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17 Best Holiday Villas in Malaga Province

A guide to the best Holiday Villas in Malaga for every budget

Malaga is one of the most attractive locations in Spain. It is a blend of the historical and cultural heritage of different nations and on the other hand a nicely developed tourist destination.

Since Malaga receives tens of thousands of tourists each year, the accommodation capacities are broad. 

Best Holiday Villas in Malaga can be split into a few categories, but the most basic one would be the divide between the luxury, mid-range, and cheap or budget accommodation options.

Best Holiday Villas in Malaga Province - Book your Trip Today

Taking into consideration the criteria of price as well as the location, accessibility, design, and capacity, we have crafted a guide that should provide you with an overview of some of the most appealing accommodation choices.

Best Holiday Villas in Malaga

Newly Renovated Villa with stunning viewsBest for special occasions

Torrox, Andalusia, Spain
$$$$Check here
Rural House Vacation in Andalusia SpainBest for a family vacationCoin, Andalusia, Spain$$$Check here
Luxury 4 bedroom Villa Best for its features Mijas, Andalusia, Spain$$$Check here
House in a beautiful location with stunning viewsBest for landscape viewsMijas, Andalusia, Spain $$Check here
Spacious villa with private garden in El CapistranoBest for outdoor activitiesNerja, Andalusia, Spain$$Check here

Best Holiday Villas in Malaga – Luxury Rentals

Quality Villa with gardens and private Swimming Pool

Quality Villa with gardens and private Swimming Pool, best holiday villas in malaga
  • Spacious
  •  Well-equipped

This spacious holiday villa is located in a peaceful neighborhood. The décor tastefully complements the house that can host up to 8 people in 4 bedrooms.

About 2700 square feet, which is the size of one of the best holiday villas in Malaga, ensures a commodity and provides enough privacy even when traveling with a group.

The feeling of the countryside resides within the house, giving it a relaxing yet exciting character. 

It is one of the luxury getaways that has everything needed for spending a wonderful vacation. The house is well-equipped, and the guests can also enjoy a private pool surrounded by sunbeds and a gazebo.

There are also additional features such as the solarium. The gardens surrounding the property are ideal for spending a holiday sunbathing, reading, or simply enjoying the view. 

For those who would like to explore the surroundings, the city of Marbella is within a 25 min drive, and attractions in Mijas, Granada, or Costa del Sol are 2h away from the property.

Learn more about this stunning villa by clicking here

Luxury 4 bedroom Villa with Games Room

Luxury 4 bedroom Villa with Games Room, best holiday villas in malaga
  • Games room
  • Very private

Among the top villas to spend the holidays while in Spain, this Luxury 4 bedroom Villa should be considered. 

Apart from hosting up to 9 people in 4 bedrooms and featuring 5 beds, this villa home has 3 bathrooms with a bath as well as a beautifully constructed patio. 

The property backs onto the Miraflores’ golf course, so the full view from the bedrooms of this house for rent has a direct view on it. 

The games room is placed in the basement and it offers a range of entertainment for the whole family. It has a pool table, Playstation, darts board, football table, etc.

The kitchen is big and highly equipped, and it is designed in a modern style. 

The mezzanine terrace is available to the guests on the 2nd floor, and since it is partially closed, it is ideal to safely sunbathe during sunny summer days.

This holiday house is located in a community with very few residents and it provides full privacy for the guests.

Check out the information here.

Rural House Vacation in Andalusia, with Swimming Pool & Garden

Rural House Vacation in Andalusia, with Swimming Pool & Garden, best holiday villas in malaga
  • Outdoor playing area
  • Good choice for family

This villa with a private pool is situated in Costa del Sol, in Andalusia Spain. The whole property is approximately 5000 square meters, and the house itself has 3 spacious bedrooms and six beds in total, also featuring 2 fully equipped bathrooms.

The property has high ratings for being spotless, and apart from the kitchen, living room, and porch, there is also a lawn and an outdoor playing area along with the swimming pool. 

There is also a space envisaged for barbequing, and the guests have access to all necessary equipment and amenities for it. 

This luxury rental in a rural area is an excellent choice for a family summer holiday with children as they have a broad range of outdoor sports activities to choose from on the property itself.

It is not far to visit some of the famous historical landmarks in Malaga such as the Picasso Museum, since Malaga is only 35min away from the Villa. Marbella is even closer, a 25-minute drive by car.

This place is also perfect when looking for a coliving experience in Spain.

Click here to learn more. 

Newly Renovated Villa with stunning views, private pool & tennis court

Newly Renovated Villa with stunning views, private pool & tennis court, best holiday villas in malaga
  • Great for special occasions
  • Luxurious 

When talking about luxury destinations, and luxury homes for rent, this 7 bedroom villa situated near the city of Nerja, and between Torrox Pueblo and Frigiliana is rightfully on the list of the Best Holiday Villas in Malaga.

As described, the villa is also known as Casa Jane and it is deemed by many visitors in the reviews that a welcoming view of the Alpujarra mountain range provides a special atmosphere to the property.

The house features a beautiful gazebo and a large swimming pool as well as a glass-walled room with panoramic views inside the house. 

There are two well-equipped kitchens available to the guests, the outdoor kitchen and the indoor one.

When it comes to entertainment, the lounge features a PlayStation that can provide a fun and cozy night even during the winter. Outside, there is a private tennis court, basketball hoop, and table tennis table.

Spain’s coast view is also something that guests can enjoy during their stay at Casa Jane.

The city of Nerja is within a 20-minute drive, and there are regular taxi services that can be booked directly from the property. 

This is one of the best homes for celebrating special occasions as the hosts offer to organize additional entertainment such as Flamenco shows.

Take a look at the Casa Jane here.

Best Holiday Villas in Malaga – Mid- Range Rentals 

Charming Villa with Pool in Neerja

Charming Villa with Pool in Neerja, best holiday villas in malaga
  • Family-owned
  • Close to the beach

This charming Villa, as the name states, is situated in the picturesque landscape.

It is a family-owned condo, and one of the rental homes which are ideal regardless of the reason for the trip or the kind of group you are traveling with.

Apart from having 2 large bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and 2 bathrooms, the house has a well-maintained lawn and a pool in it. 

Since this is not a commercially run property, one of the houses’ charms is that the family touch can be felt in all aspects.

When it comes to the places to be explored nearby, the city of Neira and its well-known landmark – the old town are within several minutes from the house. 

Guests can try traditional Spanish food such as grilled Spanish mackerel or authentic churros and enjoy local wines and other drinks.

The beach at Burriana is also very close to this charming villa, and it is possible to reach it on foot in just a couple of minutes.

More info about the place is available here.

Lagar de Luisa Country House

Lagar de Luisa Country House, best holiday villas in malaga
  • Picturesque landscapes
  • Eco-vegetable garden accessible

Lagar de Luisa is on the list of best vacation rentals in Spain because of its uniqueness and the service it provides.

This country house is located near the village of Mejas and in the scenic landscape between the vineyards. 

The whole property has around 10.000 square meters of land, and it is surrounded by several types of trees and plants such as avocado, almond, and olives.

Although the owners live in the vicinity, the guests enjoy full privacy in this well-equipped house. 

One of the unique features of the house Lagar de Luisa is that there is an eco-garden full of vegetables at the disposal of the guests. 

Diverse herbs, fruits, and vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pepper, etc. are accessible to the guests to use for preparing food.

As for the close-by attractions, El Borge village is within walking distance while the closest beaches in Malaga, Spain are approximately 20km away from the property.

Due to its specific nature-oriented location, those who like bird-watching should consider it as one of the houses for rent, as there are plenty of bird species around in winter and the following months, until May.

 Pictures and more information can be checked here.

House with stunning views close to Mijas

House with stunning views close to Mijas, best holiday villas in malaga
  • Stunning mountain views
  • Great for exploring

If you are planning on visiting the Mijas Mountain, or if exploring smaller places around Malaga, such as Pueblo Valtocado, this 3bed house might be one of the options for booking. 

The villa is a 5-minute drive from the Mijas village, and it can accommodate people in 3 spacious and nicely designed bedrooms.

The stunning mountain and sea views can be enjoyed from 2 terraces, and even the African coast is visible on clear days!

The patio in front of the house has barbeque equipment as well as a dining table, chairs, and a sofa.

The kitchen has all necessary amenities, and air conditioning, as well as WIFI, is available to the guests at all times.

A pool is set in the garden, and approximately 50m from the house is accessible exclusively to the residents, and there are also well-marked paths through the pine, olive, and orange trees surrounding the area.

For those who like to play golf, 25 courses are available near Mijas. Among the Best Resorts in Malaga when it comes to skiing is situated 2 hours by car from the property in the Sierra Nevada.

See more about rental houses and Condos here.

Independent Finca in the foothills of Andalusia

Independent Finca in the Foothills of Andalusia, best holiday villas in malaga
  • Interesting history
  • Underfloor heating.

An interesting historical story is related to the place where this independent Finca is situated. Namely, the place was called the ‘’iron spring’’ or Fuente de Hierro for several centuries.

One of the main features of the land within the Finca borders is that it has many olive trees.

When it comes to the Best AirBnBs in Malaga or condos for rent, the house at the Finca is spacious. It has two floors at the disposal of the guests. 

The house style is earthy and natural and the colors and décor follow this concept.

The Finca can accommodate a maximum of 15 people within its 150 square meters of well-equipped rooms on the ground floor, and 140 square meters of fully equipped space on the upper floor.

The heating system uses mainly solar panels, and underfloor heating is one of the additional features that can pleasantly raise the rating of staying at the Finca, especially during winter.

Several outdoor activities are available. Guests can enjoy hiking and exploring the area using the maps set in the living room. 

They can also visit the nature park, Almijara de Tejeda. Although it is not a luxury beach house, the golf on the coast is accessible to the guests and it is close to the property.

It is possible to arrange transportation directly from the Malaga airport to the property, and the detailed descriptions are available in the brochure which can be requested from the hosts.

More information can be found on this link.

Best Holiday Villas in Malaga – Budget Rentals

Spacious villas with private gardens in EL Capistrano

Spacious villas with private gardens in EL Capistrano, best holiday villas in malaga
  • Near the beach
  • Diverse outdoor activities offer

The village-style villas located above the Burriana beach in Nerja, the two private beach villas feature a mixture of rustic and cosmopolitan.

Being one of the best spas in the area, many on-site objects that can provide the same high-quality Andalusian experience are available.  

There is a supermarket, a doctor, communal gardens, as well as money-changing facilities. 

Additionally, on-site bars and a restaurant are a good opportunities to try either local or international dishes.

There are two types of pools within the premises – three large pools for adults, and a separate pool for children. The poolside bars, however, are open only during the season (spring till late October). 

Since Nerja is rich with surrounding nature, the main outdoor activities are related either to walking, horse riding, or diverse biking tours or to the activities in the water, such as diving, snorkeling, or jet skiing. 

Moreover, the famous Nerja caves are close to the villas. These caves are among the most popular attractions for tourists in Spain.

Make sure to learn more by following this link

Newly Renovated Individual Village House

Newly Renovated Individual Village House, best holiday villas in malaga
  • Ideal for couples
  •  Quiet and peaceful

This newly renovated villa is ideal for couples. It has a romantic feel, and the contemporary Mediterranean décor style adds to it, especially with the Gaudi-inspired mosaics which can be seen on the façade.

The property is situated in the Malaga province, 55km from the city, and since it is envisaged as an individual village house, it is best suited for two people.

The house has a roof terrace with Mountain View. Since the scenery is quite inspiring, this villa is good for artist retreats as well. 

As a typical characteristic of village houses, this villa also has several floors, and the environment is peaceful and without the city noise.

The village itself is very peaceful, and there are lovely cafes and an open-air pool nearby. Although it is not crowded with people, nature is very lively. 

During the season, lemons, oranges, and avocados can be found. There are also two supermarkets in the village, as well as 3 restaurants where local cuisine and wines are served.

Learn more about the place by checking out this link.

Lone-standing Finca with Sea view & Pool

Lone-standing Finca with Sea view & Pool, best holiday villas in malaga
  • Budget wise
  • Nature oriented

When considering lovely and budget-wise options on the opposite side of Estepona, a Lonely-standing Finca with a sea view and pool is one of the appealing choices.

It can host up to 4 people, and it offers a small pool to its guests. The property is small and modernly decorated, with the flavor of the authentic Andalusian style.

The house has an open kitchen, a terrace with a sea view, and a sleeping level in the upper area. 

During the warm summer days, the outdoor shower is also available, as well as the garden that has sun loungers and garden furniture at its disposal.

Hiking activities are available on-site, and the terrain mainly consists of a wide range of trees such as olives and almonds. Additionally, guests can use 2 bikes for mountain biking if they want.

The nearest beach is 6 km from the premises as well as the shopping district and famous tourist attractions.

More information can be seen here.

Best Holiday Villas in Malaga – Near the Beach

Charming Villa Pool in one of Neerja’s Most Select Area

Villa with pool in Nerja, best holiday villas in malaga
  • High level of hospitality
  • Value for money

Just like a few previously mentioned villas, this small private house that can host up to 5 people is situated in the beautiful gardens. 

It is a family property so the amenities and the service are a bit different than staying in the commercially-run objects. Also, the hospitality is more personalized and the house itself is spotless.

The house has 2 rooms, a living room, and a well-equipped kitchen. And while it is a good budget option, the nearby town Nerja doesn’t lack places to see or restaurants and bars to eat and drink.

Apart from the pool available to the guests, the Burriana beach is actually within walking distance. 

In addition, supermarkets and shops are also close by so you can buy all the necessary things while staying at the property.

Different types of water-sport can be booked as well as golf courses.

To learn more about the house and the interesting things about Nerja, click here.

Luxury Sea Home & Terrace

Luxury Sea Home & Terrace, best holiday villas in malaga
  •  Beach within the walking distance
  • 24/7 reception desk

This luxury villa is located within walking distance of La Malagueta Beach in Malaga.

The 24/7 reception is available to all interested guests, and the accommodation has 1 bedroom and a beautiful terrace. 

It is a great choice for spending summer vacation with your significant other or simply exploring Malaga while enjoying authentic Andalusian hospitality.

The terrace view is set on the sea, and all necessary amenities are accessible at all times within the premises.

Several attractive tourist landmarks are nearby. Alcazaba and Picasso Museum for example are about 5-7 minutes from the property by car.

Check out the picture and the availability here.

Villa with Private pool near the Beach

Villa with Private pool near the Beach, best holiday villas in malaga
  • Private pool
  • Can host a larger group

A spacious house with a private pool just a 5-minute drive from the beach might be just the right property to check while looking to book your trip.

Beach La Caleta and Gibralfaro viewpoints are the main two attractions in the vicinity. The house itself has a highly equipped kitchen and a barbeque.

It is a large home with 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms and it can accommodate a larger group of people.

The front desk is working at all times, and the receptionists speak English, Spanish, and German.

Apart from practical information on what to try, where to eat, and what kind of places to see, the staff at the reception can help with car rental or shuttle service to the Malaga airport.

To see the relevant info, go here.

Best Holiday Villas in Malaga with Pool

4 Bedroom Villa with Heated Pool

4 Bedroom Villa with Heated Pool, best holiday villas in malaga
  • Heated pool
  • Fireplace

One of the main features that differentiate this villa from the other offered in this guide is that it has a heated private pool.

The villa is located in La Cala de Mijas, and the property is also known as Casa Alexandro. Moreover, the beach is not far away from the home, as it takes 5 minutes by car to reach the closest Malaga beach.

Several people can be accommodated in 4 bedrooms in the house, and the living area also has a few sofas at disposal. A fireplace also exists which is a nice addition, especially during the winter.

The kitchen and the bathroom have all the necessary amenities, and a covered terrace has a dining table that can be used for meal sharing. 

The shops and supermarkets are not within walking distance, however, less than 10 minutes is needed to reach the closest grocery store.

The surroundings of the property are quiet, and one of the cities that are close by to explore is the city of Marbella.

Take a look to learn more, click here.

Stunning Villa Private Pool

Stunning Villa Private Pool, best holiday villas in malaga
  •  Well-maintained private pool
  •  Child friendly

An idyllic scenery gives this amazing villa a special notion of beauty and luxury. It can accommodate up to 15 people in 5 bedrooms spread over 3 levels.

All necessary amenities are accessible to guests, and the kitchen is fully functional and very well-equipped. 

Several things were added to the living room to aid in entertainment such as Nintendo. Outside, it is possible to play table tennis, and the pool table is also there.

The private pool is exclusively for villa guests, and it is highly maintained at all times.

The premises are child-friendly and accessible, and all types of items needed for a living are either already on the property, or easily reachable in one of the shops that are close by car.

More info is available here.

La Huerta Vieja – Luxury Villa

La Huerta Vieja - Luxury Villa
  • First-class amenities
  • Exotic

Villa known as La Huerta Vieja is a very luxurious household, set in the valley of the River Fahla. 2 acres of land surround the villa, and the landscape is full of greenery.

Although it might seem that the villa is deeply rural and far from everything, it is actually just a 5-6min drive from the Malaga center. To reach the airport you need around 15 minutes.

The gardens around the villa have tropical and exotic plants, and the professionalism in decorating and caring about each aspect of the property is highly noticeable.

The villa is large and just to reach it, you have to go through the dark wood first. 

The Andalusian style can be seen within the decoration of the house, and luxury amenities are set to provide a first-class experience. 

The bathroom features a Jacuzzi. The total number of people that can be accommodated in La Huerta Vieja is 10.

Look at the pictures here.

Getting Around Malaga

There are several ways to get around Malaga. It can be either by rental car, by taxi, on foot, by train, by bus, or by bicycle. 

The bus is one of the most frequently used ways of transportation as it has well-developed local transportation as well as a large number of tour buses.

Malaga is well-connected with other cities as well. If, for example, you want to go to Costa del Sol Spain, to take a look at some Costa del Sol apartments, you can check the timetable and get more relevant info here.

It is also useful to check the guide on transportation in Malaga which is available here

Nothing compares to a good massage and detox in a sauna so you should consider a day of relaxation and peace at one of the best spas in Malaga and Costa del Sol.

And if you’re thinking of moving to Malaga after you’ve been impressed by all this beauty, read our guide that will help you buy the best properties in Malaga and choose the most suitable neighborhood for you.

Map – Best Holiday Villas in Malaga, Spain

map best holiday villas in malaga

Short FAQ about Best Holiday Villas in Malaga

What are the popular outdoor activities in Malaga Province?

If you decide to visit Spain and book some of the best villas in Malaga Province, the most popular activities are either hiking or biking tours. In addition, there are golf and water sports.

What are the best months to visit Malaga, Spain?

It is best to visit Malaga, Spain during the summer, or in late September. The beginning of October is also an option.

Is it safe to travel to Spain due to the COVID-19?

The travel status depends on the country you are traveling from. The safest way is to contact the Embassy of Spain before booking a ticket and check the latest COVID-19 response measures.