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19 Best AirBnBs in Malaga, Spain

A guide to the best Airbnbs in Malaga for every budget

Malaga is, without a doubt, one of the most popular destinations on the Spanish coastline. This means that the summer seasons are usually packed and that the accommodation offer is large and versatile.

Apart from traditional ways of finding suitable places to stay while visiting Malaga, nowadays it is also common to browse popular platforms such as Airbnb and search for the best Airbnbs in Malaga.

To aid you in your search, we have prepared an overview of properties divided by several criteria. The main reason is the fact that all of us have different needs, and our choice often depends on different things.

19 Best AirBnBs in Malaga, Spain

Looking at the commonly browsed criteria, this list is made to give you basic information on Airbnb offers. The choices depend on their location, budget, the amenities they have, the additional facilities and activities they provide, and so on.

Take a look at some of the best Airbnbs in Malaga by going through the following paragraphs of this guide.  

19 Best AirBnBs in Malaga, Spain

San Lorenzo Holiday homeBest value for moneySoho neighborhood$$$Check here
Ground-floor apartment in VillaMultiple terraces and spacious gardenPuerto de la Torre$$$Check here
Cubo’s Apartment CarreteriaRooftop poolThe historic center of Malaga$$Check here
Newly renovated village house for relaxationPlaced in a quiet and intimate neighborhoodSierra of Almijara, Malaga province$Check here
Fan Flat RosaledaNear the river and good locationCity Center$Check here

Best AirBnBs in Malaga, Spain – Luxury Apartments 

Ground-floor apartment in Villa

Ground-floor apartment in Villa, Best Airbnbs in Malaga
  • Privacy
  • Multiple terraces and spacious garden

This is a 3 room Airbnb apartment located in a villa. Guests have 60 m2 at their disposal, along with the garden and a few terraces to relax.

The whole apartment is nicely decorated and features a comfortable living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen with all the necessary elements. The villa is on the hill, so you can have a view of the whole city.

Although this ground-floor apartment is 6km away from the historical city center, there are plenty of things to do in Malaga, and on the property itself.

There is a gorgeous private pool in the garden for swimming, and a barbeque surrounded by terraces so even a group of people can enjoy it.

Learn more about this villa apartment here.

San Lorenzo Holiday Home 

San Lorenzo Holiday home, Best Airbnbs in Malaga
  • Best value for money
  • Luxurious stay

If house rentals are your preference while looking for an Airbnb Malaga Spain place to stay, San Lorenzo Holiday home has a good offer. It is one of the best places for Airbnb if you are going to spend holidays with friends or family as it has two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The location is also attractive – it is situated in the Soho neighborhood in Malaga’s city center, which makes San Lorenzo holiday home the best Airbnb in the area.

There is plenty of space to accommodate 4 people, but it is possible to have up to 6 people enjoying their stay without problems.

The whole space was redecorated a few years ago so the cleanliness and the functionality of all amenities are impeccable.

Check out San Lorenzo Holiday home offer here

Apartment with Spectacular Views

Apartment with Spectacular Views, Best Airbnbs in Malaga
  • Artistic
  • Amazing view 

Summer is definitely the best time to book Airbnb. Malaga is on the coast, and you can spend time swimming in the Mediterranean and relaxing at Malaga beach.

Here you can find great opportunities such as this apartment with spectacular views located in the village of Mijas Pueblo.

This amazing, old village gives you the chance to spend some quality time away from the city noise. Moreover, it has a terrace with a panoramic view of Gibraltar and Africa which makes it an Airbnb

It should be noted that due to its specific location, it might not be the first choice from Malaga apartments for rent suitable for children. In addition, people with disabilities would also find it difficult to access the property.

However, the apartment has everything you’d need for an Airbnb extended stay, or to sleep in while exploring Malaga city.

Take a look at this rental here.

Beach Apartment, Beautiful Gardens & Swimming Pool

Beach Apartment, Beautiful Gardens & Swimming Pool, Best Airbnbs in Malaga
  • Near beach
  • Family-friendly

For those looking for the best beach Airbnb in Malaga Spain, this beach apartment has offered an amazing seafront view. It is situated on the third floor, and it features high-quality amenities so the guests can take in the beauty of the Malaga beach in full.

If the apartment is more suitable for your stay via Airbnb Spain, and you don’t wish to rent houses, this property can accommodate up to 4 guests.

On the other hand, even if it is not actually one of the best family hotels in Malaga, it is, however, one of the best Malaga apartments for rent for families with children.

The main reason is the fact that the property has three pools from which one is designed to be shallow so the children can safely use it. Still, it should be noted that due to the COVID 19, the pools are currently not in function.

This is also a good long-term Airbnb option, even though it is not exactly one of the cheap apartments for rent near the beach.

Learn more about this Airbnb offer here.

Best AirBnBs in Malaga – Mid – Range Apartments

Newly renovated village house for relaxation

Newly renovated village house for relaxation, Best Airbnbs in Malaga
  • Great for couples
  • Quiet and intimate neighborhood 

A romantic summer escape in the province of Malaga sounds like a well-spent summer. This village house is one of the best places for Airbnb for couples, as it can accommodate 2 people and it has a beautiful rooftop terrace.

The house has all the conditions to be a good choice for staying in Malaga at any time of the year. It is renovated and designed in a contemporary style.

Malaga city center is a bit further away (55km). There are good transport connections to reach any part of the town whenever you feel like it.

The house has an artistic vibe to it. It is in a peaceful and quiet neighborhood. It can be fruitful for aspiring artists interested in visiting this part of Andalusia.

The village has a wide offer of domestic oranges, lemons, avocados, and tasty local wine during the summer season.

Take a look at the property here.

Benalmadena Garden Apartment 

Benalmadena Garden Apartment, Best Airbnbs in Malaga
  • Unique design
  • Typical Spanish experience

If you are looking for an authentic Spanish experience even from the place you stay in, then Benalmadena Garden Apartment should be on your list of best AirBnBs in Malaga. This apartment is stylish and highly oriented to showcase the true beauty of Spanish tastefulness in design.

There is a conservatory available at the property, which is also used as the spacious and bright glass surrounded terrace.

The apartment has its own garden as well as a fully equipped kitchen, two bedrooms, and a spacious dining room. Since it is situated in an apartment complex, there are several additional facilities available to its guests.

The first one is the access to the communal outdoor swimming pool and the surrounding gardens. The second one is the golf courses available upon request in the vicinity.

Last, but not least, high-speed internet and long-term stays are also among the features that put this apartment on our list of the best AirBnBs in Malaga.

See more information here.

Sunny Apartment in Torremolinos

Sunny Apartment in Torremolinos, Best Airbnbs in Malaga
  • Budget-wise
  • 24/7 working reception

Sunny Apartment in Torremolinos, as it names states, has beautifully decorated property. It is a bright place, located in a complex that features different facilities.

The apartment offers all amenities necessary for a pleasant stay while in Malaga, access to the restaurants, bars, and places such as the hairdressing salon is just a few meters away. 

The restaurants offer a variety of dishes of both local and typically Mediterranean, as well as international.

There is a 24/7 working reception at the lobby of the complex which allows flexibility for the guests, and the receptionists are at disposal for all additional requests during the stay.

Check more information here.

Fabulous Apartment With Indoor And Outdoor Pools

Fabulous Apartment With Indoor And Outdoor Pools, Best Airbnbs in Malaga
  • Pools both outside and inside of the property
  • Well-equipped

One of the best features of the Spain apartments on Airbnb is that there are options with pools. This is one of those choices, especially if you are traveling with your significant other or with friends.

The apartment has basic amenities. It also has a well-equipped kitchen, which is great if you want to try preparing some of the typical Andalusian dishes such as Ajoblanco soup by yourself.

The access to both outdoor and indoor pools is a highly recommendable feature of this accommodation, especially during hot summer days, and there are restaurants and bars nearby in case you prefer tasting professionally prepared meals and tasting local wine.

See more about this apartment here.

Best AirBnBs in Malaga – Budget Apartments

Lagunillas Suite

Lagunillas Suite, Best Airbnbs in Malaga
  • Beach is close by
  • Inexpensive

This one-bedroom suite is set at the heart of Malaga. The Malagueta beach is close by, and it can be reached in a short amount of time either by car or by bus.

All tourist sites are also within a walking distance. The famous Gibralfaro castle is less than half an hour’s walk from the property. The same goes for the Malaga Cathedral that is less than 2km away from the suite.

Lagunillas apartment is a good budget option among the cheap houses for rent in Malaga, and the airport is also just 9km away. The suite features all amenities needed for a comfortable stay in the city.

Take a look at the Lagunillas suite here.


Huelintown, Best Airbnbs in Malaga
  • Suitable for longer stays
  • Fun outdoor activities

If you’d have to make a list of things to do in Malaga fun activities such as snorkeling or playing table tennis could be a good choice. These are all available if you book Huelintown as your Airbnb while staying in this part of Andalusia.

Huelintown can accommodate the average needs of any guest. The amenities such as air-conditioning, kitchenware, coffee machine, microwave, etc. exist at the property and free WIFI and cable.

As it is mentioned, table tennis is also available for outdoor fun for all of those interested in this sport. In addition, there are wonderful snorkeling locations nearby.

When it comes to transportation, it is possible to arrange a paid shuttle to the airport, and vice versa, directly by the property manager.

To see more information about Huelintown accommodation, follow the link here.

Fan Flat Rosaleda

Fan Flat Rosaleda, Best Airbnbs in Malaga
  • Near the river
  • Good location

Malaga has a lot of beaches where visitors can witness the authenticity of the Mediterranean lifestyle firsthand. On the other hand, the city has a good choice of accommodation on the riverside too.

Rio Guadalmedina is known as Malaga’s river that passes through the historical part of the town. In the absence of the best boutique hotels in Malaga at this precise location, Fan Flat Rosaleda is a suitable option to replace it.

Rosaleda has a modernly designed interior that features all things you’ll need to have a pleasant stay. The famous historic sites are about half a kilometer away so it is easy to explore Malaga on foot.

There are plenty of restaurants and bars around, and they offer a wide range of tasty local dishes as well as a fine pastry to taste.   

The downside might be that the flat doesn’t have free parking within its premises, but it is possible to book a private parking spot nearby for the additional price.

Detailed info is available here.

Best AirBnBs in Malaga near the beach

Beautiful apartment 200m from the beach

Beautiful apartment 200m from the beach, Best Airbnbs in Malaga
  • Proximity to the beach
  • Well connected 

Another one of the Airbnb cabins that are perfect for the long, refreshing summer vacation on the Spanish coast.

The place is located in a rather unique environment of the Huelin neighborhood. It can accommodate guests in two comfy rooms and a well-equipped dining room and kitchen with all necessary kitchenware.

The house is also recently renovated which adds additional points to its cleanliness and fully functional amenities.

The train station is five minutes away from the accommodation. There is a wide range of markets and bars in the vicinity.

Take a look at this beautiful home near the beach here.

Ground-floor apartment in Villa

Ground-floor apartment in Villa, Best Airbnbs in Malaga
  • Large Garden
  • Spacious deluxe accommodation

As it was mentioned, this is a high-quality Airbnb offer that features a two-bedroom ground floor of the villa. It has a spacious garden with a beautiful pool.

Both are available exclusively to the guests who booked the stay at the ground-floor accommodation. Since it is located atop the hill, the villa has a panoramic view that contributes to the pleasant stay of its visitors.

Ground-floor apartment Villa pictures are available here.

Malaga City Break Apartment

Malaga City Break Apartment, Best Airbnbs in Malaga
  • Near tourist sites
  • Great for cycling

Malaga City Break apartment is a centrally situated place that is just 100 meters away from the historical places of the town, such as the Carmen Thyssen Museum.

One of the best things about this apartment is that its surroundings are a superb area for cycling. This way you don’t have to be bothered by bus or train connections while exploring the city.

When it comes to the amenities, all relevant things are already in the apartment, from the kitchenware to the toiletries, so you can travel light.

Since most of the historical sites of Malaga are within walking distance of the apartment, you can confidently explore the town on foot.

You can visit museums and cathedrals such as the Picasso museum or the famous Malaga cathedral – less than half a kilometer away from the property.

See more about the Malaga City Break Apartment here.

Best AirBnBs in Malaga with pool

Cubo’s Apartment Carreteria

Cubo's Apartment Carreteria, Best Airbnbs in Malaga
  • In the festivity area
  • Rooftop pool

Cubo’s apartment Carretera is one of those accommodations that you want to book not only for its luxurious interior but also because it has a gorgeous and large pool on the rooftop.

It allows you to observe Malaga while taking a nice long swim and drink your hand-prepared drink.

The curious thing about the location of this flat is that it is actually on the route of the Holy Week celebration. For those unfamiliar with the Holy Week, it is related to the Easter celebration in Spain.

This means that if you are, by chance, staying at the Cubo’s apartment Carrateria during Easter, you have a direct view of the parade. It is also useful to know that the pool is free to access from 8 am until midnight. 

Apart from that, additional measures and prices are foreseen.  Also, there are specific dates when the rooftop pool is closed such as Feria de Malaga – a city fair held in August. The pool is closed during the fair for security reasons.

Learn more about this place by clicking here.

Cubo’s Casa Los Mimbrales

Cubo's Casa Los Mimbrales, Best Airbnbs in Malaga
  • In the pedestrian zone
  • Spacious, deluxe accommodation

Cubo’s Casa Los Mimbrales is one of the best Airbnbs in Malaga for family vacations. It is a spacious accommodation, contemporary decorated and in general very bright.

The place is situated in Malaga’s province known as Alhaurín de la Torre. The long promenade goes both ways from the property.

It is ideal for exploring the surroundings with kids as the house is in the pedestrian zone. There are many authentic traditional places to buy souvenirs and look into the everyday life of the locals.

Markets and shopping areas are not far from the place. There is barbeque equipment in the yard so you can prepare delicious meals for all family members. At the same time, there are plenty of restaurants around, so you can have a food tasting with all family members.

The house is spacious and has 100m2 of well-equipped rooms, and the beach of Torremolinos is up to a 15-minute drive from the accommodation.

Learn more by clicking here.

Sol Don Pablo Room

Sol Don Pablo Room, Best Airbnbs in Malaga
  • Plenty of rooms
  • Rich content offer

When talking about great hotels by the beach, Sol Don Pablo offers 4-star rooms situated just a 5-minute walk from the Mediterranean Sea.

The hotel can accommodate people in 443 rooms. They all have amenities such as Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, TV, minibars, etc.

The hotel also offers a great offer of relaxation treatments. It is possible to book a massage, face and body treatments, and similar therapies. There is also a fitness center available for those who want to stay in shape.

Last but not least, there are several pools within the hotel (8 pools to be precise), and the establishment can provide food, beverage, and entertainment on site.

To see the rooms at Sol Don Pablo, click here.

Getting Around Malaga

Malaga is a mixture of the historical center and urban surroundings. The city is generally well connected. The access to the trains, buses and airport transportation is good.

It is possible to book tickets online. Most of the schedules are available on the official sites or accessible at the tourist info points.

There is also an option of hopping up on the city’s tourist bus and have a 90min long tour that passes by all the famous tourist places in the center.

You can also easily rent a bike in many rental services and explore Malaga more closely. More information about transportation in Malaga is available here.

Malaga is an amazing city, offering you many interesting activities, and if you are looking for things to do in Malaga at night while your stay there, the city won’t let you down.

Apart from Airbnbs, Costa del Sol has some of the best holiday villas that you can rent for your next trip to Andalucia.

If you want to travel from Malaga to Seville, know you can rent Airbnbs in Seville as well.

Map – Best AirBnBs in Malaga, Spain

Map Best AirBnBs in Malaga, Spain

Short FAQ about Best AirBnBs in Malaga, Spain

Can you rent an Airbnb for 2 months?

It depends, some of the best Airbnbs in Malaga are not available for longer stays. You can first ask the owner if the apartment is eligible for longer stays.

Is Airbnb cheaper than renting?

It is in many cases. There is also the fact that many locals rent their places through Airbnb so they can give you useful tips while staying in Malaga, Spain.

Is Airbnb legal in Spain?

There are multiple regulations regarding this topic. The best way to learn if it is legal to rent houses is to read in more detail about it via this article.