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13 Best Spas in Malaga and Costa del Sol

A guide to the best Spas in Malaga, Southern Spain for every budget.

Malaga and its surroundings are among the most popular destinations in Andalusia, Spain. The amazing coastal area surrounded by beautiful nature and diversity in both culture and touristic offer make Malaga, Spain a destination not to be missed!

Not only there are numerous torus that ought to be checked, but this part of the Mediterranean is also known to have the best spas in Malaga.

The versatile offer of spa treatments as well as the accompanying programs is available to guests throughout the year, depending on the spa resort of preference. 

13 Best Spas in Malaga and Costa del Sol

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This guide will provide an overview of the best spas in Malaga as well as some of the amazing spas in the surrounding cities as well as some of the additional activities that can be done while in Malaga.

The criteria included different price ranges as well as the diversity in the offer of the treatments as well as the additional amenities available to the guests. 

Read more about some of the best spas in Malaga and Costa del Sol fit for all budgets!

Best Spas in Malaga and Costa del Sol

SpaHighlightLocationPrice Info
Six Sense Spa in Hotel Puente RomanoBest for Signature beach therapyMarbella$$$$Check here
Thalasso Spa Hotel Marbella ClubBest for healing therapiesMarbella$$$$ Check here
B Bou La Viñuela & SpaBest for privacyNext to the Sierra de Tejeda-Almijara Natural Park$$$ Check here
Villa PadiernaBest for luxury Marbella $$$ Check here
Gran Hotel Benahavís & SPA Best for the offer variety Marbella $$ Check here

Best Spas in Malaga and Costa del Sol for Every Budget

1. B Bou La Viñuela & Spa

B Bou La Viñuela & Spa, Best Spas in Malaga
  • Private spa
  • In the middle of nature

As a part of B Bou La Vinuela, Mei Wellness & Spa is introduced as an innovative and new concept.

Namely, it is a private spa focusing on the individuals and providing the best possible experience while staying in the reservoir.

The Spa is located to give its visitors the best view of the reservoir and provide exclusive and exquisite treatments. 

It is possible to share the space with the person of preference, otherwise, you can enjoy all of the programs available on your own.

The reservoir itself is situated in the middle of nature in the city of Malaga. The private spa offers a private circuit, showers with essences, hammam, jacuzzi, and sauna.

There are several outdoor activities you can combine while being in the reservoir. You can book an 8.5km bike tour around the lake La Viñuela, or horseback riding through the farms of Avocados and Mangos.

2. Los Monteros Spa & Golf Resort

Los Monteros Spa & Golf Resort, Best Spas in Malaga
  • For people with certain health conditions
  • Combination of treatment and healthy diet

Los Monteros Spa & Golf Resort offers an all-inclusive experience to its guests. It has enough room to accommodate even a larger group of people, and on the other hand, its professional staff provides a great service.

In the spa section, different types of treatments and massages are available. There is a thermal circuit, along with the facial treatments and aromatic massages provided upon request.

All of these treatments are done in combination with a healthy diet. The spa is a good choice for those who have breathing, joint, or skin health conditions.

The Spa visitors can also visit the Flamingo restaurant which is located at the premises of the resort and enjoy its rich gastronomic offer.

The golf club for the sports lovers is only 200m away from Los Monteros Spa & Gold Resort.

To explore the city center of Marbella you’ll need approximately 7minutes by car, and you’ll need less than one hour to visit Malaga and its main landmarks.

3. Six Sense Spa in Hotel Puente Romano

Six Sense Spa in Hotel Puente Romano, Best Spas in Malaga
  • Outdoor cabin with a signature massage
  • Variety of treatments

Natural healing is a signature type of service offered at the Six Sense Spa accommodated in hotel Puente Romano.

It is one of the best spas for guests looking to enjoy not only spa treatments but also a traditional architecture and authentic Andalusian atmosphere.

When talking about the best spas in Malaga and its surroundings, the Six Sense Spa is among the best choices to consider if going from Malaga to Marbella.

The massages at this nature’s spa can be booked between 11 am and 8 pm and the signature treatments are available during the same opening hours, lasting 25 to 50 minutes.

The professional staff at the spa uses a variety of herbs and ingredients to provide the best quality experience to the visitors. 

The hotel itself is located on the beachfront, so there is a beach cabin massage right next to the beach El Chiringuito.

The spa has two floors. The first floor offers a hydrotherapy pool with many relaxation spas.

In addition, there are showers with the mood and temperature lightning, sauna, hammam, and herbal steam room. The first floor offers three different treatment rooms with the Seaview. 

4. Nagomi Spa Hotel Reserva del Higueron, Benalmadena

Nagomi Spa Hotel Reserva del Higueron, Benalmadena, Best Spas in Malaga
  • Regeneration treatments
  • Dynamic pool

If you could create a perfect list of things to do in Malaga, whether on a Malaga beach or in Benalmadena, you should take a look at the Nagomi Spa hotel Reserva del Higueron and their versatile offer.

Nagomi spa excels at regeneration treatments and natural aesthetics followed by a broad range of both classical and oriental massages. 

The focus of this modern spa is on revitalization, not only relaxation. You can consider it as one of the perfect spa vacations, as it has programs based on anti-stress, sports, and wellness, and nutrition treatments.

The signature circuit at this spa with a pool is a Nagomi Hydro Circuit. It has over 30 jets in a dynamic pool, programmed to apply the pressure needed to reduce body tension and contribute to muscle relaxation.

At Reserva Del Higueron it is possible to spend a relaxing day spa and then engage in one of many tours available at Benalmadena and its surroundings.

In addition, you can book some of the best Holiday villas in Malaga if you decide to spend more time exploring this part of Andalusia.

5. Thalasso Spa Hotel Marbella Club

Thalasso Spa Hotel Marbella Club, Best Spas in Malaga
  • Sea water-based therapy
  • Variety of healing therapies

If searching for luxurious day spas, you should be checking out the ”tranquil sanctuary” also known as the Thalasso Spa located at the Hotel Marbella Club.

The goal of this outdoor spa is to harness the benefits of the sea and its surroundings to their fullest while providing wellbeing and vitality to its guests.

The focus of the Thalasso spa is on so-called Thalassotherapy that has a long tradition, and it is known to be a healing therapy that has been practiced since the time of Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt.

Among the massage spas mentioned in this guide, this one offers a dynamic pool filled with seawater as the sea, and its healing properties are the foundation of Thalassotherapy.

The pool contains pressure jets, Jacuzzi beds, and swan neck fountains. The circuits are adjusted depending on the body part that needs treatment.

For the full-day spa packages, you can choose from some of the Rituals available at the spa.

There is The Stress-Reducing Ritual with Comfort Zone, The Sleep-Inducing Ritual with Comfort Zone, The Detoxifying Ritual with Thalion), facial and body treatments, beauty treatments, thalassotherapy as well as advanced holistic therapies.

Since the spa is situated in the Hotel Marbella Club, consider exploring Marbella’s city center and trying some of the well-known dishes from this part of Spain such as the Salmorejo soup at one of many high-quality restaurants in the vicinity.

6. Villa Padierna

Villa Padierna, Best Spas in Malaga
  • Among the best in Europe
  • Luxurious

This luxurious resort is situated in an idyllic Andalusian landscape, on a crossroad between Marbella and Estepona.

The large property of Villa Padierna features 2000 square meters of Roman baths.

There is also the Roman Amphitheatre that witnesses the rich cultural and historical heritage of Southern Spain.

Additionally, three golf courses and a lake are also available to the guests as they are located within the premises.

The design of the Villa is authentic and enriched with over 1200 original art pieces.

The whole experience at the Villa is of the finest quality. Villa Padierna is recognized to be one of the largest and best retreats of this kind in all of Europe.

Guests can enjoy pools set in the gardens, as well as several signature journeys at this stunning resort. 

Choose between Anantara signature massage, Anantara Golfer massage, Himalayan salt ritual, sleep ritual, and many more in one of the best spas in Malaga, in Spain, and even Europe.

7. Gran Hotel Elba Estepona & Thalasso Spa

Gran Hotel Elba Estepona & Thalasso Spa, Best Spas in Malaga
  • High-quality treatments
  • Beneficial Mediterranean climate

The quality treatments at Thalasso Spa placed at Gran Hotel Elba Estepona are widely recognized.

Although it is not a Malaga spa hotel, Gran hotel Elba is one of the places to book when you need the time and space to rest and restore the balance needed in daily life.

The environment is peaceful and since it is close to the sea, the mild Mediterranean climate is beneficial on multiple levels.

As previously mentioned, the basis of Thalassotherapy is seawater, and carefully crafted treatments enhance the relaxing experience.

Apart from thalassotherapy, you can book several other programs at this spa.

Some of the most popular ones are foot baths with pebbles, a cold water pool, aroma showers, hydro massage, Roman thermal, Igloo, and so on.

8. Gran Hotel Benahavís & SPA

Gran Hotel Benahavís & SPA, Best Spas in Malaga
  • Value for money
  • All-inclusive

Gran Hotel Benahavis is a beautiful hotel situated in a natural part of the Benahavis. 

It is a 4* hotel & Spa which guarantees value for money due to its extended choice of facilities and spa treatments.

It is an elegantly designed hotel with artfully arranged gardens and outdoor pools.

The guests can book various spa treatments such as body treatments, beauty treatments, and different types of massages, exfoliators, and wraps.

When it comes to food, it is possible to enjoy both domestic and international cuisine within the premises of the hotel.

The professional staff and lux and comfortable environment guarantee peace and relaxation suitable for both short and extended vacations.

9. Spa Amaragua Torremolinos

Spa Amaragua Torremolinos, Best Spas in Malaga
  • Aesthetic treatments
  • Doctors and Naturopaths are available

Spa Amaragua Torremolinos is situated west of Malaga, and it features a variety of relaxing and aesthetic treatments.

Guests at this spa can choose to book either a Jacuzzi, sauna, an indoor heating pool, a Turkish bath, or some of the massages available at the premises. 

The property also has a gym that is at disposal for the guests, and the fitness center has a pool with biological water.

Apart from the relaxing treatments, it is possible to consult Doctors and Naturopaths as well as book therapeutic treatments.

In addition, there is also an outdoor pool along with the solarium that can also be reserved.

When it comes to outdoor activities, you can consider renting a bike as the bike rental is about 1 km away from the property and explore the touristic attractions in Malaga and its surroundings.

Some of the popular tours in the vicinity are the Mount Calamorro ascent tour as well as the Route of natural parks which is just 2km away from the Spa Amaragua.

Learn more about what you can do at Torremolinos by clicking here.

10. Heavenly Spa by Westin La Quinta

Heavenly Spa by Westin La Quinta, Best Spas in Malaga
  • Sprunch, spa + brunch
  • Quiet and peaceful

This all-inclusive spa is located at the La Quinta Golf Resort in Marbella. It is a spacious complex of 1500 square meters of authentic Moorish design and décor.

It is situated in a peaceful part of Benahavis, and it is a perfect opportunity for those who would like to disconnect from their busy daily schedules. 

The Heavenly Spa by Westin offers its guests several types of therapy such as aromatic steam bath, aqua therapy, hydrotherapy, 8 wellness rooms, a sauna, and a fitness center.

There is also a wide range of programs that can be booked either individually or with family and friends.

However, this spa has a rather authentic offer at its premises.

It is called ‘’sprunch’’. It is a combination of spa and brunch and the idea is to enjoy a thermal bath at the Heavenly spa while sipping brunch.

This is also a perfect gift idea for your significant other.

One brunch séance at the thermal bath lasts for 90 minutes, and it can be booked daily from 10 am to 4 pm.

Learn more about this spa and the best spas in Malaga and Marbella here.

11. La Cala Spa, Mijas

La Cala Spa, Mijas, Best Spas in Malaga
  • Good spa package offers
  • Amazing scenery

La Cala Spa is situated in Mijas and not so far away from the beautiful Nerja. This is a Spa you’d like to book if you are looking for beautiful landscapes and greenery surroundings to help you return the balance between the body and the mind.

The property is spacious and features naturally lighted rooms and several gardens full of different herbs, trees, and indigenous plants. The scenery plays an important part at this spa.

When combined with proper musical compilations it influences the mind and enhances the feeling of peacefulness.

The guests can choose between indoor and outdoor exercise and hydrotherapy pools as well as the thermal suite.

Herbal steam room, tepidarium, garden crystal sauna, and many other options are available for booking at La Cala Spa.

For those interested in spa packages, it is possible to book a Spa monthly offer that consists of a combination of Spa’s signature aromatherapy facial treatment as well as detoxification and oxygenation.

Or you can take a spa+gym membership that gives full access to the spa, gym, and wellness features for one month.

If you are interested in exploring Malaga or going from Malaga to Nerja to sightsee while in Spain, check the local transportation schedules.

Check out more detailed information about the spa here.

12. Hammam Al Andalus Arab Baths, Malaga

Hammam Al Andalus Arab Baths, Best Spas in Malaga
  • Traditional Arab Baths
  • Thermal pools

Hamam al Andalus is a place where you can enjoy traditional Arab baths. This is a spacious and orient-designed place that offers high-quality relaxation.

Three types of baths are available at the Hammam al Andalus. You can enjoy a hot bath, a cold bath, or a warm bath.

If you are looking for holidays spas, this is the place that should be on the list.

It is also a good choice if you are looking for weekend spa getaways, especially since it is located in Malaga, not far away from the popular tourist attractions.

There are several other features available at the Hammam Al Andalus. Namely, there is a possibility of reserving a steam room, as well as booking a relaxation 15 minutes or 30 minutes massage with the aromatic oils.

Thermal pools are a signature of this traditionally designed spa that also has a lounge for the guests with the option of enjoying a mint tea or simply relaxing while listening to peaceful music.

After enjoying a nice spa and spa massage, you can take a walking tour around Malaga, and try some of its traditional dishes such as Gambas al pil pil.

You can also book a guided tour to fully experience the deep relaxation of a traditional Hammam. – Get your tickets here.

13. Hammam Almanzor in Mijas

a girl enjoying a massage at one of the best spas in Malaga
  • Moroccan baths
  • Therapeutic treatments

When it comes to the unique spa experience, Hammam Almanzor is one of the places that are on this list for that reason. This relaxing spa offers a traditional ‘’hammam’’ from Morocco.

It has two-person treatments suitable for spa weekend getaways.

It is possible to book a combined treatment such as a steam room plus massage and body peeling. The Spa is located in Mijas, close to Costa del Sol, Spain.

This indoor spa is limited to hone our treatments and can include either aromatherapy, soaping, scrubbing, or a cup of traditional green tea.

It is a top spa to rejuvenate the body and treat yourself to one of these health spa therapeutic programs’ such as deep tissue massage, foot reflexology, head massages, etc.

Apart from being traditional and oriental, the spa provides a range of manicure, makeup, and hair professionals who are at the disposal of the guests.

On the other hand, the surroundings of the spa are ideal for taking up the hiking and walking tours and sightseeing beautiful historical and natural parts of Mijas, using the sunny Costa del Sol Spain weather.

Learn more about the Hammam Almanzor in Mijas offer here.

Our Recommendations for the Best Spas in Malaga and Costa del Sol

Our Recommendations for the Best Spas in Malaga

Among the best spas in Malaga and Costa del Sol, we’d like to highlight the Villa Padierna and B Bou La Viñuela & Spa.

Villa Padierna is already recognized as one of the best retreats in Europe, and with a reason.

Beautiful scenery and architecture, as well as the richness in both design and offer, distinguish this Villa from other places we overviewed through this guide.

It has everything that a person needs to revitalize both body and mind on multiple levels.

B Bou La Viñuela & Spa is just the place for those who value privacy and really want to get away to the middle of nature.

As well as for those who want to dedicate quality time to personal thoughts and growth, or want to exercise their body to the fullest while being mindful.

The premises are outside of the city noise, yet many entertaining activities are at hand. 

Getting Around Malaga

Although it is a big city, it is not difficult to get around Malaga. The transport is well organized. The connection with the airport and all city districts is frequent and stable.

City tour buses are also available in the city center and it is possible to buy a ticket and get a full bus tour around the most popular tourist attractions in Malaga. – Book tickets here.

Additionally, Malaga has good connections with other cities, so it is possible to reach Costa del Sol or Marbella by simply checking the information here.

Renting a car and bike are also popular ways of transportation in Malaga. You can consider renting them by clicking here.

Short FAQ about Best Spas in Malaga and Costa del Sol

What are the best places for spas & wellness in Malaga?

One of the best spas in Malaga and around is Villa Padierna. Also, there is a private spa at B Bou La Viñuela.

Which places provide the best spas & wellness in Malaga for couples?

The best spas in Malaga and Costa del Sol for couples are Heavenly Spas by Westin La Quinta and B Bou La Viñuela. There is also La Cala Spa, Mijas which has great spa package options.