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12 Best Hiking Trails Near Seville

A guide to the best hiking trails near Seville for every level.

There are so many free things to do in Seville that when visiting this beautiful and historic city, many people don’t stray far from the center of town. 

However, for the active among you, there are so many fantastic hiking trails near Seville that to miss out on these is a crime!

Surrounded by beautiful mountains and numerous nature trails, Seville is surrounded by some of the best hiking trails Spain has to offer. 

12 Best Hiking Trails Near Seville

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So if you’re looking for easy hiking trails or more rigorous mountain hiking, you’ll find some of the best places to hike in Seville’s environs.

This guide will show you some hikes, hiking areas, and local hiking trails, many of which can be taken in as day trips from Seville, which is great for those wishing to base themselves in this marvelous city and sample all it has to offer.

So, if you’re seeking hiking areas for a fun hike, there are so many great hiking trails near Seville that there’s something to suit everyone. 

So keep reading to discover some of the top trails and the ultimate places to go hiking near Seville.

OVERVIEW: Top Hiking Trails near Seville

  • Cerro del Hierro
  • Route Mulva Ruins
  • Camino de Santiago
  • Alamillo Park
  • Batrocal
  • Seville Circular

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What to Expect from the Best Hiking Trails near Seville

What to Expect from the Best Hiking Trails near Seville

In the age of cheap flights and over-tourism wreaking havoc in many major tourist destinations hiking has proven to be an essential vehicle for promoting eco-tourism and raising eco-awareness.

As a result, in recent years authorities in Seville province have invested in the region’s many hiking trails. 

You’ll now find that many of the best hiking trails near Seville are incredibly well-maintained and clearly signposted throughout the route.

And what better place to base yourself to explore the best hiking trails near Seville than in the magnificent city of Seville itself? 

Here you’ll be able to marvel at the incredible Plaza de España, stroll along the banks of the Guadalquivir, and choose from over 3000 tapas bars where you can have the best tapas in Seville.

It’s easy to reach all of the trails mentioned in this article by either car or public transport from Seville. 

Plaza de Armas bus station is the main launching point for local routes throughout the province of Seville.

When you have all of this and the beautiful city of Seville, what are you waiting for?

Whatever your ability level, the best hiking trails near Seville offer something for everyone:

●     Easy Trails: Ruins of Mulva and the circular route from the Cathedral

●     Medium Trails: Alamillo Park, Cerro de Hierro Natural Monument

●     Hard Trails: Rock of Algamitas, Camino de Santiago, Batrocal

Best Hiking Trails near Seville

1. Cerro del Hierro

Cerro del Hierro

Set in the stunning Sierra Norte mountain range, Cerro del Hierro is one of the most picturesque and unique landscapes in the whole of Spain. 

There are numerous hiking trains throughout the region, including the famous Cerro del Hierro Natural Monument Route (featured below).

For those seeking less strenuous walking trails, try the short 2-mile trail that begins near Casas de Los Ingleses. 

This perfect circuit takes around an hour to complete and is one of the greatest hiking trails near Seville for variety.

Along the route, you’ll encounter a diverse range of flora and fauna along with sensational geology and the industrial elements from the region’s mining past. You’ll also pass the famous Cerro del Hierro Natural Monument.

Opening times: Open year-round but only hike in daylight hours

2. Seville Circular

3-day itinerary Seville, the famous Cathedral

Seville is one of the greatest cities in the world in which to walk. As the center of the city is so compact, you can take in most of the main sights and Seville attractions on foot in just a few hours.

You’ll discover so much more by exploring the city this way than in any other.

Starting at the world-renown Cathedral, head across the city center to the Setas de Sevilla monument and the Antiquarium, a subterranean archaeological museum featuring Roman ruins, complete with vibrant mosaics and pottery.

Subsequently, head west to the Guadalquivir River and then walk the storied banks down to the famed Torre del Oro. 

From there, continue south to the beautiful Parque de María Luisa and the attached Plaza de España before completing the loop back to the Cathedral.

Opening times: Any time, but try this at night to see the city’s monuments illuminated

3. Cerro del Hierro Natural Monument Route

Cerro del Hierro Natural Monument Route

Halfway between the towns of Constantina and San Nicolás del Puerto, you’ll find the stunning Cerro del Hierro Natural Monument. 

As opposed to the easy trail described above, try the 6.5-mile loop trail setting out from San Nicolás del Puerto.

The route is known locally as Cerro del Hierro Vía Verde de la Sierra Norte, this intermediate mountain trail weaves through the sensational geological formations of the area.

It goes through old mining towns and of course, the Cerro del Hierro Natural Monument itself.

The trail will steer you through the magnificent canyons that populate the area and will take around 2.5 to 3 hours, depending on your pace. 

It’s a very popular route so you’re sure to encounter many other hikers along the way.

Opening times: Open year-round but only hike in daylight hours

4. Parque del Alamillo

Alamillo Park

Located just north of the Isla Magica theme park on the Isla de La Cartuja, the Parque del Alamillo is a large urban park that features several magnificent walking trails for those wishing to remain in the city.

Try the Ruta Botánica (Botanical Route) which will take you through species from 36 different botanical categories. 

The laid-back environment of the park is a great place to come and get some exercise while on vacation.

The terrain here is all flat and there are numerous trails around the park to suit all levels. When you’ve done walking, the park is a great place to spend the rest of your day.

Opening times: 07:00 – 22:00 Mon-Thurs / 07:00 – 00:00 Fri-Sun

5. Route Mulva Ruins

Route Mulva Ruins

Around 25 miles to the northeast of Seville, you’ll find the sensational Mulva ruins.

Set in the Sierra Morena (Morena Mountains), the Roman Ruins of Mulva (sometimes referred to as Mulva Castle) are an archaeological wonder.

One of the best hiking trails near Seville sets off from the train station at Villanueva del Río y Minas and ends at the train station in Arenillas (or vice versa). This route is just over 7.5 miles and will take around 3 hours.

The pathway here is incredibly well maintained, making this one of the best places to hike in the Seville region. 

On the way, you’ll pass the Shrine to Saint Barbara and the sensational Blue Lake. Take your camera as the ruins truly are spectacular.

Opening times: Open year-round but only hike in daylight hours

6. Jardins Torre de Los Perdigones

Jardines Torre de Los Perdigones

In the heart of the Macarena and just a stone’s throw from the Basílica de la Macarena, you’ll discover the Jardines Torre de Los Perdigones.

This park has many short walking paths that are great for a gentle stroll.

The central focus of the park is the Torre de Perdigones (Perdigones Tower), part of an old industrial complex that was restored in time for the Seville Expo 92.

For the energetic among you, there’s a great 18-mile trail that sets out from the park before looping around the Isla de La Cartuja. 

The trail then comes back across the Puente de la Barqueta (Barqueta Bridge) and heads south before ending at the Parque Guadaíra.

Opening times: 08:00 – 22:00

7. Gergal Station and Ruta del Agua

Gergal Station and Ruta del Agua

The Ruta del Agua is one of the best hiking trails near Seville.

Setting out from Estacion de Gergal (Gergal Railway Station), this 11-mile long trail will take you through some sensational scenery, traversing tunnels and stopping at some stunning miradores (viewpoints).

One of the Seville area’s natural wonders, along the trail you will find the parched, rocky environments for which this part of the world is renowned. 

You’ll also encounter magnificent native flora and fauna.

The final part of the route takes you along the calming expanse of the Embalse del Gergal, a reservoir that feeds Seville. Make sure to pause at the miradores to take in the pretty views and get some photos.

Opening times: Open year-round but only hike in daylight hours

8. The Batrocal Walk

The Batrocal Walk

El Real de la Jara: Camino Batrocal to give it its full title (though locally it is commonly known just as El Camino Batrocal (The Batrocal Walk), is a large loop trail that covers almost 9 miles and will take you around 3.5 hours.

This beautiful and very popular trail is one of the best hiking trails near Seville and is incredibly well kept, with very clear signposting throughout the route. 

The route is moderately challenging so don’t attempt it if you feel this may be an issue for you.

The route begins and ends in the pretty, laidback town of Real de la Jara, where you’ll find some excellent dining options after you’ve worked up an appetite on the trail.

Opening times: Open year-round but only hike in daylight hours

9. Donana National Park

Donana National Park

If you follow the Guadalquivir River south until it reaches the coast at Sanlúcar de Barrameda, you’ll encounter the beautiful Parque Nacional de Doñana (Doñana National Park), one of Spain’s most important wetlands.

The park is a UNESCO World Heritage site that has several hiking trails weaving through its marshy environment. 

With so many different routes to choose from, you’re sure to find something to suit your ability level, from relaxing strolls to vigorous hikes. – Check out the guided tour here.

This huge nature reserve is home to lynx as well as being a primary nesting and breeding site for migratory birds so there are lots to see on whatever trail you choose.

Opening times: Open year-round but only hike in daylight hours

10. Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago

When it comes to famous trails, the most famous hiking trail in Spain (and one of the most famous in the world) is undoubtedly the Camino de Santiago trail.

Walking the Camino de Santiago is something now undertaken not only as a pilgrimage but as a bucket list hike.

Camino de Santiago is not one route but several different routes from various parts of Spain, France, and Portugal, all ending at the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela.

The route from Seville is one of the most popular Spain hiking trails.

The route from Seville to Santiago de Compostela covers over 600 miles and will take around 40 days to complete. 

You’ll get to visit some beautiful places along the way including Merida, Cáceres‎, Salamanca, and Zamora.

Opening times: Year-round

11. Rock of Algamitas

Rock of Algamitas

The Rock of Algamitas, known locally as El Peñón, is a mountain beloved by hikers and climbers. 

The area around the rock is home to some of the best hiking trails near Seville. There are excellent camping facilities here for those who wish to overnight.

As the area is very popular with hikers, the trails here are incredibly well signposted. Beware though, the rocky terrain can get very slippery, especially when there has been raining. 

The main trail here is a lasso-shaped 4-mile route that requires intermediate-level hiking skills.

Due to some of the steep inclines, you will encounter on these trails, only attempt to hike here if you are in good physical condition.

Opening times: Open year-round but only hike in daylight hours

12. Day Trip to Caminito del Rey from Seville

Caminito del Rey

If you suffer from vertigo, this one may be best avoided! The walkways along this route are attached to the side of sheer-dropping cliffs hundreds of feet above the sea. 

This is definitely one for the daredevils among you.

Should you be brave enough to attempt this 5-mile trail you’ll be greeted by stunning views over the sea as you move through the Desfiladero de Los Gaitanes, a gorge carved out by the river Guadalhorce. –Check the guided tour here.

You’ll hike past Los Gaitanes Gorge, cross a new suspension bridge, and enjoy spectacular views of the Guadalhorce River.

The departure starts in Seville and you will arrive at the trail after around 2 hours.

Caminito is also part of the best hikes in Andalucia and by far one of the most spectacular.

Opening times: 09:00 – 18:00

How to Prepare for the Best Hiking Trails Near Seville

How to Prepare for the Best Hiking Trails Near Seville

For those wishing to escape the chaos of daily life and get amongst nature, hiking is a great option and Seville is a great place from which to do this. 

However, there are a few things to bear in mind when preparing for any hiking excursion.

Firstly, Seville is known as the ‘furnace of Europe’, and particularly in the summer months, it does get incredibly HOT!!! 

Therefore, always exercise caution when attempting hikes at this time of year, especially the more challenging ones.

Remember to wear appropriate clothing/footwear and take along water and sunscreen (plus a good map or GPS for more off-the-beaten-path treks).

Also, always factor in plenty of time to complete your hike during daylight hours as many trails can become hazardous after dark. 

Should you require rescuing, you are likely to be hit with a heavy bill so don’t let that person be you!

Best Hotels in Seville, Southern Spain

As you’ll need somewhere to base yourself while you explore all those hiking trails near Seville, we’ve included three options to suit all budgets in the best neighborhoods to stay in Seville.

1. Hotel Alfonso XIII ***** – Luxury

alfonso xiii hotel seville, luxury hotels

This hotel could be described in one word: Wow!! Located at the south-western corner of the Jardines de Murillo (Murillo Gardens) that surround the magnificent Plaza de España, this luxury option is for those seeking to treat themselves.

The Hotel Alfonso XIII is one of Spain’s most prestigious hotels. The rooms here are classically designed yet feature modern amenities of the absolute optimum standard.

Check out prices and reviews here.

2. Hotel Casa de Indias By Intur **** – Mid-Range

Hotel Casa de Indias By Intur

Situated right next to the Metropol Parasol, the Hotel Casa de Indias has everything you could wish for.

The facilities here are second to none and the Parasol provides a unique backdrop, almost extending over the rooftop terrace and pool.

This incredible building comes complete with a listed courtyard, stairs, and a façade. Many of the tastefully decorated rooms feature the original brickwork.

Check photos and reviews here.

3. Hotel Boutique Corral del Rey ** – Budget

hotel corral del rey sevilla

The Hotel Boutique Corral del Rey is a marvelous option for the price-conscious among you. There’s a beautifully appointed central atrium and a magnificent rooftop terrace with a plunge pool and panoramic views of the city.

The hotel is situated in the wonderful Santa Cruz area, the most historic area in the city. The more expensive rooms even come with their own terrace.

Check reviews and photos here.

Map of Best Hiking Trails near Seville

hiking in seville

Short FAQ about the Best Hiking Trails near Seville

What is the longest trail in Seville?

While this trail is not wholly in the province of Seville, the longest hiking trail in the whole of Spain is the 620 miles long Camino de Santiago from Seville to Santiago de Compostela.

Are there mountains near Seville?

Yes, there are. In the northern part of the province of Seville, you will find the magnificent Sierra Norte mountain range, complete with its wonderful hiking trails.