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20 Best Routes for Cycling in Andalucia in 2024

A guide that will help you choose the best cycling in Andalucia.

Are you an avid cyclist looking for incredible routes for cycling in Andalucia? Or maybe a beginner wanting to get into the sport and find some great places to go for your first rides? 

With its stunning scenery, amazing roads, and quiet backroads – Andalucia can provide you with many of the best cycling experiences in all of Europe. 

Whether it’s along a coastline or up in the enchanting Sierra Nevada Mountains – there’s no shortage of awesome routes through cities and villages for cyclists of all levels. 

Woman jumping next to her bike at sunset after cycling in Andalucia. 20 Best Routes for Cycling in Andalucia in 2023

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In this post, we’ll tell you about 20 fantastic routes for cycling in Andalucia so you can enjoy some great biking adventures.

Top Cycling in Andalucia:

  1. Via Verde De La Sierra, Cadiz
  2. Table Mountain & The Montes De Malaga
  3. Exploring Moorish Villages On The Ruta Del Mudejar
  4. The Ronda – Grazalema Loop, Malaga To Cadiz
  5. Granada: Alhambra and Sierra Nevada Sunset Views by E-Bike
  6. Huelva: Half-Day E-Bike Rental with Photo Gift

20 Best Routes for Cycling in Andalucia

1. Exploring Moorish Villages On The Ruta Del Mudejar, Velez-Malaga

aerial view of The Ruta Del Mudejar, Velez-Malaga. 20 Best Routes for Cycling in Andalucia in 2023

This is a challenging 45-mile (73km) bike route taking you through pretty and historical Moorish villages in the Andalusian mountains, in the Axarquia district. 

This is a tourist route exploring five Moorish mountain pueblos. You meander through the mountains to Sedella, Salares, Canillas de Albaida, and finally Competa

Once Canillas de Aceituno is in sight, you have incredible views of the mighty Maroma mountain peak. 

Then you descend into Torrox before making your way back to Caleta de Velez along the coastal road.

You can stop and explore the white villages:  ‘Los Pueblos Blancos’ of Canillas de Aceituno or Competa. They’re some of the most beautiful white villages in South Spain.

At the time of the Moors, Canillas was famous for its green-dyed silk, called Azeytuni.

All around the village were mulberry trees, the leaves of which were used to feed the silkworms. 

Competa has a different vibe with a cosmopolitan population from English to German, Danish, Dutch, and Norwegian.  

A popular tourist destination, the contrast between the typical white houses of Cómpeta and the green surroundings makes it worth a visit. 

In August there is a wine festival where it is typical to eat cod with ‘migas’ (breadcrumbs) and grape salad, as well as sample the wine. 

2. Via Verde De La Sierra, Cadiz

Via Verde De La Sierra, Cadiz. 20 Best Routes for Cycling in Andalucia in 2023

Via Verde’ or ‘Greenways’ are unused Spanish railway lines, perfect now for cycling and other leisure pursuits.

There are 1800 miles (2900 kilometers) of Vía Verde all over Spain.  

They are ideal for a family or novice cycling, as they are mainly flat, well signposted, and cars and even mopeds are forbidden.

Bike tours in Spain do not come much better than this. Via Verde de la Sierra, in Cadiz, with 22 miles (36 km) is one of the best. 

This ‘Sierra Greenway’ passes through the old Jerez-Almargen railway line, connecting the towns of Puerto Serrano and Olvera. They’re some of the most beautiful villages in Andalucia.

A total of thirty tunnels provide cooling interludes as you pedal across bridges and viaducts through valleys, meadows, and riverbanks.  

Epic rock-scapes, water mills, and rivers line the route, and you are graced by the Chaparro de la Vega – a 700-year-old holm oak with branches that spread over 28m.

Halfway through the route, you’ll find the visitor’s center for the Peñón de Zaframagón nature reserve (the Rock of Zaframagón), which houses one of Europe’s largest resting colonies of Griffon Vultures. 

The old train stations of Puerto Serrano, Coripe, and Olvera – in bad condition over the years – have been rehabilitated and are being run as restaurants and tourist accommodations.

3. Ruta De La Pasa, Malaga

a bike sign for the Ruta De La Pasa, Malaga. 20 Best Routes for Cycling in Andalucia in 2023

Ruta de La Pasa is a challenging, but very rewarding, ​​circular route of 50 miles (80km) taking approximately 3 hours.

Ruta de la Pasa means the road of raisins, that is, dried grapes. This bike tour route takes you past fields and fields of grape vines, and through the traditional white towns of the Axarquía. 

Almost half of the course is coastal, enabling you to explore this glorious part of the Spanish coast.

There is only one climb but it is 7.5 miles (12 km) of the climb from the first turn. 

Although the slope incline remains steady as you climb, sometimes it is possible to reach an 11% grade, with challenging sections of 15% or 21%.

The Ruta de la Pasa is also a great day trip from Malaga.

4. Alto De Velefique From Tabernas, Almeria

aerial view of the Alto De Velefique From Tabernas, Almeria. 20 Best Routes for Cycling in Andalucia in 2023

The Velefique, also known as the ‘Puerto de Velefique’ is the most iconic climb in the Almeria region of Southern Spain. 

Lesser known, it is not yet commercialized, so it is one of the more hidden gems of cycling in Andalucia and thus also quieter.

It is not an easy climb. It’s almost 19 miles (30 km) from the start to the summit of the Velefique at an average gradient of 4.6%, with a maximum of around 12%, and over 1000 miles high in altitude (1769m).

It is truly inspiring to be doing a climb like this, in what is Europe’s only true desert (the Tabernas desert). 

Akin to Arizona, it is the ‘Hollywood’ of Southern Spain and has been the site of many Spaghetti Western movies, or classics such as Lawrence of Arabia and Cleopatra. 

Three mock western towns, built for film sets, have been repurposed as Wild West theme parks.

Snakes, lizards, and cacti are common. There are less than 3 inches of rainfall in the dry season, and when the rain does come it arrives in torrents.

The journey is compared to the Alpe d’Huez in France and is known in the area as Alpe d’Andaluze due to its hairpins and similar length and gradient.

You can park for free at the Restaurante Malvinas at the junction of the N340A and the A349, and start the climb, following the road to the village of Velefique

The landscape is bone-dry barren scrubland and the Desierto de Tabernas is only a few kilometers to the west (a must-do on any Almeria itinerary). 

After around 15 km you start to get the first sight of the village of Velefique: dozens of tiny white-painted houses in an elevated position, tumbling down the hillside. 

After this village is a tough climb: 7-10% gradient all the way to the top, where you will be greeted with incredible vistas.

The temperature is far hotter than in Mojácar, so make sure you are well stocked with fluids and food, but temperatures can also be cold at the summit so take warm clothes, in addition.

5. Table Mountain (Comares) & Montes De Malaga

view of the Comares village, Andalucia. 20 Best Routes for Cycling in Andalucia in 2023

This trip is the pinnacle of mountain biking in Spain. A 50-mile (78km) varied route, through beach-front activity, country-side plateaus, white villages, and mountain peaks, it is a difficult climb, but well worth it. 

One of Andalucia’s highest white villages, Comares, sits atop Table Mountain.

Head and shoulders above the surrounding countryside, you can see it from Velez-Malaga and for miles around.

There are incredible views of the Almijaras, Sierra de Loja, and Antequera as well as the Montes de Malaga which makes it one of the best routes for cycling in Andalucia.  

You can start in Rincon De La Victoria, or Velez-Malaga, through the countryside of avocado, papaya, and cherimoya groves.

The first mile of this road is tough, with an average climb of 10%, but there are amazing views when you reach the top. 

You can make out Antequera and the ‘Indian’s Head’ (also known as Lovers Rock, Pena de los Anamorados) to your right, and soon enough Maroma pokes its head over the horizon to the rear.

Along the MA311, which bypasses the village of Comares, there is a welcome water fountain (fuente).

Along here large limestone boulders clutter the ascent. The area holds some of the best hiking trails near Malaga.

It’s well worth pedaling up through the fortress walls to Comares and its ‘Balcon de Axarquia’.

Here you can feast on incredible views and food from the Restaurante Balcón de Comares.

Dating back to 300 BC, it housed one of three principal forts in the Axarquia. Comares has a renowned restaurant, Los Ventorros, as well as several other eateries.  

Remember in Spain, lunch begins at 13.30hrs until around 16.30hrs and supper begins at 20.00hrs.

After Comares, you’ll reach a plateau where the Montes de Malaga comes into sight. 

The ascent from Ventorros is plain sailing with approximately 4 miles (6km) at a respectable 5.2% average gradient. Here there are spectacular views. 

As you start to climb, don’t forget to turn back and take a final peek at Comares framed by the Almijaras.

As soon as you reach the head of the valley, you’re rewarded with far-reaching views of Velez-Malaga and the Axarquia

You can enjoy an exhilarating descent into the valley along what seems like a never-ending ribbon of tarmac, with blind and hairpin bends, with panoramic views of the Montes de Malaga.

6. Sierra de Mijas, Fuengirola

riders gathering for the Cycling Tour Costa Del Sol in Fuengirola. 20 Best Routes for Cycling in Andalucia in 2023

Cycling Tour Costa Del Sol in Fuengirola organizes a cross-country, a circular route of around 53 miles (85km) above the town of Mijas. It involves 0.75 miles (1200m) of ascent in 12.5 miles (20km).

You can start in Malaga, Torremolinos or Benalmadena peublo. The main course is the final three miles (5km) of the climb to Repetidor de Mijas

The steepest grades vary between 10% and 13% all along the way, reaching over 3000 feet (952 meters) above sea level at the Cerro del Moro’s peak, where there is a spectacular 360-degree panorama. 

You can enjoy a coffee break in Mijas after having a blast cycling in Andalucia.

7. Coastal Route To Cerro Gordo Natural Park 

aerial view of the Cerro Gordo Natural Park. 20 Best Routes for Cycling in Andalucia in 2023

A breathtakingly beautiful cycle route of 42 miles (68km) through the most untouched, undeveloped part of the Andalucia coast through the Cerro Gordo Natural Park.

The N340 coastal road east of Malaga has some of the finest cyclings in Europe.

Sandwiched between the Mediterranean and the Almijara mountain range, there is a lovely sea breeze and undulating roads. 

The stretch between Caleta de Velez and La Herradura passes tourism hotspots El Morche, Torrox Costa, and Nerja before reaching the picturesque Cerro Gordo Natural Park  “Paraje Natural de los Acantilados de Maro Cerro Gordo“. 

The area is one of the best things to do in Nerja and a breathtaking route for cycling in Andalucia.

Before you enter a tunnel, you take the climb to the viewpoint where you can see Torre del Mar and, on a clear day, the mountains of Malaga

To the other side, you’ll see the secluded horseshoe bay of La Herradura – if you’re lucky with the Sierra Nevada peaking over the top.

Within the Cerro Gordo Nature Reserve, you will see some very rare – in some cases almost extinct – flora, unusual types of flowers, and other species such as the Mediterranean Pines, Carob Trees, and Juniper. 

In the more forested areas, you will find Boxwoods, Olive trees, and Palms. wild mountain goats (Iberian Ibex).

The rich green of the vegetation in contrast with the deep blues of the sea and sky is breathtaking. Sunsets are to die for, and you have views of stunning beaches.

Another interesting facet of the Maro Cerro Gordo Park is the number of ancient towers that dot the coastline.

The Torre de Cerro Gordo still stands proudly at the park’s highest point.

The towers were part of an intricate communication system that controlled all boats sailing in or out of local waters.

You can also journey to Maro Waterfall along the cliffs to the west.

8. The Ronda – Grazalema Loop, Malaga To Cadiz

a bike route through the Grazalema Mountains. 20 Best Routes for Cycling in Andalucia in 2023

Situated between the provinces of Málaga and Cádiz, the Ronda – Grazelama Loop is an easy-to-moderate bike touring route, where leisurely 7-day cycling tours are available.  

You will journey through the “Pueblos Blancos” (White Villages) of the Ronda and Grazalema Mountains. 

Set in dreamy landscapes of interwoven peaks and valleys, cycling in Andalucia does not get much better.

Set out from the ancient city of Ronda with its gorge, mountains, and famous bullring through the white villages of Arriate, Setenil de las Bodegas, Torre Alhaquime, and Olvera.

And then take the old Via Verde cycling route (a disused railway line) to Puerto Serrano

There are 22 miles (36 Km) of the greenway to Olvera where you can sleep in a bungalow next to the old railway station, now a restaurant.  

Leaving Puerto Serrano gentle rolling hills are covered in sunflowers, cotton, and vineyards. 

Setenil de las Bodegas is an interesting village en route. The people here made use of the gorge to build their houses.

It is one of the finest examples of this type of architecture, where instead of excavating into the rock they simply make use of the natural overhang of the cliff.

During the last stage you cycle on dirt roads through vineyards to El Puerto Santa María, you can cycle some more miles along the marshes, through the pine forest, and along the beach of the Park of the Bay of Cadiz.

El Puerto de Santa María offers fresh fish every day that you can buy fried in a paper bag.

It is worth it to take a boat trip across to the 4000-year-old city of Cadiz, almost completely surrounded by water. 

If you ever wondered if Cadiz is worth visiting, this is a firm YES!

9. Málaga To Mijas Cycling Route

aerial view of Mijas. 20 Best Routes for Cycling in Andalucia in 2023

A 53-mile (85 km) circular route, and one of the best scenic rides in the area, the Malaga to Mijas bike tour route is part of the round around Sierra de Mijas

The main course is the final three miles (5km) of the climb to Repetidor de Mijas (The Antennas of Mijas) also known as Ruta Cerro del Moro

The climb is fairly steady with nothing too extreme. It can be tackled by most keen cyclists with roads in good condition. 

This route for cycling in Andalucia is famous for its views and tranquility and great idea for any Malaga itinerary.

10. Puerto de Sabar – Circular Route through Axarquía

view of the Circular Route through Axarquía. 20 Best Routes for Cycling in Andalucia in 2023

The Puerto de Sabar is an intermediate well-paved route through Axarquia province, where good fitness is required. 

In Axarquia province, lying between the rocky Sierra de Jobo in the northwest, the Sierra de Alhama in the east, and the Montes de Malaga in the south, are the typical Spanish villages of Colmenar, Riogordo, and Alfarnatejo

Pedal your way through the pretty villages where you can shop for regional honey, wine, and olive oil, and take in the epic surroundings. 

11. Guadalhorce Circular Route 

aerial view of the Guadalhorce Circular Route. 20 Best Routes for Cycling in Andalucia in 2023

The Guadalhorce Circular Route is an intermediate route of about 20 miles of mostly paved road.

One of the highlights is the Embalse del Conde de Guadalhorce, a turquoise blue reservoir along the Guadalhorce river. 

And at one point on the route you come to a magnificent viewpoint between the three adjoining reservoirs: Guadalhorce, Guadalteba, and Conde de Guadalhorce.

If you want to go cycling in Andalucia and take some incredible photos, this is the one.

12. Málaga To Benaque And Vallejos Cycling Route

landscape view of the Benaque. 20 Best Routes for Cycling in Andalucia in 2023

This is a relatively easy route for cycling in Andalucia of about 38 miles taking you about 3 hours from the bustle of the city to the peace and tranquility of a lovely sample of white villages of Southern Spain.

You leave Malaga through the eastern coastal side and later on turn to Benagalbón and then direction to Macharaviaya and Benaque. After Benaque the road gets much quieter.

The climb from the Malaga coast to Macharaviaya is about 4 miles (6 km) long, with a few hard sections of 10-13% gradient. 

After a short climb, you reach Macharaviaya. The name comes from the Arabic Machar Ibn Yahha, the farm of the son of Yahya. 

Now the town has approximately 500 inhabitants and is a popular home for many artists. 

Interestingly, the small town of Macharaviaya became notable in the 18th century when settled by the Galvez family from Cordoba

They were high-ranking officers and governors of New World territories and following this move, the town became an important commercial center known for viticulture (vineyards), and at the time referred to as ‘Little Malaga’.  

The village of Benaque is not far away, where you can fill your water bottles from the fountain next to the church, and enjoy the complete silence of the almost abandoned village. 

Best Electric Bike Tours in Andalucia

13. Granada: Alhambra and Sierra Nevada Sunset Views by E-Bike

2 people looking into the sunset on their bikes. 20 Best Routes for Cycling in Andalucia in 2023

Arguably one of the best bike tours in Spain takes you on an incredible journey through nature, history, and stunning viewpoints around the area of the Alhambra Palace in Granada, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. 

If you are new to cycling in Andalucia, and fancy having a go on an E-Bike, take a guided Spanish bike tour while visiting Granada.

You can hire a powerful Yamaha or Bosch e-bike and a guide for the day, and have the experience of a lifetime via this breathtaking bike trip. 

First, you meet your local guide in town and head off through the forest of Alhambra, all the while being educated about the history of this magnificent fortress and palace complex.

You will pedal through a traditional olive farm and visit the source of the spring that has been feeding into the Alhambra since the 13th century.

The Sierra Nevada mountain chain forms the backdrop of this cycling trip, and if you are there in January, February, or March you might be fortunate enough to have snowy peaks adorn your photographs.

When the sun sets, you ride a path down through Silla del Moro, the ruins of a guard outpost that has a view-point with a stunning bird’s-eye view of the Alhambra Palace, Albaicín, and Sacromonte

And on your way back, discover an often overlooked facet of Granada by visiting the old Jewish neighborhood of Realejo.

The trip is a nice balance of nature riding, and city meandering, and with the pedal assist of an electric bicycle, this route is perfect for a family of different cycling abilities and doable by even the most novice cyclist.

14. Seville: 3-Hour Tour by Electric Bike

aerial view of a street in Seville. 20 Best Routes for Cycling in Andalucia in 2023

If you fancy the idea of road biking tours exploring cityscapes, then this tour of Seville by electric bike could be for you. 

The bike, helmet, and drinking water are provided, as well as a guide to educate you about the sights. 

We recommend taking this bike tour at the start of your vacation as the tour gives you a great orientation to the city and gives you ideas of where to visit during the rest of your trip.

It is also a perfect activity for the warmer weather as you zip about in the breeze.

The bike tour route takes you through the streets of Seville, one of the largest cities in southern Spain. 

It is a city of lively streets, large open plazas, orange trees, jasmine scents, tapas, Spanish guitars, and several UNESCO Heritage Sites. 

On your guided e-bike ride, you’ll see sites such as the Alcazar Palace, a great example of Mudéjar architecture between the 13th and 16th centuries. 

The colorful, artisan district of Triana, beautiful, suave, Arenal; and the grand Plaza de España in Maria Luisa Park.

15. Málaga: 3-Hour E-Bike Tour of Montes de Malaga Natural Park

riders on e bikes riding through montes de malaga. 20 Best Routes for Cycling in Andalucia in 2023

If you are visiting Malaga and feel like an adventure, this cycling tour taking you up the mountains of Malaga will not disappoint. 

You can hire an e-bike, travel in a group with a guide, and relax and enjoy the scenery, as the pedal assistant does the work, and the guide takes care of the route. 

This 3-hour bike tour combines on-road and off-road cycling and has ‘easy’ and ‘difficult’ options. 

Starting in the city, the bike route passes the football stadium; the botanical gardens; and views of the reservoir, as you start the mountain climb. 

You will take some time off-road into the Montes de Malaga Natural Park, where you can pick fresh herbs Rosemary and Thyme growing wild, and have the opportunity to eat at a restaurant in the woods. 

16. Cádiz: Guided Bike Tour

aerial view of Cadiz. 20 Best Routes for Cycling in Andalucia in 2023

Cycling in Andalucia conjures up images of tough mountainous terrain, however, cityscapes are also on the agenda. Explore the ancient city of Cadiz, with a tour guide and an e-bike.

Cadiz is hailed to be the oldest city still standing in Europe. Its natural geography – with headland and sheltered bay – led it to become a strategic military and commercial port, dating back to 1,104 BC. 

Founded by the Phoenicians, it also has an important role in Greek mythology, and in the Napoleonic wars.  

The old town within the remnants of the city walls contrasts with newer parts of town.

The former consists of narrow winding alleys connecting large and smaller plazas, and the latter type with modern buildings and wide boulevards.

Its golden-domed cathedral; sandy Caleta Beach; and typical barrios such as La Viña or Santa Maria are some of the places that you can explore on this 3.5-hour bike tour in Cadiz. 

The city also has many parks where you can see exotic plants, including giant trees allegedly brought to Spain by Columbus from the New World. 

17. Marbella: E-Mountain Bike Explorer Tour

aerial view of the Sierra Blanca Mountain. 20 Best Routes for Cycling in Andalucia in 2023

Marbella is one of the well-known towns of Spain’s Costa del Sol, famous for luxury vacations. It has 17 miles (27km) of Mediterranean beaches framed by the Sierra Blanca Mountain range.

If you are keen on an adventure while staying in Marbella, you can rent an e-mountain bike, with a professional guide. – Get your guided tour here.

You will be taught to use the bike, and you will see places only the fittest and strongest cyclists could reach before.  

Exploring the pretty white mountain villages, and meandering through the foothills of the Sierra Blanca, also known as La Concha because of their shell shape, you are sure to get a richer, more rounded experience of Andalucia through taking this trip.

18. Cordoba: 3-Hour Medina Azahara

aerial view of the Medina Azahara in Cordoba. 20 Best Routes for Cycling in Andalucia in 2023

If you are into history, this cycling tour in Cordoba is an excellent way to learn about the history of this part of Andalucia, whilst also getting exercise, and having fun on an electric bike.  

The journey circuits around the city and takes a bike path through the fields to the Medina Azahara Museum, where you can visit the museum for free before going on to explore the ruins.   

Medina Azahara was a city built in the mid-10th century CE by the Umayyad dynasty as the seat of the Caliphate of Cordoba

The city is thought to have had a short life of 70 years and fell to abandonment after the fall of the Caliphate.

The 112-hectare site, a UNESCO world heritage, provides detailed information on the Islamic civilization of Al-Andalus at the zenith of its splendor.

19. Estepona: Discover Estepona Guided Bike Tour

A sign of Estepona surrownded by palm trees. 20 Best Routes for Cycling in Andalucia in 2023

Estepona is a pleasant, traditional whitewashed seaside town in the autonomous community of Andalucia.

Cycle the palm-lined waterfront promenade lined with cafes, bars, and boutiques, through the pretty Plaza de la Flores and past the colorful boats of the town’s port.   

In the parking area of Chiringuito Sonora Beach, you can sign up for a 3-hour (multi-lingual) guided bike tour with electric bikes. 

20. Huelva: Half- Day E-Bike Rental with Photo Gift

view of a street in huelva. 20 Best Routes for Cycling in Andalucia in 2023

Huelva is a port town sandwiched between the Rio Tinto and Odiel Rivers in Southern Spain, with a wealth of seafood bars and restaurants. 

On this bike tour, you will explore the salt marshes of Salinas Del Durque and the fishermen’s neighborhoods of Canela and Punta del Moral. Look out for chameleons, egrets, and flamingos.

At the information stand of ‘JetSkiDream Isla Canela‘ at the Puerto Deportivo Marina Isla Canela you can pick up a guided e-bike tour in English.

How to get Ready for Cycling in Andalucia?

How to get Ready for Cycling in Andalucia. 20 Best Routes for Cycling in Andalucia in 2023

In order to prepare for cycling in Andalucia, it is beneficial to get some practice riding beforehand, whether you plan to take your own bike or not. 

The more you ride, the more you will increase your fitness levels, familiarize yourself with bike handling, and reduce opportunities for accidents or injuries.  

It is recommended to acquaint yourself with the grading of the trip you plan to take, and practice similar gradings at home, as well as on different road surfaces, if possible.

Ensure you take wet weather gear, such that is suitable to wear on a bike (not wellies!) as well as quick-dry synthetic clothes, not cotton.

If you have any of your own kit (helmet, cycle clips, ergonomic handle-bars) take these and have a bike service as well.

Consider investing in a cycling jersey with pockets at the back to carry money, a phone, and the like. 

Cycling gloves are also a worthwhile purchase, making the experience so much more comfortable.

Short FAQ about the Best Routes for Cycling in Andalucia

When is the best time to go cycling in Andalucia?

Andalucia provides almost all-year-round opportunities for cycling. With little rain and averaging 300 days of sunshine, you are spoilt for choice.

January is the coldest month but still features bright, warm, and dry days.

Cycling in Andalucia in July and August is not for the faint-hearted though.

Averaging maximum temperatures of 88 degrees Fahrenheit, these months are better avoided, for all but the highest altitude rides.

Is Andalucia good for cycling?

Cycling in Andalucia is fabulous. You will be awed by epic mountain ranges, natural parks, beaches, and many UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Where is the best cycling in Spain? 

Andalucia is one of the best regions to cycle in Spain, with varied terrain, and amazing scenery.

Is it safe to cycle in Spain?

Spain’s roads are safer than many, once you leave the cities. Cycling in Andalucia feels safe because, mostly, traffic is minimal. 

Helmets are compulsory by law and it is wise to take water, a map, and a phone in case you lose your way.