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18 Best Boutique Hotels in Malaga, Spain

A guide to the best boutique hotels in Malaga, Southern Spain for every budget.

Are you looking to experience the best of what Malaga has to offer?

With its eclectic local culture, bustling urban lifestyle and stunning natural scenery, there’s something for everyone.

But as a traveler looking for an extra special stay, check out these hand-picked boutique hotels in Malaga – they’re sure to give you an unforgettable experience!

From sophisticated city pads with rooftop pools and terraces to quaint country hideaways nestled right among the oranges groves, get ready for a truly unique visit.

18 Best Boutique Hotels in Malaga, Spain

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Best Boutique Hotels in Málaga, Spain

HotelHighlightLocation Price Review
Iloftmalaga Premium Centro Histórico *****Superb locationHistorical Center$$$ Check here
Palacio Solecio ****Value for moneyCalle Granada$$$ Check here
Mariposa Hotel Malaga ****Elegant designSoho Neighbourhood$$ Check here
Room Mate Valeria ****Close to shopping zoneCity Center$$ Check here
Halcyon Days ****PrivacyCity center$ Check here

Best 5 Star Boutique Hotels in Málaga

Vincci Selección Posada del Patio *****

Vincci Selección Posada del Patio, best boutique hotel malaga
  • Avant-garde style
  • Superb service

If one should describe the style of this hotel in one word, it would be avant-garde. Located in the so-called historical heart of the city, this is one of the well-known 5-star hotels in Málaga.

When it comes to architecture, it is interesting that this is one among few Málaga hotels that preserved some pieces of the ancient constructions such as 5th century Roman stone, or 15th-century Arabic bricks.

On the other hand, the room has an amazing minimalistic design, while the lobby of the hotel is more contemporary-oriented.

Although the question ”what is a boutique hotel” boutique definition says that it is” a small stylish hotel, typically one situated in a fashionable urban location”, in this particular case, we are talking about 105 rooms.

However, when it comes to location, Vincci Selección Posada del Patio is between 5-10 minutes walking from all of the famous center sights such as Alcazaba, Museo Picasso, etc.

In addition, there are different art exhibitions each month at the reception, and it is also possible to ask for a personalized check-in.

To learn more about Vincci Selección Posada del Patio, click here.

Gran Hotel Miramar GL *****

Gran Hotel Miramar, best boutique hotels in malaga
  • Classic and timeless 
  • Superb location

Those who are looking for the best luxury hotels in Malaga can easily find everything they need to enjoy their trip to this part of Andalusia to its fullest.

Gran Hotel Miramar Málaga can be found just by the beach, and at the same time, it is also a Malaga spa hotel. On the other hand, it is up to 15 minutes stroll from the shopping street, and more importantly, there is a long amazing promenade along the way.

This promenade is a great example of how locals can use all available resources to work, get along with the tourists, work out and enjoy – all at the same time.

When the weather in Málaga Spain is at its peak during summer, the promenade starts being filled with people once the sun starts going down. It is also an area full of bars and it is well connected to the city transport.

More interesting information about this hotel can be found here

Hotel Castillo De Santa Catalina *****

Hotel Castillo De Santa Catalina, best boutique hotels in malaga
  • Horse riding, scuba diving
  • Spacious, near the beach

Hotel Castillo De Santa Catalina is also among the best boutique hotels in Málaga city, and with a reason. This 5-star boutique hotel fits the definition by offering 22 rooms with a sea view and all necessary amenities.

It is, however, located a little more than 2 km from the Picasso museum and if you go just about 100 m more, you’ll reach the Park of Málaga.

The district where this hotel in Málaga can be found is called the Este district. Although it is a bit further from the center than the previous one, the beach, on the other hand, is just 300 m away! 

What is also interesting to consider, if you are looking for things to do in Málaga, is that this hotel offers certain activities like scuba diving or horseback riding.

Check more about this hotel by clicking here.

Only YOU Hotel Málaga *****

Only YOU Hotel Málaga, best boutique hotels in malaga
  • Allergy-free zone
  • Sun terrace, rooftop pool

As one among many hotels in the Only You Hotel chain, Only You Hotel Málaga is well-positioned to be close to all important noticeable landmarks such as the Cathedral in Málaga. To be precise, this hotel is situated in a neighborhood called Málaga Centro. 

Besides offering an allergy-free environment, the hotel has 24/7 available reception and a restaurant. Also, there is a bar, a rooftop pool, and a sun terrace to make the stay even more enjoyable.

The rooms are designed to be trendy yet functional, so when it comes to room amenities, the basics include a flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi, and room service.

To check Only You Hotel, go to this link.

Best 4 Star Boutique Hotels in Málaga

Room Mate Valeria ****

Room Mate Valeria, best boutique hotels in malaga
  • History restored
  • The shopping zone is close 

Many hotels in Málaga have a rich historical background both in culture and in architecture. Room Mate Valeria is one of those hotels. Namely, this hotel’s façade was originally made somewhere between the 18th – 19th century, and nowadays, it is restored.

When it comes to design, it is inspired by the Mediterranean, and the rooms are suitably adjusted in that manner. One of the main advantages of this hotel is that it has a modern bar on the rooftop.

When it comes to the neighborhood where the hotel is situated, the travelers who are into art will be more than happy to know that the Soho barrio is known for its street art.

On the other hand, if interested in shopping or just taking a stroll and spending some time around plants, the Calle Larios shopping center and the gardens called Paseo del Parque are just a few minutes away from the hotel.

To check more, go to this link.

Palacio Solecio, a Small Luxury Hotel of the World ****

Palacio Solecio, a Small Luxury Hotel of the World, best boutique hotels in malaga
  • Luxurious and spacious
  • Food and content

Although some would think that this is the one boutique hotel with a long history, in reality, Palacio Solecio started working in December 2019. The idea was to create, as their website says ‘Málaga’s first true luxury boutique hotel’.

One thing that definitely helps them get that luxurious or even aristocratic vibe is the fact that the hotel is set in the Palace of Marqués de la Sonora, built in the 18th century.

The hotel is a fusion of old and new and with 68 rooms at disposal Palacio Solecio can accommodate a fair amount of people.

Not only is the architecture of this hotel rich with details, but one must note the gastro offer of the place, paying special attention to the regional cuisine.

There are a lot of other contents to choose from, whether in Málaga Spain you came with friends, family, or on business, the Palacio Solecio has meeting rooms, a gym, and other things that can meet more or less any type of need during the stay. 

Note that since it is in the pedestrian zone, it is an additional pro when it comes to the safety of the children.

Check the photos of Palacio Solecio as one of the best boutique hotels in Málaga here

Anahita Boutique Hotel ****

Anahita Boutique Hotel, best boutique hotels in malaga
  • Rooms are different 
  • Relaxing baths

What’s interesting for the Anahita boutique hotel is that it offers 16 rooms, but all of the rooms have different styles. Some even argue about the artistic composition due to the specific connections between certain rooms and corridors.

But the point is that it is indeed a unique place, and it takes less than 5 minutes on foot to get to all of the most famous sights of Málaga, such as the Cathedral, the Picasso’s museum, even the promenade and the beach called La Malagueta.

All around these sites is a huge number of lively cafes and restaurants that have a rich offer of authentic Andalusian cuisine.

When it comes to some special amenities, through the reviews it was mentioned several times that this hotel has amazing hot tubs, ideal for relaxation. This can be relevant for those coming on a business trip, who need to have a quality rest and relaxation after a long working day. 

To get to the Port of Malaga or the train station, one should spend about 15 min on foot, but when it comes to places such as El Pimpi, it is located approximately 100 m from the hotel.

To see more about the Anahita as one of the best boutique hotels in Malaga check this link.

Stay Home & Away in Plaza de la Constitución Area ****

Stay Home & Away in Plaza de la Constitución Area, best boutique hotels in malaga
  • Onsite & offsite activities
  •  Fully equipped units

This choice is ideal for those who are more suited to stay in the busy zone of Malaga. The accommodation has its own kitchen, TV, Wi-Fi, and other things needed to live and function independently while in Malaga.

To get to the Art museum of Carmen Thyssen, or to the Plaza named Plaza de la Constitución & Calle Larios, one would need less than 5 minutes. The airport is also not far away (about 8 km) and it is possible to arrange transfers for the additional charge.

Although they are fully equipped for preparing food, the units are set near the bars and restaurants.

On the other hand, one thing that is really interesting about Stay Home & Away is that they offer several onsite and offsite activities such as thematic dinners, walking and biking tours, cooking classes, even music performances, and so on.

To get more info, check Malaga TripAdvisor on this link. 

Best Budget Boutique Hotels in Malaga

Hotel Brö-Adults Only ***

Hotel Brö-Adults Only, best boutique hotels in malaga
  • For adults
  • Great value for money

Hotel Brö-Adults only is not actually a choice for families with children, since it does have the policy that their guests should be at least 18 years old.

The upside is that it has a great location with a big terrace and that it is less than 3 min walk from Alcazaba, which means that other famous sights are a maximum of 400 m away. The hotel also has a swimming pool that is especially nice during the season.

One of the finest rates that this hotel gets is related to the fact that it is impeccably clean and that there are other complementary elements such as a spacious bathroom, minibar, modern style of the rooms, and so on.

Madeinterranea Suites ***

Madeinterranea Suites, best boutique hotels in malaga
  •  Family-friendly 
  •  Free stay for the children under 3 years

If the previous hotel was not the luckiest choice for those who have children, then it should be noted that with the Madeinterranea Suites in Málaga that’s not the case.

It offers 12 contemporary decorated rooms with the possibility of inserting an extra bed or extra crib for the child.

Moreover, the children that are under 3 years old don’t pay for their stay in the hotel independently from their choice of bed (the parent can choose whether they want a bed or a crib).

The hotel itself is located in the central district within the pedestrian zone, which is just an additional positive aspect of this, already family-friendly hotel venue.

Having a great location and all sorts of commodities leaves time to safely and comfortably explore the city while searching for the best places to eat in Malaga.

Or simply the best day trips away from Malaga to enjoy with family in an even broader sense. And while you’re in Malaga you must try one of the best prawn recipes out there, the spicy Gambas al Pil Pil.

Check why this is one of the best boutique hotels in Malaga here.

Debambú Atarazanas ***

Debambú Atarazanas, best boutique hotels in malaga
  • Well-equipped
  • Good for longer stays

This is also one of the smaller hotels in Malaga. At the same time, not that close to Malaga beach. Debambú Atarazanas is built over 4 floors, and it offers 8 fully equipped apartments.

Since it is located about half of km from the city center and approximately 2.5 km from the Malaga beach called Misericordia, this hotel is the best choice for longer stays, whether it is a business or a family trip.

All of the apartments have air conditioning, kitchens and kitchenware, microwave, and of course, they all have utensils.

It is a good value for money, especially considering that these apartments are well-styled and the staff is nice and helpful. 

Check the apartments here

Best Boutique Hotels in Malaga near the beach

Hotel Soho Boutique Las Vegas ****

Hotel Soho Boutique Las Vegas, best boutique hotels in malaga
  •  Beachfront location
  •  Rich content offer

Soho Boutique Las Vegas is one of the best Malaga beach hotel choices for couples and family trips. One of the first things that should be emphasized is that this is basically a beachfront hotel.

Around its location in La Malagueta, there are numerous bars and good places to eat (no more than 50 m away from the hotel). On the other hand, the hotel itself facilitates rooms with a sea view, tasty breakfast, etc.

But more importantly, although near the beach, the hotel premises have a pool and a spacious terrace.

Moreover, it is possible to organize all kinds of meetings and events, since the hotel has meeting rooms while providing parking spaces for the guests.

To get from the hotel Soho Boutique Las Vegas to the city center, it would take about 30 minutes to walk. For those who are not fond of walking this distance, there are regular buses, and the bus stop is near the hotel.

Make sure you don’t miss Soho Las Vegas, as it’s one of the best Malaga beach hotels and you can start planning your holiday now.

Living4Málaga Platinum Beach ****

Living4Málaga Platinum Beach, best boutique hotels in malaga
  • Near the beach
  • Great for summer vacation

Living4Málaga Platinum Beach is a beach boutique hotel located about 600 m from the Hotel Soho Boutique Las Vegas and the beach MalaguetaLiving4Malaga actually offers 4 apartments set in Puerto 7.

Just like in a previous case, to get to the city center it takes approximately half an hour on foot. However, there are bus lines available.

When it comes to the apartments themselves, they have all the necessary features. There is also private parking so that the guests can be as comfortable as possible during their stay.

For those planning a vacation on the beach, one of these units can be a great fit!

See more about apartments & hotels in Malaga Spain here

Casa Blanca ****

Casa Blanca, best boutique hotels in malaga
  • Spacious apartments
  • Good for group

Casa Blanca is also one of those small luxury hotels that offer spacious and luxuriously designed apartments. In this particular case, there are 4 apartments varying in size from 50 to 80 m².

Since one apartment can accommodate up to 6 people, Casa Blanca is ideal for a group of friends or families.

When it comes to location, the beach is almost 2 km away, but on the other hand, the city center with all of its sights is less than 1 km from the apartments.

For those who visit Malaga by plane, the airport shuttle service can be organized upon arrival and upon departure. When it comes to the interior of the units, they are all very well packed, following the latest trends. Also, paying a great deal of attention to detail.

 Take a look at the Casa Blanca here.

Best Boutique Hotels in Malaga with pool

Gran Hotel Miramar GL ****

Gran Hotel Miramar GL, best boutique hotels in malaga
  • Historical background
  •  Diverse offer

One really interesting thing about this hotel is actually historical since the hotel itself has existed almost for a century. It is said that although it was opened as a hotel in 1926, it was actually a hospital during the Spanish Civil War.

This grand hotel that counts around 200 rooms is a majestic building that fuses classic and timeless with the more modern approach such as a fancy rooftop bar. In addition, when it comes to décor, it is interesting to note that each floor in the building has differently styled rooms.

When it comes to the spa, Gran Hotel Miramar has one of the best pools and spa treatments in the area. It can be said that Hotel Miramar is one of the best hotels in Malaga with pool.

Take a look at the hotel here

Villa Aguilas del Mar – Guest House ****

Villa Aguilas del Mar - Guest House, best boutique hotels in malaga
  • Different types of pools
  • Garden with BBQ

Staying in a guest house has a lot of advantages. Still, staying in Villa Aguilas del Mar has a bit more.

One of the reasons is that this guest house has only 5 rooms, which means that it can’t be too crowded, thus it is good for privacy.

Furthermore, Villa Aguilas del Mar offers several types of pools. For example, it is possible to choose a swimming pool, a pool with salty water, a pool with a view, or an infinity pool.

And another cool feature that makes this villa stand out is that it has a nice garden where it is possible to organize barbecues. Namely, the garden is set in that manner, so that all necessary equipment is there.

This can be an enjoyable option whether the plan involves business partners, friends, or family.

Information about the guest house is available here

Historic Centre + Rooftop + Parking ****

Historic Centre + Rooftop + Parking, best boutique hotels in malaga
  • Great for foodies
  • Outdoor pool

This particular boutique accommodation is located just 300 m from the theater named Cervantes, which is around 1 km from the city center. In fact, it is a one-bedroom unit with all amenities, and very well positioned when it comes to exploration of the city.

There is a rich offer of diverse cuisines around, so it is ideal for foodies. The additional value of staying at this place is that it has an outdoor seasonal pool. 

Given the structure of the unit, it can be a good way to get a good rest while still being refreshed and avoid the crowd during hot summer days.

More information and photos are available here.

Getting Around Malaga

Malaga has a wide pedestrian zone. And since most of the tourist sites are actually close, it is very easy to get around.

Another thing that gives an advantage to managing the exploration of Malaga is the fact that it takes around 20 minutes to get from the center to the beach.

Still, if walking is not an option, there are several alternatives.

The first one is renting a bike. The easiest way is to rent it from the city’s official bike rental service Malaga Bici. It is possible to explore the historic center by bus.

It’s best to get on the red-colored City Sightseeing “hop-on-hop-off” buses for a 90 min drive with a 15 euros ticket that can be used for 24 h.

To plan a trip to some further areas, like for example from Malaga to Marbella, you’d have to check the timetable and book a ticket, which can be done via this website.

If you’re traveling with the entire family and need to find a good hotel, check our guide to the 20 best family hotels in Malaga, Spain.

Malaga is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations and it offers some of the best resorts in Malaga for a vacation you won’t forget.

And if you’re willing to explore the area, make sure you check out the best resorts near Malaga as well – you’ll be blown away for sure!

Map – Best Boutique Hotels in Malaga

map best boutique hotel in malaga

 Short FAQ about Best Boutique Hotels in Málaga

Which boutique hotels in Málaga are good for couples?

Historic Centre + Rooftop + Parking is among the best hotels in Malaga for couples. It has an outdoor seasonal pool to enjoy during summer days.

What boutique hotels in Málaga have nice views?

The best boutique that has great views is Gran Hotel Miramar Malaga. Being a beach boutique hotel you can enjoy the sea view in the most luxurious of hotels.

Which boutique hotels in Málaga offer an especially good breakfast?

The Malaga’s first true luxury boutique hotel that offers the most delicious breakfast is Palacio Solecio Hotel Malaga. They are very attentive to details when it comes to cuisine.