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28 Best Spanish Soup Recipes

Spanish cuisine has a huge variety of traditional soups and some of these are transferred from one generation to the next one. For this reason, these Spanish soup recipes bring people closer to the culture of their regions. 

The key ingredient of most Spanish soups is a huge variety of vegetables that not only taste delicious but also can be easily and quickly prepared.

As a consequence of our hot weather, cold preparations are more common than in other countries, which is especially noticeable when focusing attention on Andalusian food.

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Best Cold Spanish Soups

1. Cold Garlic Soup – Spanish Ajoblanco

Ajoblanco Spanish Garlic Soup
Traditional Spanish cold soup ajoblanco (ajo blanco). Perfect summer recipe for a refreshing meal.

Some Spanish soup names are a little peculiar. This is exactly what happens with Ajoblanco, whose literal translation is ‘White garlic’.

To prepare it at home you just have to beat 200 grams of raw peeled almonds with some bread, a garlic clove, and a glass of water. Season it with olive oil and vinegar splash.

After that, leave the Ajoblanco inside the refrigerator for at least an hour and… enjoy it!

Get the recipe: Cold Garlic Soup – Spanish Ajo Blanco Recipe

2. Chunky Gazpacho

Chunky Gazpacho recipe, best soups from spain

The most popular Spanish cold tomato soup is chunky gazpacho, which is a traditional Andalusian food.

Gazpacho is tastier in summer because tomatoes are a seasonal fruit, whose flavor is perfect during this season. I am sure this energetic, fresh, and light Spanish vegetable soup won’t disappoint you! 

To make homemade gazpacho you just have to beat 800 grams of ripe tomatoes, a green pepper, a cucumber, an onion, and a garlic clove. Season it with a little bit of olive oil and vinegar. Then, let the gazpacho cool and serve it!  

Make also sure to check out our gazpacho with canned tomatoes recipe.

Get the recipe: Chunky Gazpacho from Spain

3. Watermelon Gazpacho

best cold Spanish soups, watermelon gazpacho
Tomato & Melon gazpacho

The Spanish watermelon gazpacho is ideal to serve as an original appetizer. This gazpacho is usually prepared in summer as it is one of the most refreshing and nutritious starters of Spanish gastronomy. 

To prepare it at home beat 900 grams of watermelon, half cucumber, a garlic clove, and an onion. As a personal suggestion, add some salt and a tiny bit of ground black pepper and use some pieces of Serrano ham as a topping.

However, there are so many Gazpacho varieties as you can count!

This Spanish soup recipe is perfect when looking for fresh but still healthy recipes from Spain.

Get the recipe: Watermelon Gazpacho Recipe.

4. Gazpacho With Canned Tomatoes

Gazpacho With Canned Tomatoes, cold soups form spain

The traditional gazpacho can be also prepared with canned tomatoes to enjoy it all year round. Moreover, if you already buy the tomatoes crushed, you will save some preparation time!

Don’t hesitate about using the same recipe of the chunky gazpacho to prepare this one. So… Another yummy Spanish cold tomato soup is waiting for you to be tasted!

Get the Recipe: Gazpacho With Canned Tomatoes

5. Mango Gazpacho from Axarquia

mango gazpacho mango soup

Axarquia is the easternmost part of the province of Málaga. Lots of bars and restaurants there offer the Mango gazpacho on their menus, which is a typical Andalusian food.

This delicious Spanish cold soup is prepared by blending 350 grams of mango pulp with some cucumber, half onion, and a bread slice. Based on my own experience, it is useful to add some water to the mixture little by little in order to get the desired texture.

Get the recipe: Refreshing Mango Gazpacho from Axarquia

6. Salmorejo Soup

Things to do in Cordoba, Salmorejo

Salmorejo is a typical Spanish vegetable soup from the region of Córdoba.

The differences between salmorejo and gazpacho are perfectly clear to Andalusians; however, for the rest of the Spanish people, it may be difficult to distinguish them. 

Salmorejo is thicker than gazpacho; does not contain cucumber, green pepper, vinegar, and water and it is usually served with boiled egg and serrano ham on the top, whereas gazpacho is accompanied by croutons or small pieces of pepper and onion.

To get the perfect gazpacho beat 800 grams of ripe tomatoes, a garlic clove, and a bread slice. Add some olive oil and salt to season it and don’t forget to refrigerate the mixture for at least one hour!

If you’re ever wondering what to eat in Cordoba, salmorejo is a must! There are even entire salmorejerías – takeaways dedicated to salmorejo variations only.

Get the recipe: Savory Spanish Salmorejo Recipe

7. Porra from Antequera

Spanish Slamorejo or Porra, a Cold Tomato Soup

Porra antequerana is quite similar to salmorejo. Indeed, the ingredients and the texture of both cold Spanish soups are almost the same.

To enjoy this dish beat 400 grams of bread and 900 grams of tomatoes with two garlic cloves and half green and half red pepper. Add some virgin olive oil, vinegar, and salt, place the porra antequerana inside the fridge, and enjoy it in a while!

Best Vegetarian Spanish Soups

8. Spanish Bean Soup (Garbanzo soup)

recipe spanish bean soup - garbanzo soup

Beans are a very healthy vegetable and they can be easily incorporated not only into cold salads but also into hot soups.

In Spain, white and red beans are used to prepare a wide variety of delicious stews, which are highly appreciated dishes, especially in winter.

This Spanish soup can be mixed with all kinds of vegetables, but our favorite is with red beans, parsley leaves, and cumin to create a wonderfully rich taste. 

Get the Recipe: Spanish garbanzo soup

9. Spanish Garlic Soup

spanish garlic soup

Sopa de ajo or sopa castellana is a popular Spanish garlic soup recipe. Although the name of the dish seems to suggest that it is typical from Castilla La Mancha and Castilla León, the truth is that this Spanish garlic soup recipe is prepared all over the country.

In order to get it done, cut five garlic cloves into slices and slightly fry them over low heat. Add 200 grams of bread and some paprika powder. Then, pour some vegetable broth into the pot and let it boil for 20 minutes.

Get the Recipe: Spanish Garlic Soup

10. Spanish Lentil Soup

spanish lentil soup, tips on serving

Lentils are rich in B vitamins and a good source of folic acid and of iron. Consequently, including this food in your diet can be very beneficial. Moreover, lentils are easier to digest than beans or chickpeas, which makes this soup one of the Spaniard’s favorites.

This Spanish soup can be mixed with vegetables such as carrots and potatoes that should boil together for at least one hour.

Get the Recipe: Spanish Lentil Soup

11. Spanish Tomato Soup

Spanish Tomato Soup

Good news! If you are a tomato lover, you should know that some Spanish cold tomato soups can also be served hot. 

Frying 800 grams of crushed tomato, four basil leaves, an onion, two garlic cloves, and five carrots and adding a tablespoon of wheat flour, you will get a delicious Spanish tomato soup that should be served  with feta or mozzarella dices as a topping

Get the Recipe: Spanish Tomato Soup

12. Spanish White Bean Soup

tomatoes spinach white beans millet soup, spanish white bean soup

The most popular Spanish vegetable soup is the potaje de alubias andaluz. This is a delicious and nutritious Spanish bean soup recipe that locals enjoy especially in Autumn and Winter. It was a typical peasant dish due to its high nutritional benefits.

To prepare a delicious Spanish white bean soup you just have to cut a tomato, some garlic cloves, and onion into small pieces. After that, put them inside a pot and add the beans and two litters of water.

Leave the stew over low heat for one hour and it will be ready!

Get the Recipe: Spanish white bean soup

13. Spanish Vegetable Soup (Menestra de Verduras)

Spanish Vegetable Soup (Menestra de Verduras)

The most famous Spanish vegetable soup is the menestra de verduras palentina, which is a typical dish from Palencia. It is a tasty stew whose special feature consists of battering the ingredients with egg and flour.

If you want to enjoy a delicious menestra de verduras, boil 300 grams of peas, 200 grams of cauliflower, 100 grams of beans, and artichokes. Then, batter and fry these ingredients using eggs and flour.

To finish, let them boil in vegetable broth for an hour over low heat.

Get the Recipe: Spanish vegetable soup

14. Spanish Bread Soup

spanish bread soup

One of the most famous Spanish soups recipes made with bread is the sopas mallorquinas, which is a traditional Majorcan elaboration that can be eaten all year round. Indeed, they are delicious hot and cold!

If you can use a clay pot, your sopas malllorquinas will definitely taste even better!

To get it ready, you will have to cut and sauté three tomatoes, an onion, a cabbage, half cauliflower, and spinach into small pieces. Pour two liters of water inside a pot and the vegetables you already cooked and let everything boil for an hour over low heat.

Turn off the heat and add the bread. Prepare the servings five minutes later and enjoy!

Get the Recipe: Spanish bread soup

15. Spanish Pea Soup

Delicious green peas cream soup

If vegetables are your passion, this Spanish pea soup will make you fall in love! It is a popular one among vegan restaurants all over the country.

If you cut half leek and two celery branches into small pieces.

Sauté these ingredients with 100 grams of peas and beat everything using 500 milliliters of vegetable broth to make it smoother, you will be able to enjoy this delicious and healthy dish!

Get the Recipe:  Spanish Pea Soup

16. Spanish Almond Soup

natural almonds

Here you have one of the easiest Spanish soups recipes to get the nutrients and fiber your organism needs to make the most of the day!

If you would like to taste this gastronomic gem, you should boil three eggs, peel them and take the yolk. After that, you should mix it and beat it with 200 grams of peeled almonds.

Then, pour the mixture and some vegetable broth inside a pot. Stir constantly for 10 minutes and serve it with the white of the eggs.

Best Spanish Soups With Seafood & Fish

17. Spanish Shrimp Soup

spanish shrimp soup

A traditional festive starter at the Spanish tables is the cóctel de gambas. It is served cold in a cocktail glass and its peculiar taste does not make it suitable for all palates.

In order to prepare this appetizer, cut 200 grams of pineapple and the lettuce.

Then, place a layer of each ingredient inside the cocktail glass. Finally, top it with some cooked shrimps and bathe them using pink sauce. Keep the elaboration inside the fridge until you serve it.

Get the Recipe: Spanish Shrimp Soup

18. Spanish Seafood Soup

spanish seafood recipe

Spanish Seafood is spectacular, especially the Galician. Although there are several popular Spanish seafood soup recipes, this one will be unforgettable to all your guests! 

Prepare some fish broth by boiling the spine of a monkfish and some prawns shells together for twenty minutes.

Meanwhile, you can sauté an onion and two garlic cloves with two bread slices and 150 grams of prawns and squid. Stir for 10 minutes and pour some of the fish broth you have been elaborating to give the dish the finishing touch!

Get the Recipe: Spanish Seafood Soup

19. Spanish Fish Soup

spanish fish soup recipe easy

If you use your favorite seasonal fish instead of the seafood that appears in the previous recipe, you will be able to taste a typical and delicious Spanish fish soup.

Moreover, by adding some rice and parsley leaves to it, you will get a tasty arròs de peix, which is a popular dish in the region of Catalonia.

Get the Recipe: Spanish Fish Soup

20. Gazpachuelo Soup from Malaga

Another representative dish of the Andalusian gastronomy is the Spanish gazpacho recipe known as the gazpachuelo. It is also called ‘the soup of the deceased’ because it was usually prepared to comfort those mourning a relative. 

Prepare some fish broth by boiling the spines of some white fish and the shells of some shrimps for an hour. Pour inside the broth 500 grams of cut potatoes and add the fish and the shrimps.

Meanwhile, prepare a mayonnaise (if you need to know how click here). Rinse it with some broth and add it to the pot. Your gazpachuelo soup is ready!

If you’ve enjoyed this recipe, make sure to try our Spanish Garlic Shrimp [Easy Recipe!].

Get the Recipe: Cozy Andalusian Gazpachuelo Recipe

Spanish Soups with Meat or Chicken

21. Spanish Chicken Soup Recipe

spanish chicken rice soup

Spanish chicken soups always use some chicken meat (or chicken stock) and different vegetables (such as celery ribs, carrots, and onions) to get a delicious broth.

They are ideal to get warm in winter and Spanish people can simply drink it or they can use it to boil some pasta and to get the energy you need to face the day.

Don’t forget to check out our recipes of Spanish chicken soup with rice or our delicious Spanish chicken soup with noodles.

Get the Recipe: Spanish Chicken Soup Recipe

22. Spanish Chicken Soup With Rice

Dietary chicken soup with rice and carrots. Healthy food. Flat lay. Top view

This Spanish chicken soup with rice can be prepared by following the previous recipe.

However, once the broth is ready, you should add some rice instead of pasta!

Get the Recipe: Spanish Chicken Soup With Rice

23. Spanish Chicken Noodle Soup

chicken noodle soup recipe

Noodles’ popularity is growing in Spain. As a result, I think this delicious Spanish chicken soup recipe should be mentioned to complete this article.

Once again, you just have to prepare the chicken broth explained before and boil some noodles to enjoy this Spanish chicken soup! 

Get the Recipe: Spanish Chicken Noodle Soup

24. Spanish Beef Soup

beef bone cooking ossobuco spain

If you are a meat lover, do not hesitate about trying to elaborate on this Spanish soup recipe at home. Although it can be eaten all year long, it is mainly consumed by locals during cold winters.

A fantastic homemade beef broth can be prepared by boiling meaty beef stock bones, some stew meat, an onion, two carrots, a celery rib, and some garlic cloves. 

This Spanish beef soup also serves as a base for any Spanish beef stew.

Get the Recipe: Spanish Beef Soup

25. Spanish Rice Soup

Chicken rice soup close up in a wooden bowl. horizontal

By using the beef broth mentioned above to boil some rice on it, you will get one of the tastiest Spanish soup recipes.

If you feel like to, you can also add the small pieces of vegetables you used to prepare the broth or some meatballs, to get an even more nutritious meal!

Get the Recipe: Spanish Rice Soup

26. Spanish Oxtail Soup

spanish oxtail soup recipe closeup

The Spanish Oxtail soup is a delicious stew eaten all over the country. It will be the ideal dish to those who love the meat that melts in their mouth when they bite it. 

If you want to try to prepare it at home, place a kilogram of oxtail pieces into a casserole and fry them. Meanwhile, cut an onion, a celery stalk, and a carrot. 

Sauté the vegetables, the oxtail and some aromatic herbs together. Add 300 milliliters of red wine and let it bubble for three hours.

Get the Recipe: Spanish Oxtail Soup

27. Spanish Chorizo Soup

spanish lentil soup with chorizo 1 - 28 Best Spanish Soup Recipes

This may be considered one of the most peculiar Spanish soup recipes. This strongly flavored ingredient is used in small pieces to give some flavor to soups made with chickpeas, beans, or lentils.

There no doubt about that Spanish chorizo soup is the perfect winter warmer!

Get the Recipe: Spanish Chorizo Soup

28. Chickpea and Wheat Soup (Olla de Trigo)

This Spanish soup is typical from Almeria and it is especially appreciated during cold winters. Moreover, it is considered the perfect stew to recharge your batteries after a long working morning.

The perfect olla de trigo will require a great sofrito – if you need to know how to prepare it, check the recipe for Spanish sofrito here.

Then, place in a pot to boil a liter of water, 200 grams of wheat, and 150 grams of chickpeas.  Season it with some salt and ground black pepper and serve it hot!

Get the recipe: Rich Spanish Chickpea Soup Recipe

Short FAQ about the Best Spanish Soup Recipes

What are some good variations on gazpacho?

The variations on gazpacho are endless! From strawberry gazpacho to melon gazpacho and strawberry mint gazpacho, there are as many gazpacho variations as you can count. My favorite ones are Mango gazpacho and green gazpacho with mint.

Is gazpacho really just salsa?

Gazpacho is not a salsa. Gazpacho is a cold Spanish soup and it it too liquid in order to be served as salsa. It has the consitency of tomatoe juice.

What are the best homemade Spanish soup recipes?

Some of the best homemade Spanish soup recipes are Spanish chorizo soup, Spanish lentil soup, Spanish pea soup and Spanish chicken soup with rice.