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17 Best Resorts in Malaga and Costa del Sol

A guide to the best resorts in Malaga, Southern Spain for every budget.

Planning a holiday revolves around a few important points. One of them is the budget and the timeframe that are in line with the visiting location. Another one is the company, and the third one is related to transport and accommodation. 

Malaga, Spain is one of the top destinations for any type of vacation. The city has a rich history, magnificent cultural heritage, the beach, beautiful nature, and above all, a variety of hotels, apartments, and some of the best resorts in the country. 

This guide is compiled of the best resorts in Malaga considering various features that can be helpful. These can be the things people are usually considering when choosing a place to stay. It can depend on their lifestyles, the nature of the trip, but above all, the vicinity of the things they want to see or do. 

17 Best Resorts in Malaga and Costa del Sol

Resorts in Malaga Spain are diverse, and there are many wonderful options in the nearby places. That is why the resorts mentioned here are split into 4 categories, according to the usually browsed features and locations.

Useful Travel Information about Malaga

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Overview: Best Resorts in Malaga and Costa del Sol

Finca Cortesin Hotel, Golf, And SpaBest for luxuryCentre of the Costa del Sol$$$$Check here
Puente Romano Beach Resort & SpaBest for commoditiesCosta del Sol$$$$Check here
Anantara Villa Padierna Palace Benahavís Marbella ResortBest for being near the beachBetween Marbella, Benahavís, and Estepona in the south of Spain$$$Check here
ILUNION MijasBest for relaxationBetween the towns of Fuengirola and Mijas$$Check here
Moon Dreams CalabahiaBest for modern designAlong the beautiful southern coast$$Check here

Best Resorts in Malaga 

1. Gran Hotel Miramar GL *****

17 Best Resorts in Malaga, Gran Hotel Miramar GL
  • Luxury accommodation
  • Interesting historical background

Gran Hotel Miramar GL is one of the most beautiful, 5-star hotels in Malaga. Miramar hotel is known among the Malaga hotels as one of the finest places to stay while visiting Andalusia. 

It is a large resort that can accommodate people in 200 rooms. The design both outside and inside gives the impression of prestige. Each floor has its own colors and style. 

The rooms are spacious and comfortable. The whole building offers luxurious amenities, as well as various additional features such as a gym, spa, and an outdoor pool for relaxation. 

It is interesting to mention that this 5-star hotel was previously used as a hospital, during the Civil War in Spain. 

This beachfront resort is located next to the promenade which makes it an ideal place to stay while taking long strolls along the beautiful Mediterranean coast. 

To see the pictures of one of the best resorts in Malaga, click here.

2. Finca Cortesin Hotel, Golf And Spa

17 Best Resorts in Malaga, Finca Cortesin Hotel, Golf And Spa
  • Sport courts
  • Special features

When talking about fine hotels and resorts in Malaga, Finca Cortesin hotel has to be on the list. This Malaga spa hotel has a great location, along with two outdoor pools and many additional features.

There is also an option of booking suits with private pools as well as other hotel spa packages.

Apart from offering spa hotel deals, and being one of the most exceptional Malaga spa hotels, the hotel has a private beach club.

The club, however, works only during the season, and the guests can enjoy swimming in the infinity pool available on the premises of the club.

On the other hand, if you are into finding the best activities in Malaga, you might as well enjoy the golf court on the premises of the spa.

In addition, there are also two tennis courts. In this luxury hotel, you can find a snow cave along with the gym, sauna, and Turkish bath.

In case you haven’t decided what to eat in Malaga and you are staying at the Finca Cortesin, the spa’s dining venues are a perfect place to start.

Whether you want to enjoy famous tapas or famous European and Mediterranean cuisine, it can all be found at 6 different Malaga restaurants and bars spread across the property.

Make sure you don’t miss one of the best resorts near Malaga and enjoy Finca Cortesin’s top-notch amenities now.

Best Resorts in Malaga and Costa del Sol


3. Nobu Hotel Marbella

17 Best Resorts in Malaga, Nobu Hotel Marbella
  • Inclusive
  • Night club

Marbella is a city relatively close to Malaga. In addition to the Malaga hotels, there can be more suitable Marbella resort Spain, Marbella resort, depending on the visitor’s preferences. 

Hotel Nobu is situated in Marbella, Spain, and it is a 5-star resort that can provide a high-quality stay and all sorts of entertainment. 

The property has a swimming center along with a fitness option. In addition, there is a nightclub within the premises of this Marbella hotel. The rooms are spacious and well-equipped, and the nearest beach is less than a 10-minute walk from the place. 

The food can be enjoyed in one of the restaurants at the resort, especially if you are into trying either Japanese or Peruvian cuisine since that is the signature food they offer. 

Malaga and Marbella are well connected, and the Malaga airport is 43km away from the Nobu hotel

To see exactly how to get from Malaga to Marbella, the best way is to either book a taxi or transportation via local agencies or check the transportation schedules by bus available online.

4. Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa

17 Best Resorts in Malaga, Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa
  • Excellent food choice
  • Various activities

Since Malaga city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain, it is no wonder that some of the best resorts in Malaga and hotels in Malaga are always on the list of the best accommodations in Spain. 

However, one of the notable resorts that can be a perfect fit for exploring the coastal parts of Spain is Puente Romano Beach Resort

The resort offers diverse content for its guests, whether they want to spend the day at one of their swimming pools or try out different dishes at one of the restaurants.

Food from all around the world can be found there, whether you want to eat Thai, Italian, Japanese, or try something from a 2 star Michelin restaurant located at the Puente Romano.

Outdoor activities such as playing golf or Pilates and yoga are also something to look forward to if choosing this beach resort. 

Learn more about Marbella and Malaga beach hotels by clicking here.

5. Westin La Quinta Golf And Spa

17 Best Resorts in Malaga, Westin La Quinta Golf And Spa
  • Club for children
  • Beautiful surroundings

Spending a vacation in a Golf Valley might be just the right way to recharge. Westin La Quinta Golf Resort & Spa is one of the best resorts in Marbella for that kind of holiday. 

The surroundings are picturesque, and the resort itself has everything you’ll need to have a good time. There are beautiful gardens within the resort, and two pools available for relaxation. 

Also, the sports courts are great to spend some quality time with friends and family. The location of the resort allows its guests to enjoy nice panoramic views from several rooms. 

For fans of traditional Andalusian cuisine, this resort is an ideal place to get the taste of the dishes such as gambas al Pil Pil.

The Westin La Quinta resort is great for families as it has a club for children along with a nice and wide playground. The therapy rooms are also available, and the gym located on the premises of the resort can be used free of charge. 

See more information about Westin La Quinta Golf And Spa here.

6. Anantara Villa Padierna Palace Benahavís Marbella Resort

17 Best Resorts in Malaga, Anantara Villa Padierna Palace Benahavís Marbella Resort
  • Medical Wellness Institute 
  • Rooms and villas

Anantara Villa Padierna Palace Benahavís is a resort with a unique design resembling a palace. It has over 2000 square meters of spa space along with steam rooms, saunas, and a Turkish bath. 

The authentic atmosphere of the place is enriched with the existence of a Roman Amphitheater, and for those who enjoy beach clubs – this resort has a lux edition of it. 

It is possible to book either rooms or villas that exist at the property. All units are well-equipped and in proximity to the swimming pools. The guests can use both outdoor and indoor pools and the gym. 

One of the additional perks of this resort is that the Medical Wellness Institute is situated at the property. It also has many treatments available, being considered one of the best spas in Malaga.

Take a look at the offers here.

7. Marbella Club Hotel Golf Resort And Spa

17 Best Resorts in Malaga, Marbella Club Hotel Golf Resort and Spa
  • Rich content for kids 
  • Complexity

One of the finest beachfront hotels in the city is Marbella Club Hotel Golf Resort and Spa.

The initial role of this resort was a bit different, as it was a residence of Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe. Now, it is a lux resort that has direct access to the beach and amazing gardens. The whole space is covered with gardens and golf fields. 

On the other hand, there are plenty of additional features such as dance and music rooms, enchanted forest for kids, and a wide range of offers for education and leisure. 

The resort is situated close to Puerto Banus, so it is possible to enjoy the views, the food, and the lively atmosphere there too. 

It is possible to book different treatments in the Thalassa Spa. You can enjoy waterbeds and saunas also located at the premises of this large resort

To check the Marbella Club Hotel Golf Resort and Spa visit this link.

8. Gran Melia Don Pepe

17 Best Resorts in Malaga, Gran Melia Don Pepe
  • Close to the landmarks 
  • Next to the beach

Gran Melia Don Pepe is another resort located next to the beach. The property is spacious, nicely designed. The outdoors of the property represent a combination of 3 outdoor pools, gardens, and a spa area. 

For those interested in exploring Marbella and its historic landmarks, the old town is just 15minutes away from the hotel. 

When it comes to food, Don Pepe has restaurants offering delicious steaks and diverse barbecue specialties typical for the Mediterranean parts.

To learn where is Malaga city and its airport is from the property, and the best way to get there, simply to check with professional and well-trained personnel that offer high-quality service. 

Like many others, Gran Melia Don Pepe also has sports courts available for the guests. Also, a wide range of treatments to choose from at the spa.

Check Don Pepe and its offer here.


9. Healthouse Las Dunas

17 Best Resorts in Malaga, Healthouse Las Dunas
  • Focused on health
  • Medical experts available

Traditionally decorated Andalusian hotel, Las Duna‘s main characteristic is that it is oriented towards health. For those who want to have access to two wellness and spa centers at all times, it can be a perfect fit. 

Unlike the previously mentioned resorts that included hotels in Malaga, this is the hotel Estepona, and Las Dunas can be found just 12km from the center of Estepona, Spain.

The property features multiple pools, luxuriously decorated gardens, and outdoor areas and rooms. In addition, medical professionals and diet and nutrition experts can be booked during the stay in the resort

When it comes to the offered health-oriented activities, there are Pilates, yoga, and aqua classes organized at the premises.

Las Dunas is an ideal choice not only to spend a holiday but to improve your health, reduce weight, or improve your immune system. 

The environment is in harmony with the relaxing ambiance of the resort and Playa de Arroyo las Cañas-Velerín beach is about 10 minutes away from the hotel by foot. 

Check the availability at Las Dunas here.

10. Kempinski Hotel Bahia Estepona

17 Best Resorts in Malaga, Kempinski Hotel Bahia Estepona
  • Full commodity
  • Value for money 

Rooms with a terrace, full commodity, and the sea view, while being just 20 minutes away from Marbella by car is why Kempinski hotel Bahia should be on the list of the best resorts in Malaga.

Situated close to the beach, and still having several outdoor pools for the guests is just one of the attractive features of this place. 

Tennis courts and free fitness activities are available at the premises. On the other hand, different spa treatments can be booked whenever suitable.

If you are looking for a good place to spend a holiday with children, Kempinski hotel has a kid’s club with different entertaining programs and activities available. 

Apart from having multiple restaurants with a diverse choice of food from all over the world, this resort has a snack bar and a terrace. It is possible to enjoy a light snack or a drink. 

The interesting visiting spots are all within walking distance, and the airport in Malaga is 73km away from the hotel

To learn more about this hotel’s offer, visit this website.

11. Gran Hotel Elba Estepona

17 Best Resorts in Malaga, Gran Hotel Elba Estepona
  • Easily accessible 
  • Privacy

Although it is not exactly a Malaga beach, Costa del Sol has a beautiful coast to enjoy. At that location, you can also find Gran Hotel Elba, just a few minutes drive from Estepona.

The hotel is elegant and it offers privacy and peace for its guests. The rooms are fully equipped and stylish. 

The spa area is wide, and there are two types of features – part of them available at the additional costs. This resort offers an inclusive service providing restaurants with rich food choices.

There is a place to entertain the children as well as a set of beauty treatments and other activities that might be of interest during the season. 

The resort is well-connected to the AP7 motorway which makes it easily accessible for different types of transport. 

Check out the Gran hotel Elba here.

12. Exe Estepona Thalasso And Spa

17 Best Resorts in Malaga, Exe Estepona Thalasso And Spa
  • Great for couples
  • Adults only

This is a resort that is perfect for the trip with your significant other, as it is for adults only. The property is placed close to Puerto Banus when coming from Estepona and some of the best golf courses in the area are available close by. 

Like many others, this resort also has a spa center following the availability of an outdoor pool. The rooms are comfortable and clean, and they all have standard amenities such as a TV, a minibar, and in addition a terrace. 

The Thalassa Spa can be booked here too. This includes a sauna, a dynamic pool, and several beauty treatments at an additional cost. 

When considering restaurants, the Aguamar should be among the first choices. Firstly because it is within the premises of the resort, and secondly because it offers quality prepared Mediterranean dishes. 

The reception is available 24/7, and a beach is just a few minutes away from the Exe Estepona. 

Learn more about the resort here.

Best Resorts in Malaga and Costa del Sol – Budget Prices

13. ILUNION Mijas

17 Best Resorts in Malaga, ILUNION Mijas
  • Budget-wise 
  • Relaxation

Ilunion Mijas is one of the hotels you’d want to book if you are planning and on a budget vacation. Located in the city of Mijas, Ilunion offers an escape from the fast life in the big cities and just lets you enjoy the time spent away. 

There are all relevant features to make you feel comfortable, as well as big rooms full of natural light. The neutral design of the space brings about a calm and undisturbed atmosphere where you can focus on the activities planned for the trip. 

The food is good, and all typical local recipes are served at the restaurant. The resort features a pool and a pool bar as well as necessary adaptations for the guests whose mobility is reduced. 

The hotel offers free parking spaces and easy motorway access.

Take a look at the Ilunion hotel by clicking here.

14. Princesa Playa Hotel Apartamentos

17 Best Resorts in Malaga, Princesa Playa Hotel Apartamentos
  • Units with kitchen
  • Rooftop pool

At the Princesa Playa Hotel, it is possible to book either studios or one-bedroom apartments. Unlike the other previously mentioned resorts, this place has a pool available on the rooftop. 

The view from the pool is wonderful. The property is located at the promenade next to the sea, and just a few minutes’ walk from the old town. 

The accommodation units are well-equipped and they have a terrace and a kitchen for those who wish to prepare their own meals.

Additionally, for those who’d like to have gluten-free breakfast, that option is also available but it has to be ordered in advance. 

When it comes to fun and games, a variety of board games is at your disposal at the hotel’s lounge. Several beaches are meters from the Princesa Playa.

The important landmarks such as Iglesia Mayor de la Encarnación and Plaza de los Naranjos are less than a 10 minute walk from the hotel.

Learn more by clicking here.

15. Hotel Moon Dreams Calabahia

17 Best Resorts in Malaga, Hotel Moon Dreams Calabahia
  • 5 minutes from the beach 
  • 24/7 front desk

As for the budget hotels in Malaga, Moon Dreams Calabahia is the place to check out. The place is located less than a 5-minute walk from the Cala Del Moral beach, and it has nice, modernly designed rooms. 

It is possible to use ticket services from the front desk that works all the time. Apart from being close to the beach, there is a pool available at the premises of the Moon Dreams hotel. 

If you are still wondering about things to do in Malaga during the trip, take into consideration that the Malaga center is about a 15-minute drive from this hotel.

You’d need to consider a transportation plan, such as familiarizing yourself with the bus schedules, bus stops, and so on.

Have a look at the place by clicking here.

16. Hotel Ilunion Fuengirola

17 Best Resorts in Malaga, Hotel Ilunion Fuengirola
  • Fully accessible 
  • Direct connection to the airport

Enjoying the panoramic view of the Mediterranean while sipping a drink by the pool sounds like a good way to spend a day. At the hotel Ilunion Fuengirola that could even be a daily routine. 

Furthermore, the location of the hotel is just by the beach named Los Boliches which means that you can jump in the sea whenever you want to. 

This hotel is well connected with the Malaga airport by train. The train stop is 6-7minutes walk from the property and it goes directly to the airport. 

The rooms are well-equipped and comfortable, and many of them have private terraces. This Illunion hotel is adapted for people who are using wheelchairs or have other types of reduced mobility. 

Learn more by clicking here.

Why Malaga is a Great Destination for a Getaway

Malaga is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Spain, and with a good reason. This is a city where many cultures clashed through the centuries, and each of them left its mark.

It allows its guests to taste the mixture of historical richness through breathtaking architectural sites in the old town and around. But also the cultural heritage that follows. 

In addition, Malaga is located on the coastal part of Spain, which is why many of the best boutique hotels in Malaga are located within walking distance of the beaches.

Costa del Sol offers stunning views, and some of them can be admired in some of the best villas in Malaga Province.

Some of the main attractions in the city are: 

  • Mirador de Gibralfaro
  • Montes de Málaga park
  • Malaga beaches
  • Picasso Museum
  • Malaga Cathedral
  • Alcazaba
  • Botanical gardens, also known as Jardín Botánico-Histórico La Concepción

Many entertaining activities can be arranged, depending on the price and the preferences of the visitors. 

What are the Best Resorts in Malaga offering?

Summertime is definitely the best time to plan a holiday at one of the best resorts in Malaga. Since it is very popular to spend the vacation there. The choice of accommodation is wide, and it can suit every need. 

It should be noted that in most cases, resorts take up a lot of space. This is why they are not always close to the city center. However, many are close to the beach.

Resorts mainly have everything within their premises, from pools to restaurants, and in most cases – spa treatments and options for different outdoor activities. 

Moreover, many properties have content for kids as they are popular for family stays. The rooms vary in size and design, but they all feature, at least, basic amenities needed for a comfortable stay. 

Getting Around Malaga

There are three main ways of transport in Malaga. The first one is to travel by bus, the other is to travel by train, and the third is to rent a car or a bike. 

There are all kinds of tours available for booking. Walking tours are ideal for the old part of the city as there is a wide pedestrian zone there.

Additionally, there is a hop-on-hop-off city tour bus. Information about the tours, the tickets, and their prices are available here

Note that the bus stops are frequent in all parts of Malaga and that this city has good connections and regular bus schedules to all of the surrounding towns. 

Map – The Best Resorts in Malaga and Costa del Sol

Map - The Best Resorts in Malaga and Costa del Sol

Short FAQ about the Best Resorts in Malaga and Costa del Sol

What resorts are in Malaga?

Gran Hotel Miramar is one of the best resorts in Malaga and offering luxurious amenities. Finca Cortesin Hotel, Golf, and Spa are as well on the list of the best resorts in Malaga.

What is the best area to stay in Malaga?

The best area to stay in is near Malaga beach and of course the Historic City Center. The seaside offers some of the most beautiful beaches and the Old Town has plenty of museums and cultural and historic attractions.

Which is better, Marbella or Malaga?

Malaga may be a perfect choice if you want all the amenities of a large city, but also want to relax on the beach. Marbella on the other side may be a better choice if you like a more calm, laid-back approach with more walks, restaurants, and tourist sites