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25 Best Spanish Seafood Recipes to Try at Once!

If you are tired of always eating the same boring seafood dish, then you are in the right place. Here we bring you a list of 25 of the best Spanish seafood recipes.

This seafood dishes list includes the best seafood recipes from Southern Spain, from fish stew recipes to healthy seafood recipes and everything in between.

In this article, you will find 25 different seafood recipe ideas, with some of the most beloved seafood meals in all of Spain.

Collage of Spanish seafood recipes. 25 Best Spanish Seafood Recipes to Try at Once!

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Keep scrolling to get an overview of the easy seafood recipes, with some cool history facts, and get ready to cook.

25 Spanish Seafood Recipes

1. Spanish Garlic Shrimp (Gambas Al Ajillo)

gambas al pil pil served in a clay pot, decorated with chilly slices. 25 Best Spanish Seafood Recipes to Try at Once!

Gambas al ajillo is one of the most famous Spanish seafood recipes and it’s perfect for seafood lovers who also enjoys the garlic taste.

In the south of Spain, they are eaten as tapas and you can find them in any bar in the region at any time of the day.

This dish has always been popular, since you can find shrimp in any place on the coast of Andalusia, and it has great quality too.

The Spanish garlic shrimp recipe is simple, you just have to cook the prawns for 5 minutes in a pan with garlic and olive oil plus some different seasonings.

Get the recipe: Spanish Garlic Shrimp [Easy Recipe!]

2. Spanish Fried Calamari

calamari with paprika in a white bowl and next to it there are two glasses with white and red drinks. 25 Best Spanish Seafood Recipes to Try at Once!

With just one bite of the Spanish fried calamari, you will feel like you are at a bar on the beach of Andalusia watching the sunset.

We know, it might sound too dreamy, but it is true, this dish has every Spaniard in love since the 16th century when it was created in the catholic churches of Southern Spain.

To make this fantastic dish you just need calamari, a few cups of flour for coating, and oil for frying.

If you are on a diet or simply looking for a healthier version of this dish, you can cook the Spanish calamari in the oven or air fryer.

Get the recipe: Fried Spanish Calamari Recipe

3. Traditional Paella

spanish paella in a traditional pan. 25 Best Spanish Seafood Recipes to Try at Once!

It simply doesn’t get more iconic than paella which is also one of the most well-known Spanish seafood recipes.

This seafood rice dish has dozens of versions yet still the classic seafood one manages to stand out.

Some records prove that paella has existed for over 5 centuries since it dating back to the 15th century.

You might be wondering where the paella gets its yellow color from, and the answer is pretty simple: the saffron threads or powder that started being added to this dish in the Moorish period.

Nowadays, saffron is still a key ingredient in Spanish seafood paella recipes, but the main ones are seafood, short-grain rice, and different vegetables such as peppers, onions, tomatoes, and garlic.

Get the recipe: Traditional Spanish Paella Recipe

4. Spanish Octopus Recipe (Pulpo Gallgo)

closeup with Spanish octopus, the pulpo gallego on a wooden plate. 25 Best Spanish Seafood Recipes to Try at Once!

If you walk by any restaurant in Andalusia, then we can assure you that most of them will have Pulpo gallego on their menu.

The Spanish octopus recipe was created in the 18th century as a way to prevent the octopus from going bad, and with time it became a staple dish in the cuisine of Southern Spain.

Even though octopus is the protagonist of this recipe, it also calls for other ingredients such as potatoes, olive oil, and a bunch of seasoning.

Get the recipe: Irresistible Spanish Octopus Recipe – Pulpo Gallego

5. Spanish Fried Anchovies (Boquerones Fritos)

Plate of deep fried anchovies with lemon and salad. 25 Best Spanish Seafood Recipes to Try at Once!

The boquerones fritos, also known as Spanish fresh anchovies, are one of the most beloved Spanish seafood recipes.

You can have them before lunch or dinner, or just go for it and serve a large amount with some side dish.

They can be eaten at any time of the year, but they always reach new popularity peaks during the summer months, since they are perfect to have with a cold glass of beer, plus it is the perfect season for anchovies.

To make this recipe you just need anchovies, oil for frying, and flour for coating, and that’s pretty much it.

Get the recipe: Internal link to recipe (for the editor)

6. Paella with Pasta

2 pans or paella with pasta ready to be served. 25 Best Spanish Seafood Recipes to Try at Once!

When we say that there are dozens of versions of the traditional paella recipe we mean it, and one of the best alternatives is pasta paella.

Instead of using rice, Spanish seafood recipes like this paella pasta, use pasta, or almost every type of noodle works well.

It is the perfect alternative for people that don’t like rice or usually feel bloated after eating rice.

You may be wondering, who on earth came up with this fantastic ingredient replacement idea? 

Well, some people say it was Gabriel Rodriguez Pastor, a cook on a ship where there was no more ration of rice, so he had to get creative.

The only main change to the original paella recipe is the addition of pasta. After that, the rest is pretty much the same.

Get the recipe: Easy Paella with Pasta [Spanish Recipe]

7. Spanish Seafood Stew

closeup with seafood stew in a bowl. 25 Best Spanish Seafood Recipes to Try at Once!

All your problems will go away once you try the fantastic Spanish seafood stew.

Well, maybe not forever but as long as the plate lasts, your mind will be too focused on the taste of the stew to worry about anything else.

The Spanish seafood stew is one of the oldest soup Spanish seafood recipes to be created in the South of Spain since it is believed that as long as there were people in this region, this stew was there too.

Get the recipe: Appetizing Spanish Seafood Stew

8. Spanish Seafood Soup Recipe

Spanish Seafood Soup in a white bowl. 25 Best Spanish Seafood Recipes to Try at Once!

You know that the cold days are back to stay when everyone starts making some good homemade Spanish seafood soup.

And who can blame them? This soup has the power of warming your body (and heart) just with the first sip.

Not only that, but with this soup, you also gain a lot of vitamins and nutrients necessary to be strong during the winter, so it is a win-win situation.

The typical recipe is made with a variety of seafood, but you can make as many changes as you like. 

Get the recipe: Easy Spanish Seafood Soup Recipe

9. Rice with Lobster Recipe

arroz con bogavante, rice with lobster in a white plate on a wooden table. 25 Best Spanish Seafood Recipes to Try at Once!

The rice with lobster recipe, also known as Arroz con Bogavante, is perfect for when you want to eat something tasty and make it fancy.

For decades this dish has always been one of the most chosen seafood dinner ideas during Valentine’s day in every restaurant in Andalusia, but you can enjoy it at any time of the year.

You don’t even need a couple to eat this Spanish dish, you will fall in love as soon as you try the rice with lobster and the wonderful sauce that it has.

Get the recipe: Best Rice with Lobster Recipe [Arroz con Bogavante]

10. Spanish Shrimp Cocktail Recipe

Spanish shrimp cocktail in a glass, with avocado slices and crackers. 25 Best Spanish Seafood Recipes to Try at Once!

The Spanish shrimp cocktail recipe should be the definition of an oldie but goodie.

This dish is the perfect vintage entree or appetizer to serve at a party, a family dinner, or again, to enjoy by yourself.

Even though it has the word cocktail on its name, there isn’t any alcohol in the recipe, it is called that way because it is usually served in a martini glass.

The shrimp cocktail used to be a symbol of luxury, and although it is still quite expensive in some restaurants, you can make it for way less money at home and have it done in a matter of minutes.

Get the recipe: Best Spanish Shrimp Cocktail Recipe

11. Delicious Spanish Scallops with Garlic Recipe

spanish scallops in a white plate with fresh lemon next to it. 25 Best Spanish Seafood Recipes to Try at Once!

Seafood and garlic are a match made in heaven, but the delicious Spanish scallops with garlic recipe take this to a whole new level.

There was a time when this recipe was only made by the lower social classes of southern Spain since scallops were one of the cheapest seafood at the time and the sailors took most of it home.

As time went by, this simple recipe gained more and more popularity, and now everyone in Andalusia enjoys it.

To make it you just need garlic, scallops, olive oil, and some butter, then everything will be done in less than 30 minutes.

Get the recipe: Delicious Spanish Scallops with Garlic Recipe

12. Spanish Clams Recipe

spanish clams in a white bowl next to some fresh bread. 25 Best Spanish Seafood Recipes to Try at Once!

The classic Spanish clams recipe is perfect for those who want to enjoy one of the most fantastic Spanish seafood recipes, but don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen.

The recipe takes less than an hour, and all you have to do is prepare the ingredients, throw them in a pan with white wine, stir a little bit, and let the stove do the rest of the job.

This tapas is one of the most popular Spanish seafood recipes, but nothing can stop you from having them as a main dish for lunch or dinner, just make sure to add a side dish too.

Get the recipe: Best Spanish Clams Recipe [Almejas a la Española]

13. Spanish-Style Grilled Prawns

closeup with spanish Grilled Prawns. 25 Best Spanish Seafood Recipes to Try at Once!

The Spanish-style grilled prawns recipe has the best of different worlds: some spices from Arab countries, soy sauce from Asia, and fantastic prawns from Spain.

Since it influences different cuisines, you will feel like there is a flavor festival in your mouth as soon as you bite into them.

Don’t be intimidated by the ingredients, it is pretty simple to make and the cooking and prep time takes just 20 minutes (you will have to marinate the prawns before), and it has a low level of difficulty so anyone can make it.

Get the recipe: Appetizing Spanish-Style Grilled Prawns

14. Gazpacho with Shrimp

Gazpacho with Shrimp in a pot on a kitchen table.  25 Best Spanish Seafood Recipes to Try at Once!

As if the gazpacho couldn’t get any better, the Gazpacho with shrimp comes to steal all the spotlight.

If you aren’t familiar with gazpacho, then you should know that it is a type of cold soup from Andalusia, made mostly with tomatoes and other vegetables.

The Gazpacho with shrimp takes it to a new level, making the tomato flavors shine while adding a delicious type of seafood to it.

The great part is that it is simple to make since the shrimp cooks fast, so you should give it a try, making it one of the easiest to make Spanish seafood recipes.

Get the recipe: Gazpacho with Shrimp – Healthy Recipe

15. Easy Spanish Shrimp Soup Recipe

spanish shrimp soup served in a white bowl. 25 Best Spanish Seafood Recipes to Try at Once!

The shrimp is great for both cold and hot soups, and this Spanish shrimp soup is proof of it.

With the easy shrimp soup recipe, you will have one of the most delicious soups ready to eat in less than 2 hours.

This type of soup became popular in the South of Spain during the middle ages, since it gave all the nutrients that people needed to survive the cold Andalusian winter.

As time went by, it became a staple recipe for any Andalusian or seafood lover, and it is served as a main dish for dinner or lunch.

Get the recipe: Easy Spanish Shrimp Soup Recipe [Sopa de Camarón]

16. Fried Baby Squid

Spanish dish chipirones, small squid battered and fried, served with lemon. 25 Best Spanish Seafood Recipes to Try at Once!

One of the most well-liked Spanish seafood recipes from Southern Spain is puntillitas fritas, or “fried baby squid” in English.

Although there isn’t a specific date for when this dish was invented, it is thought that sailors in the third century A.C. were the first to introduce various types of fried fish plates.

Serving fried baby squid with dipping sauces, such as aioli sauce and sour cream with chopped chives, is one of the simplest ways to improve the dish.

Get the recipe: Fried Baby Squid from Spain – Puntillitas Fritas Recipe

17. Deep-Fried Octopus

spanish fried octopus on a black plate. 25 Best Spanish Seafood Recipes to Try at Once!

Sometimes we need to enjoy a nice big plate of fried food, even if it isn’t the healthier option.

For the days when you feel this temptation, the deep-fried octopus recipe will be your new best friend.

It is simple to make, and as long as you have octopus, oil for frying, plus some ingredients for coating the octopus, you can prepare the recipe.

You can serve it as a tapa with some dipping sauces, or as a main dish for dinner or lunch with a side dish.

Get the recipe: Deep-Fried Octopus from Spain – Pulpo Frito Recipe

18. Spanish Tuna Salad Recipe

Spanish tuna salad on a white plate. 25 Best Spanish Seafood Recipes to Try at Once!

Looking for easy Spanish seafood recipes but want to stay on the healthy track? Then the Spanish tuna salad is the right match for you.

There is no way of failing while making this recipe, even a kid could nail it (always with the supervision of a parent).

The only ingredient that you must have is canned tuna, then you can make as many changes as you want to the listed ingredients.

It is the perfect salad for all sorts of events, from dinner parties to holidays, and birthdays, or even to enjoy by yourself at lunch.

Get the recipe: Easy Spanish Tuna Salad Recipe

19. Baked Spanish Mackerel Fillet Recipe

spanish Mackerel Fillet on baked vegetables. 25 Best Spanish Seafood Recipes to Try at Once!

The baked Spanish mackerel fillet recipe is a hidden gem among Spanish seafood recipes.

Not only it is easy to make and only takes about 45 minutes, but also the process is as simple as it gets.

Contrary to other fish fillet recipes, this one is baked so it is significantly healthier, yet it still has every flavor that you could ask for.

Get the recipe: Baked Spanish Mackerel Fillet Recipe

20. Bacalao Croquettes Recipe

Bacalao croquettes on a wooden plate. 25 Best Spanish Seafood Recipes to Try at Once!

Can you believe that some people dare to say that they don’t know what to do with Bacalao? Well, if you are one of them then you should check this recipe.

Bacalao is a fish known for its strong flavor, but by using it for the bacalao croquettes recipe this problem is solved.

You will be able to feel the flavor of the bacalao, but combined with other ingredients so it isn’t overpowering or too bitter.

You can serve this dish as tapas, or at any meal of the day. Just make sure to add a side dish if you are planning on serving it as a main dish.

Get the recipe: Best Bacalao Croquettes Recipe Ever!

21. Boquerones en Vinagre from Spain

boquerones en vinagre, anchovies in vinagre from spain. 25 Best Spanish Seafood Recipes to Try at Once!

It’s time to take your boquerones to a whole new level with the help of the boquerones en vinagre recipe.

Some historic records show that this recipe already existed in the 8th century, and at that moment people thought that was the only way that they could eat fish without getting sick (the vinegar killed the negative bacteria).

Of course, it is true that vinegar has that power, but nowadays we know that there are other ways for cooking and eating it.

Still, the boquerones en vinagre remains a fan-favorite seafood dish in the South of Spain, and you can have it as a tapa or at any time of the day.

Get the recipe: Boquerones en Vinagre from Spain – Anchovies in Vinegar Recipe

22. Spanish Shrimp Emapanadas

shrimp empanadas recipe on a white plate next to sauce and salad. 25 Best Spanish Seafood Recipes to Try at Once!

If you thought that empanadas couldn’t get any better, then it is time for you to try the Spanish shrimp empanada.

This dish was created thanks to a mix between Latin American and Andalusian cuisine.

The main ingredients are shrimp, butter cheese (mozzarella, butterkase, fontina, Monterey Jack, etc), and flaky dough from the typical empanadas.

You can serve them for lunch, dinner, or as a snack. Besides that, you can cook them in the oven or fry them, whatever you like the most will work.

Get the recipe: Best Shrimp Empanadas Recipe from Spain

23. Easy Spanish Fish Soup

spanish fish soup in a serving bowl on a kitchen table. 25 Best Spanish Seafood Recipes to Try at Once!

If you aren’t the biggest fan of the large seafood mix, but you like fish, then this soup is for you.

With the easy Spanish fish soup, you get an easier version of the classic seafood soup, but it is just as delicious.

Believe it or not, hundreds of years ago it was made with seawater, but nowadays you just need fish, a few vegetables, some seasoning, and fish broth to make it.

Get the recipe: Easy Spanish Fish Soup [Sopa de Pescado] Recipe

24. Marinated Cazon Fish

marinated cazon fish. 25 Best Spanish Seafood Recipes to Try at Once!

A true fan favorite among easy fish recipe lovers, the marinated cazon fish, or cazon en adobo, is one of the best Spanish seafood recipes to ever come out of Cadiz, Southern Spain.

It combines the softness of the fish with the crunchiness of the crust on the exterior, made either with a mix of flour and breadcrumbs or panko.

It is a simple recipe that anyone can make, and you can eat the cazon fish for lunch, dinner, or as a tapa.

Get the recipe: Marinated Cazon Fish – Cazon en Adobo Recipe

25. Spanish Fish Stew

closeup of a plate with spanish fish stew. 25 Best Spanish Seafood Recipes to Try at Once!

If you want to enjoy a hearty stew but you aren’t a meat lover, then this Spanish fish stew is the perfect alternative.

You just need any type of white fish plus some vegetables to make this dish, and you will have one of the most filling and delicious stews that you will try.

It is lovely for lunch or dinner, always meant to be served as a main dish.

Get the recipe: Classic Spanish Fish Stew Recipe

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Short FAQ about the Best Spanish Seafood Recipes

What is the famous Spanish dish of seafood?

It is hard to choose just one, but when it comes to world-renowned seafood dishes from Spain, then the Spanish garlic shrimp takes all the spotlight.

Other seafood recipes that come close are the cazon en adobo, boquerones en vinagre, and the seafood stew.

What kind of seafood do they eat in Spain?

From Spanish paella to Spanish stew, you can find all types of seafood meals in Andalusia.

The best seafood that you can find in this region are prawns, shrimp, anchovies, and mussels.

What is the most popular Spanish fish?

The most popular Spanish fish is mackerel, with the bacalao coming as a close second.

The main reason for the popularity of this fish is that it is used in different healthy fish recipes.