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20 Best Spanish Souvenirs from Andalucia

A list of some of the best Spanish souvenirs you must buy from Andalucia

So, you’re on vacation in stunning Andalucia and are wondering which Spanish souvenirs to take home with you. 

Well don’t worry, there are lots of great souvenirs from Spain and this article is packed full of fantastic souvenir ideas.

And if you’re trying to decide when is the best time to go to Spain, the beauty of Southern Spain is that due to the region’s year-round sunshine, any time is the best time, so get packing.

woman shopping Spanish souvenirs on a touristic street. 20 Best Spanish Souvenirs from Andalucia

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OVERVIEW: Spanish Souvenirs from Andalucia:

If you haven’t got room in your suitcase for all the Spanish souvenirs on the list, then the best souvenirs you can get include:

  1. Spanish Wine – Check out Spanish wines here
  2. Taracea Boxes – Buy boxes here
  3. Turrón – Check turron on Amazon
  4. Olive Oil – Buy olive oil here
  5. Ceramics – Check out Spanish ceramics here
  6. Hand-painted fans – Buy your Spanish fans from Amazon here

20 Best Spanish Souvenirs from Andalucia

1. Ceramics from Cartuja Monastery, Seville

Buy ceramics on Amazon here

5 Spanish ceramic bowls with different patters. 20 Best Spanish Souvenirs from Andalucia

During the reign of British Monarch, Queen Victoria, an industrialist named Charles Pickman traveled to Spain and built a ceramics factory on the site of the former Monastery of Santa Maria de las Cuevas in the town of Cartuja, near Seville.

The factory continued to operate on that site until 1982 when it moved to a new out-of-town location.

Today, the factory turns out some of the finest Spanish souvenirs you could possibly ask for.

2. Olive Oil from Cordoba and Jaen

Buy olive oil from Amazon here

Spanish olive oil Betis in a 946ml can. 20 Best Spanish Souvenirs from Andalucia

Among the most popular things to buy among people visiting Andalucia is the spectacular delicious olive oil from Cordoba and Jaen.

This is one of the best gifts from Spain that you can possibly get for that friend or family member that is a foodie.

Spain produces 44% of the world’s olive oil and the main centers of production are the cities of Cordoba and Jaen.

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting either of these marvelous cities, make sure to pick some up.

3. Spanish Wine 

closeup with red wines in a wooden box. 20 Best Spanish Souvenirs from Andalucia

Get your wines from here

When visiting Andalucia, Spain, one of the good things to buy for those back home who appreciate the finer things in life is some of the delicious local wine.

The selection of wines from Andalucia is truly amazing. With Roja 9(ed), Blanco (white), Rosada (rose), and cava (sparkling), you’ll find something to suit every foodstuff and occasion.

The innovative reds and whites from around Ronda (known imaginatively as ‘The Ronda Wines’) are among the finest to try out.

4. Local Tea Blends

Check tea blends here

A bag of Spanish orange blossom tea. 20 Best Spanish Souvenirs from Andalucia

If you’re looking for unusual Spanish souvenirs, then why not get some of the excellent local tea blends? 

While Spain is not somewhere obviously associated with all things tea, there are some superb local blends knocking about.

The emphasis is on herbal, spiced, and fruit-infused blends (Moroccan-style mint tea is particularly popular in Granada). Cordoba’s a great place to find a wide selection of tea blends.

Make sure to sample the orange blossom tea, which is said to have calming properties.

5. Convent Sweets and Spanish Cookies

spanish pastries for breakfast on a wooden table with christmas decorations next to it. 20 Best Spanish Souvenirs from Andalucia

Spanish souvenirs don’t come any more local than convent sweets and Spanish cookies.

Made by nuns, these sweet treats are truly delicious. And ordering the items is an experience in itself.

Due to many of the nuns living in isolation, when you enter the convent where the goods are sold, you will see a torno, which is like a lazy Susan only you can’t see who is on the other side.

You place your order and put your money on the torno, spin it around, and in another half turn your items will appear.

Where can you buy it?

Convento de San Leandro, Plaza San Ildefonso, 1, 41003 Sevilla

6. Jamon Serrano

Buy Serrano ham here

315r9AS3KL. SL500 - 20 Best Spanish Souvenirs from Andalucia

So ubiquitous is Jamon throughout Andalucia, some locals will tell you that the pigs have a local accent.

Jamon Serrano is made from a native breed of pig known as an Iberico

The meat is then cured up in the mountains, hence the name (serrano means ‘of the mountains’). The clean dry mountain air is perfect for the curing process.

This is one of the great Spanish souvenirs for the carnivorous among your friends and family and as well as one of the best Spanish ingredients that give the Spanish cuisine its flavors.

7. Hand-Painted Fans

Check out hand-painted fans here

Spanish hand-painted fan. 20 Best Spanish Souvenirs from Andalucia

One of the most popular things to purchase as a gift for those back home is one of the beautiful hand-painted fans typical of the region.

In Spanish, these fans are known as Abanicos and when in Andalucia, you’ll see them widely used in flamenco dancing. They’re also great for dealing with the summer heat.

This is one of the best things to buy as they can either be used practically as a fan or ornately, as wall decoration.

8. Flamenco Dresses and Accessories

Check prices here

a girl in a red flamenco dress. 20 Best Spanish Souvenirs from Andalucia

To go with your Abanico, why not go the whole way with your Spanish souvenirs and complete the full regional outfit by getting kitted out with a Flamenco dress

And there’s no better place in which to do that than Seville, the home of Flamenco and best flamenco shows.

The flamboyant designs of the trajes de flamenco (flamenco dresses), with their vibrant colors and frills, are perfect for any extroverts that you know. 

You can complete the look by adding complementos (accessories).

9. Alpujarra Rugs

Buy from Amazon here

Alpujarra rug with a Spanish design. 20 Best Spanish Souvenirs from Andalucia

These stupendously patterned rugs from the Alpujarra area (between Granada and Almeria) are well worth having sent with you (they can be quite heavy so you won’t want to carry them).

The manufacturing process for the rugs is a remnant of Moorish textile traditions that were introduced to the region between the tenth and fifteenth centuries.

No two of the brightly colored designs are the same so you can be guaranteed a unique gift for whoever the recipient may be.

10. Anisette

Anisette in a small glass with anise seeds next to it. 20 Best Spanish Souvenirs from Andalucia

Drunk by farmers before starting their day’s work, if you’re shopping in Spain for cool souvenirs then why not take some of this firewater home with you?

Made by distilling anise seeds, this potent liquor retains a slight licorice flavor. You’ll find it in the booze aisle at all major supermarkets throughout Andalucia.

If you’d like to learn about the distilling process and purchase some of this local tipple at source, then head out to the award-winning Machaquito Distillery in the town of Rute, just outside Cordoba.

Where can you buy it?

Anís Machaquito Destilería, Calle P.º del Fresno, 7, 14960 Rute, Córdoba

11. Mantillas and Mantones de Encaje

Buy on Amazon

A woman wearing a black Spanish Mantillas. 20 Best Spanish Souvenirs from Andalucia

Mantillas and matones do encaje are beautiful, hand-embroidered shawls. 

The shawls can be made from either silk or rayon and you’ll see plain black colored ones worn widely through the holy week (which is each year in early April).

In Seville, you’ll see them worn at other times, such as weddings or bullfights. You’ll also see them used occasionally as part of the traditional flamenco outfit.

The shawls can be handmade or crafted on a loom and make a fantastic (and very portable) gift to take back home with you. 

12. Spanish Natural Soap

Check on Amazon here

4 packs of Spanish donkey milk soap. 20 Best Spanish Souvenirs from Andalucia

Spanish natural soap is known to have many fantastic, regenerative qualities that are marvelous for the skin.

Natural soap is incredibly rich and contains very high protein levels. The milk also contains vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, along with the four main phospholipids.

Along with the regeneration and restructuring of skin cells, this wonder substance also contains anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties. 

The fresh scent of mown grass and blended with geranium, lavender, and a hint of sandalwood of this natural soap from Spain is one of the best souvenirs from Spain.

It’s made with 100% natural ingredients!

13. Orange Wine

Spanish orange wine in various glasses with a bottle in the back. 20 Best Spanish Souvenirs from Andalucia

Vino de Naranja (orange wine), is a specialty of Andalucia. So if you’re shopping in Spain for that elusive ideal gift to take back home, look no further than this regional treat.

A stroll through the streets of Seville will make it clear exactly why orange-based products are in such proliferating here.

The famous Seville oranges are abundant, growing on the trees that line most of the main thoroughfares (and a lot of minor ones).

Be aware though that vino de naranja is an acquired taste. The bittersweet syrupy liquid can make the uninitiated wince on the first try.

Where can you buy it?

Lama La Uva, Calle Regina, 1, Local 4, 41003 Sevilla

14. Cordobese style hats

a girl wearing a Sombrero Cordobese. 20 Best Spanish Souvenirs from Andalucia

If you stop and ask yourself what is Spain known for, then at some point you’ll probably conjure up images in the mind of someone wearing the famous Sombrero Cordobés.

Cordobes Hat in English – a traditional hat made in the beautiful city of Córdoba.

If you can’t conjure up an image of one of these hats, think of the famous swordsman, Zorro. The swashbuckling mask wearer favored the Sombrero Cordobés as his headgear.

If you’re seeking a traditional souvenir from Spain, then one of these wide-brimmed hats could be exactly what you’re looking for.

15. Abuela Ili chocolate from Alpujarra Village of Pampaneira

a pack of Chocolate Abuela ili.20 Best Spanish Souvenirs from Andalucia

Abuela Ili chocolate from Alpujarra village of Pampaneira is the best souvenir from Spain for that friend or family member who is also a chocoholic.

The exquisite hand-crafted chocolate from the workshop of Abuala Ili (which translates as Grandma Ili) is an absolute treat.

While you’ll find the more traditional flavors of dark, milk, and white chocolate, you’ll also find a wide selection of less common flavors including raspberry, almonds, mangoes, raisins, and blackberries.

The flavors are derived from seasonal local produce so vary depending on the time of year.

Where can you buy it?

Chocolate Abuela ili, Plaza de la Libertad, 1, 18411 Pampaneira, Granada

16. Turron de Alicante or Turron de Jijona 

Check out turron here

3 types of Spanish turron, soft, with egg yolk, and crunchy. 20 Best Spanish Souvenirs from Andalucia

Turron (a type of nougat) is a typically Spanish gift. This sweet treat is available all year round and you’ll find numerous shops throughout the region dedicated solely to the delicious edible.

Two of the most storied types of turron are those deriving from the beautiful towns of Alicante and Jijona.

While the turron of Alicante is of a hard texture, and the turron of Jijona is soft.

Which is the best is the source of intense debate but we know for sure that buying turron will make the best Spanish souvenirs for your loved ones.

17. Taracea Boxes

a taracea box with Spanish design on a Christmas decorated table. 20 Best Spanish Souvenirs from Andalucia

Souvenirs don’t come any more typically Spanish than the beautiful Taracea Boxes that are found throughout Andalucia.

These ornately crafted boxes have their origins way back to when the Moors ruled over the region. 

It’s easy to see the Muslim influence of the designs (which are not too dissimilar to examples that you will find throughout the middle east and Persia).

Due to the city’s long Moorish tradition, you’ll find the finest examples of these splendid Spanish gifts in and around Granada.

18. Jewelry from Cordoba

a pair of earrings from jewelry from Cordoba. 20 Best Spanish Souvenirs from Andalucia

The sensational city of Cordoba is famed, among other things, for its jewelry industry. The roots of this industry can be traced all the way back to the second century BC.

During the intervening period, four cultures (Roman, Christian, Jewish, and Arab) contributed to the development of the craft.

There are currently over a thousand artisans practicing this craft they inherited from their ancestors.

The silverwork is truly exceptional. For some of the finest (and most affordable) examples, visit the Ana Martina Silver Workshop & Silver Museum, where you can learn about the craft while picking up some gifts.

Where can you buy it?

Ana Martina Silver Workshop & Silver Museum, Calle Tomás Conde, N9, 14004 Córdoba

19. Leather Wine Bottle

Buy on Amazon

A leather Wine bottle, bota. 20 Best Spanish Souvenirs from Andalucia

One of the most ubiquitous souvenirs in Spain is the renowned Bota (Leather Wine Bottle)

You’ll find the finest examples in Malaga, where they’re sometimes referred to as the Malaga boot.

Sometimes made from goatskin, sometimes leather, the Bota can be a beautiful, intricately decorated item. 

This is one of the coolest things to buy for that wine-loving friend or relative back home.

The Bota is synonymous with Spanish fiestas, where you’ll see them passed around among the locals as they join in the festivities.

20. Gourmet Cheeses

Check on Amazon

a variety of Spanish cheeses. 20 Best Spanish Souvenirs from Andalucia

No vacation in southern Spain is complete without sampling some of the magnificent local gourmet cheeses that are found throughout the region.

The beauty is that these cheeses can be shrink-wrapped and made airtight for transportation back home as a gift for that cheese lover you know.

Make sure to try the El Bosqueño (made from sheep’s milk) and Ubrique (made from goat’s milk) cheeses from Cádiz.

A great place to get your cheese is Alándalus Club in Cádiz where they only stock cheese made from all-natural products and have a 100% local gourmet selection.

Things to know about Buying Spanish Souvenirs from Andalucia

magnets with Spanish design.

Andalucia was once considered Spain’s poorest region. The advent of mass tourism and the international discovery of this sensational region with a distinct and fascinating culture put an end to that.

It is Andalucia’s unique history and culture that have fed into the many superb gifts and things that you will find there today.

Throughout the last two millennia, four distinct cultures (Roman, Christian, Jewish, and Arab) have had precedence in the region, which has led to a unique palette of influences that have shaped the type of gifts you will find today.

For example, the beautiful, intricately patterned Alpujarra Rugs are a remnant of Moorish textile traditions that were introduced to the region between the tenth and fifteenth centuries.

The top tip that you can get when shopping for that souvenir gift or keepsake to take back home is to buy from an authentic source.

Especially along the Costas, you’ll find many mass-produced copies that could be bought anywhere in the world. 

Therefore, all the vendors provided in this list only deal in authentic, locally made goods and produce.

Happy shopping!

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Short FAQ the Best Spanish Souvenirs from Andalucia

What is Andalucia best known for?

Beautiful Andalucia in the south of Spain is known for its year-round climate, beautiful beaches, historic towns and cities, and rich cultural offerings.

As far as gifts go, the ubiquitous Bota (leather wine bottle) is probably the most well-known.

What is unique to Andalucia?

Andalucia is a truly unique location with a history unrivaled by incredibly few places in the world and a rich, intense, and completely distinct culture that sets the place apart.

So visit Andalucia safe in the knowledge that you will have a truly unique experience.