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13 Unique Things to do in Seville at Night

A travel guide to things to do in Seville at night for a memorable vacation.

There are so many tourist attractions in Spain that it’s difficult to know where to start when planning a trip.

And you always want fun things to do at night on holiday, right?

Well, don’t worry, there is a solution! There are many things to do in Seville at night, including many unique activities. 

As one of Southern Spain’s major tourist cities, the amount of things to do in Seville is enough to satiate even those with the most demanding requirements.

A photo of a building with distinct designs at night. The sky is full of small stars.
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Top Things to Do in Seville at Night

There are so many things to do at night in Seville you’ll be spoilt for choice. These are just 6 of the main highlights:

Things to do in Seville at Night

1. Enjoy Nightlife in Seville

people dancing in the Uthopia nightclub with smoke and lights

The city’s renowned nightlife is a must-not-miss when it comes to things to do in Seville for young adults and adults.

Famous throughout Spain for its vibrancy, Seville has many clubs and discos to choose from.

You can dance flamenco, wander through Seville’s streets, marvel at the illuminated attractions, cruise down the Guadalquivir, or explore the city’s 3000 tapas bars.

There are simply so many things to do in Seville at night you won’t know where to start!

In this section, we’ll explore some of the best things to do at night in this vivacious city so you can make the most of your trip.

Top Clubs & Discos in Seville

interior of a club with blue lights and red lights, with people dancing

1. Sala X

Sala X features mainly rock and indie bands. The entry price ranges from €5 to €20. It’s one of the best clubs in Seville for students.

It opens at 20.00. and is located in the Macarena district at C/ José Díaz, 7, 41009 Sevilla.

2. Antique theater

Antique Theatro is a large club with DJs playing pop, Latin, and house music. It opens from midnight to 6 am, and entry costs between €15 and €20.

Near the Isla Mágica theme park at C. Matemáticos Rey Pastor y Castro, s/n, 41092 Sevilla.

3. Obbio club

Obbio is a gay-friendly dance club open on weekends from 23.00 to 04.00. It’s located centrally at C. Trastámara, 29, 41001 Sevilla.

4. Uthopia Sevilla

Uthopia Sevilla is a huge club spread over three floors playing (mainly Spanish) commercial dance music. 

It opens between 22.00 and 07.00 from Wednesday to Saturday. It’s near the Plaza de Armas bus station at Pl. la Legión, s/n, 41001 Sevilla.

5. Discotheek Groucho

Groucho Disco Bar plays Spanish music in the afternoon and has either live bands or DJs playing house at night. 

It’s open between 15.30 and 05.30 (depending on the day) and is near the Cathedral at C. Federico Sánchez Bedoya, 20, 41001 Sevilla.

2. See a Flamenco Show

a foot view of a flamenco dancer's feet while dancing

As the home of the dance, going to some of the best flamenco shows in Seville is an absolute must.

Numerous venues throughout the city host shows, but for the most authentic, head to Triana, where many of Spain’s most renowned flamenco dancers hail from.

Seeing a flamenco show is not just one of the best things to do in Sevilla at night but one of the best things to do in Spain. – Check out flamenco guided tour here.

If you travel to Seville during the April’s Fair (Feria de Abril), you will see locals out on the streets, some even on horse or carriage, dressed in their most stunning traditional (flamenco) fiesta attire.

Together with Semana Santa, Feria de Abril is one of the best festivals in Andalucia, which is worth attending at least once.

Top Flamenco Bars in Seville

La Carboneria, a bar at night with trees and people

1. Tablao Los Gallos

Tablao Los Gallos runs nightly shows from 19.00 to 20.15 and 20.45 to 22.00. It features 8 artists every day, and entry is €35. You’ll find it near the Alcazar.

2. La Carboneria

Open from 19.00 to 01.00, La Carboneria is larger than many of the venues showing flamenco. However, it may be difficult to find as there’s no sign at the entrance. 

It’s centrally located at Calle Céspedes, 21, A, 41004 Sevilla.

3. Tablao Flamenco El Arenal

This venue is not cheap, with tickets starting at €40. However, it is highly rated among flamenco aficionados. 

They have two hour-long shows per night, starting at 19:00 and 21:30. If you are dining or want drinks there, you can gain access an hour before showtime.

3. Tapas and Drinks are Always a Good Idea

a close up of shrimpt tapa lined for display with other mix tapas displayed at the back

Regarding things to do in Seville at night, no visit is complete without visiting some of the city’s legendary bars. 

You can find some of the best tapas in Seville, where you can eat just like a local and taste the real flavor of Andalucia.

The dishes to try range from the classic potato tortilla to anchovies and fried squid to the traditional carillada de carne and the Spanish sandwich, serranito.

With over 3000 tapas bars to choose from, you’ll never make more than a dent in this aspect of Seville nightlife.

You should not miss it, especially if you only have one night in Seville!

Sevillanos love to bar hop, and with so many to explore, make sure you do too! – Check out a tapas guided tour.

The Best Tapas Bars in Seville

a view of a tower and a building during the night with a lot of people visiting

1. La Carbonería

Open from 19.00 to 01.00, La Carboneria has a great patio serving tapas and live flamenco. You may find it difficult to find as there’s no sign at the entrance.

It’s centrally located at Calle Céspedes, 21, A, 41004 Sevilla.

2. Gigante Bar

Gigante Bar is a beautifully appointed place offering respite for those who’ve gorged on too much local cuisine.

They have great international options and magnificent cakes and cocktails. They’re open every day from 13.00 to midnight.

3. Gallo Rojo

Gallo Rojo has an exceptional range of craft beer, so if that’s your tipple, head there. On some nights, they also feature live music.

Opening hours vary depending on events, so check out their website.

4. La Terraza-Bar, EME Catedral

La Terraza Bar is set within the five-star MEM Catedral Mercer hotel. Located on the hotel’s rooftop, this upmarket bar offers spectacular views of the Cathedral and Giralda Tower.

It’s open from midday to midnight, Sunday to Thursday, with an additional hour on Fridays and Saturdays.

5. Terraza Rooftop Bar, The Corner House

The Terraza Rooftop Bar serves up excellent cocktails, located in the Macarena district and with views over the lively Alameda de Hércules square.

It’s open between 17.30 and 01.00 every day except Mondays and Tuesdays.

Check out a tapas guided tour.

4. Take a Boat on the Guadalquivir River in the Evening

View of Selille Tower (Torre Sevilla) of Seville, Andalusia, Spain over river Guadalquivir at sunset

History flows along the Guadalquivir River. In 1519, Ferdinand Magellan set off from Seville on the first trip worldwide. 

Splitting the city’s center in two, many significant sights are visible from the river.

An evening cruise is one of the most relaxing things in Seville at night.

Several companies offer a range of boat trips, some with dining options. Prices start from €15.

Opening times: Evening departures from 18.00 until 21.30.

Check out guide tour here.

5. Ride La Noria de Sevilla Ferris Wheel

La Noria de Sevilla Ferris Wheel during sunset

Take a trip on the La Noria de Sevilla Ferris Wheel for a bird’s eye view of a night in Seville. The 30 cabins are all air-conditioned, which is great for taking respite from the Seville heat.

The Noria de Sevilla, at a height of 40 meters, is a tourist attraction that provides the city’s best panoramic views. 

This new way of experiencing Seville’s heritage is next to the river. For those not perturbed by heights, some cabins even have glass bottoms.

Other than that, this is one of the most entertaining things to do in Seville at night. Trips cost €7.50.

Opening times: 

Monday – Thursday 10:00 to 20:00

Friday – Sunday: 10:00 to 21:00

6. Explore the Illuminated Monuments 

an illuminated monument and night lights during the night

With its rich and varied history and a multitude of spectacular sights, Seville is a great city to stroll through on an evening.

Most of the main Seville Spain attractions are centrally located, and the city’s center is relatively compact, ensuring the major sights are all within walking distance of each other.

At night, the city’s monuments are all illuminated, making this option cheap and accessible.

7. Visit Seville’s Football Stadiums

an inside of the stadium during the night with confetti flying, fireworks, and lights

For sports lovers looking for things to do in Seville, Spain, the city is home to not one but two of the country’s biggest football clubs.

Located close to San Bernardo Station is the Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan Stadium, home to Sevilla FC, the more successful (though lesser supported) of Seville’s two giant clubs.

In the Heliópolis district to the south of the center, you will find the Benito Villamarín Stadium, home to Sevilla FC’s fierce rivals, Real Betis.

Opening times: Matchdays are Sundays, though you may also get midweek games throughout the season. Stadium tour times vary, so check the above links to the clubs’ websites before visiting.

8. Check Out the Metropol Parasol

a view of a part of Metropol Parasol during a bright day

Opened in 2011 (and causing great controversy), the Metropol Parasol is the largest wooden structure in the world. It is located in the Plaza de la Encarnación.

Metropol Parasol is also known as the mushroom of Seville (Las Setas de Sevilla) and was designed by the German architect Jürgen Mayer.

The Metropol Parasol mushrooms are not just a wooden structure that covers the square, but there is also a particular pathway and a terrace with a great view on top of the parasols (El Mirador).

Seeing Metropol Parasol after sundown is one of the most beautiful things to do in Seville at night and one of the best Seville architecture you should see.

Metropol Parasol also features shops, bars, and restaurants, as well as an archaeological museum (Antiquarium).

Opening times:

The Metropol Parasol is open daily from 09.30 until midnight, with nighttime tickets available from 21.00.

Standard prices for nighttime tickets are €10, though discounts are available for children and families.

8. Do A Nighttime Bike Tour

2 people looking into the sunset on their bikes

Join a guided bike tour to explore Seville’s iconic landmarks illuminated against the night sky. 

Traverse through the Park of Maria Luisa, Plaza de España, Plaza America, and iconic landmarks such as the Seville Cathedral at night. 

A tour usually commences as the sun begins its descent, allowing you to witness the gradual transition from dusk to darkness.

Check out an evening bike tour here.

9. Explore Alcazar at Night

exterior of the Real Alcazar Gardens

Discover the captivating beauty of the Alcazar Palace through a unique nighttime tour, available from March to October. 

As night falls, explore the Alcazar Palace, where strategically positioned lights illuminate its intricate architecture and lush gardens, enveloping you in a truly enchanting atmosphere. 

As darkness falls, embark on a journey through this architectural masterpiece, where 

This exclusive experience offers a rare opportunity to appreciate the Alcazar’s splendor in a new light, which is one of the best things to do in Seville at night.

Purchase Alcazar Palace tickets now.

10. Join a Seville Ghost Tour

a quiet street in Santa Cruz at night

Discover another side of Seville and delve into its eerie past on a paranormal walking tour, an alternative Seville night activity. 

Venture through the atmospheric Seville’s Old Town and the streets of the Santa Cruz neighborhood. 

Listen to chilling tales of ghostly encounters, gruesome crimes, and other unexplained events from the city’s history.

Join a ghost tour here.

11. Experience Triana Market at Night

a stall in Triana Market filled with fruits displayed like bananas, oranges, etc.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of Triana Market, where the daytime hustle seamlessly transitions into a lively night market scene.

Here, you’ll encounter a bustling array of food stalls serving tempting culinary delights and stands offering artisanal products crafted with local flair.

This bustling hub provides a unique opportunity to savor the essence of Seville’s culinary and cultural diversity against the backdrop of its historic Triana neighborhood.

12. Plaza de España Evening Stroll

The amazing Plaza de España in Seville, Spain at night with street lights turned on

Take a leisurely evening stroll around the majestic Plaza de España.

Be captivated by the intricate beauty of its architecture and the vibrant hues of its ceramic tiles, brought to life by the gentle glow of decorative lighting.

Bask through the beautiful craftsmanship and history at every turn. 

This peaceful stroll lets you take a break from the city and enjoy the charm of Seville at night.

13. Sleep with the Sharks

shark and fishes inside an aquarium

Seville Aquarium offers a truly unique chance to sleep with sharks. Yes, you read that right! 

The aquarium has an underwater glass tunnel where you can sleep surrounded by magnificent sharks.

The aquarium is based on Ferdinand Magellan’s travels across the globe. With over 7,000 different species of marine life, your visit to the Seville Aquarium is likely to feel like a cruise.

The major attractions are two bull sharks, kept in a gigantic nine-meter-deep tank with a walk-through glass tunnel.

Imagine the stories you can tell to your friends back home! It’s one of the most memorable things to do in Seville at night.

Opening times:

General opening hours to the aquarium are 10.00 until 18.00 (19.00 Saturdays and Sundays), tickets from €17. 

Unfortunately, for those wishing to sleep with the sharks, this option is only available to groups of 15 or more and with booking.

Accommodation in Triana and Macarena

In addition to exploring some of the great things to do in Seville by night, this guide will also cover where to stay in Seville, the best cheap hotels in Seville, and the best places to eat in Seville.

Triana Neighbourhood 

Triana, 12 Unforgettable Things to do in Seville at Night

Across the Puente de San Telmo (San Telmo Bridge) from the famous Torre del Oro, the atmospheric Triana district is a world of flamenco dancers and bullfighters.

If you are wondering what things to do in Seville at night, you can lose days wandering the narrow, cobbled streets, immersing yourself in the rich cultural heritage surrounding you.

Below, we have recommended two accommodation options for every type of budget in these two magnificent areas.

Luxury Hotels


inside the bed room of Betis Modern y Luxury

The superb riverside location of these beautifully appointed apartments makes this an excellent choice.

Many rooms have balconies overlooking the river, providing spectacular views of Giralda and Sevilla Cathedral.

Check reviews & photos here.

Lola de Triana Apartment

outside Lola de Triana Apartment with a beach bed, and high table and chairs on the grass

Located in the northern part of Triana, these apartments are for those looking for a home away from home.

Set on a quiet residential street, this is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of Seville while remaining in touching distance of the action.

Book your next stay here.


Zenit Sevilla ****

rooftop pool and view from Hotel Zenit

Zenit Sevilla is worth staying at for the rooftop pool alone! This is a great place to relax, providing excellent views over Triana.

A coffee shop, bar, restaurant, and fitness center are onsite.

Check prices & reviews here.

Monte Triana ****

the bedroom of Monte Triana

The facilities at Monte Triana are superb. The hotel provides several activities, including bike and walking tours, horse riding, canoeing, fishing, and golf, making it a great choice for more active types.

There’s also a rooftop pool, sun terrace, and. fitness center.

Book your stay at Monte Triana here.


Hostel Triana Backpackers

inside a dorm room with bunk beds, a girl on a bunk bed looking at her phone, another person laying on the bottom bed

Hostel Triana Backpackers is located in the Triana district, which is perfect for those on a budget and staying only one night.

There are mixed dormitories and female-only dorms. Each has a shared bathroom with a shower and a shared kitchen.

Check photos here.

Noches en Triana

a facade of a yellow building of the Noches en Triana

The 2-star hotel features air-conditioned rooms equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi, private bathrooms, and a terrace. Guests can also indulge in a continental breakfast during their stay.

Each room at Noches en Triana has a balcony, and bed linen and towels are provided.

Book your stay here.

Macarena Neighbourhood 

an empty screen in macarena neighborhood on a bright day

If you’re looking for an alternative to the city center’s more touristy attractions, the Seville neighborhoods of Triana and Macarena offer attractive options.

Macarena is a great choice if you’re looking for things to do in Seville at night.

The area is a magnet for Seville’s alternative culture, with numerous independent boutiques selling vintage clothes, books, and art and craft products.

For cheap tapas, visit the Mercado de la Feria (Feria Market Hall). Locals say the seafood tapas are among the best in Andalucía.

Luxury Hotels

Hotel Ateneo Sevilla ****

a luxurious bedroom inside Hotel Ateneo with gold undertones

This beautifully ornate, classically designed hotel is a step back in time.

Set on the southern edge of Macarena, this is a perfect location for those wishing to explore all Seville offers.

Check Ateneo’s photos here.

Hotel Casa de Indias By Intur ****

outside of the Hotel Casa de Indias By Intur near Metropol Parasol

Next to the Metropol Parasol, this large hotel has absolutely everything you could wish for.

The facilities here are second to none, and the Parasol almost extends over the rooftop terrace and pool.

Check prices and photos here.


Hotel Plaza Santa Lucía ***

a view of the rooftop pool at the top of Hotel Plaza Santa Lucía with a view of the town

This recently refurbished hotel provides excellent value for money. Located in the eastern part of Macarena, it is also a great starting point for exploring the Jewish Quarter.

And there’s a rooftop pool!

Check reviews & prices here.

Soho Boutique Sevilla ***

bedroom of seville soho boutique hotel accommodation

The calming rooms at the Soho Boutique Sevilla offer a great respite from the hustle and bustle of downtown Seville.

This hotel is located in the southernmost part of Macarena, with great access to Seville’s main shopping area.

Check photos here.


Hotel Boutique Doña Lola **

a jacuzzi on top of Hotel Boutique Doña Lola

The simple and charming rooms here are a great budget option for those wishing to explore both Macarena and downtown Seville.

You’ll find the best of both areas within easy walking distance of here.

Check prices here.

Hotel Sevilla **

the bedroom of Hotel Sevilla with red and white sheets and black undertones

The bright and airy rooms at the Hotel Sevilla are a great place to escape the heat of Seville. Try to get a room with a balcony for sensational city views.

Some rooms even have their own terrace!

Check their offer here.

Going to Seville and Getting Around Seville

a bus passing a bridge

Where is Seville?

So, where is Seville? Located in the province of Andalucía, Seville is the largest city in Southern Spain.

With many major Spanish attractions, Seville is also the fourth largest city in Spain, ensuring excellent transport links to the city.

How to get to Seville

How to get from Madrid to Seville:

Bus: Buses between Madrid and Seville cost around €30 to €35 and the trip takes 6 to 7 hours. – Get your tickets in advance for a better price here.

Train: Trains between Madrid and Seville cost from €30 to €70, with the journey taking on average 2.30 to 2.45 hours.

How to get from Malaga to Seville:

Bus: The website of Andalucian regional bus company Alsa provides details on how to get from Malaga to Seville. The journey takes 2.30 to 4 hours, with tickets costing €10 to €20. – Book your tickets in advance.

Train: Trains between Malaga and Seville take 2 to 3 hours and cost €25 to €40. Omio has all you need to know about times and routes. – Check train tickets here.

How to get from Cadiz to Seville:

Bus: Alsa runs buses between Cadiz and Seville. Tickets cost €15 and the trip takes 1 hour 45 minutes. – Get your ticket to Seville in advance.

Train: Trains between Cadiz and Seville cost from €8 to €28 and the trip takes 1. 30 to 1.50 hours. Once more, Renfe has all you need to know about times and routes. – Check train tickets here.

Going Around Seville

Many hotels offer walking and/or bike tours. If not, they can point you in the right direction to someone who does.

Seville has an extensive bus network, run by TUSSAM. Most useful for tourists are the circular C3 and C4 routes (just look for the red buses). – Get your ticket in advance here.

If you will be staying for a few days, it may be worth considering a travel card.

There are various options, including a pay-as-you-go reachable card, and both one-day and three-day cards that offer unlimited travel.

You will find several open-top buses offering a hop-on/hop-off service. As these buses are aimed at tourists, you’ll find them a great way of getting between the major sights.

Get your ticket here.

There is also a one-line Metro that is of limited use to tourists unless you are moving on and require connections to other major bus or train stations further out.

Interested in free things to do in Seville? Rest assured the are plenty of attractions that don’t require a ticket or a fee.

Short FAQ about the Things to do in Seville at Night

Are 2 nights enough in Seville?

The center of Seville is surprisingly compact. This means that a short stay of two nights is enough to see the sights and sample many of the attractions.

Also, Seville is superb for nightlife! There are so many things to do in Seville at night, but the only problem you’ll have is choosing which option to take.

Is there a beach in Seville?

No. Seville is located inland, almost 80 miles from the nearest beach.

However, for those who love being near the water, the beautiful Guadalquivir River, which flows through the city’s center, is a great place to cruise.

What to do in Seville at night?

Explore the vibrant tapas scene in the Santa Cruz neighborhood, followed by a mesmerizing flamenco show at traditional tablao activities in Sevilla by night.

Where to go in Seville at night?

Head to the lively streets of Triana for authentic tapas bars, atmospheric taverns, and live music venues, or take a romantic stroll along the illuminated banks of the Guadalquivir River for stunning views of the city skyline.

What are unusual things to do in Seville?

Embark on a Seville ghost tour through the city’s haunted past, an unforgettable sleepover surrounded by sharks, or opt for an evening bike tour to discover Seville’s enchanting landmarks illuminated against the night sky.