arab-Andalusian cuisine is characterized by the use of spices, with a predominance of vegetables and the use of olive oil. 

Among some dishes, there are the green beans (broad beans with serrano ham) – the famous Spanish raw ham, and Sacromonte omelet ( typical of the neighborhood that bears its name – it is made with mutton, pork, nuts, and bread bran) and berenjenas con miel, eggplant with honey.

To accompany your meals, you can order a craft beer from the city: the Alhambra.

So pack your bags, embark on an unforgettable journey, and discover the countless reasons why Granada should be at the top of your travel bucket list. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Short FAQ about where to stay in Granada

Where is the best tourist area to stay in Granada Spain?

In Albaicin you can have a historic experience when staying at Alhambra Hotel Granada or Parador Granada.

You will need 2 or maybe 3 days in Granada to visit the most famous monument.

Is it worth staying in Granada?

Granada is one of the most visited cities in Europe. There are a lot of great accommodations in Granada and many things to do.

What is the main area of Granada?

Downtown Granada is the heart of the city. It is considered one of the best places to stay in Granada.