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4 Ways To Get From Granada to Malaga

The ultimate transportation guide between Granada and Malaga

Are you thinking of traveling from Granada to Malaga during your visit to Spain? The good news is that these two incredible cities are only around 80 miles apart. That means it’s perfectly possible to visit Malaga and Granada in a single trip.

There is a bus Malaga Granada that you can hop on, as well as a Granada to Malaga train. Then, of course, you could always hire a car or take a taxi.

Getting from Malaga to Granada or vice versa is a breeze! So read on and discover the best and quickest ways to travel between these cities, plus a great deal of things to do in Granada.

a pin with road signs from Granada to Malaga

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Distance from Granada to Malaga

map with the distance from Granada to Malaga

The distance from Granada to Malaga is just 82 miles (132km). That means you can get there quite quickly in several convenient ways.

By Car: If you want to travel on your own steam, you can hire a car. With a rental vehicle, you can drive at your own pace and make stops whenever you feel like it.

You’ll have the freedom to discover all the best things to do in Malaga and Granada without worrying about catching buses.

A car trip from Granada to Malaga takes around an hour and a half. That means you can stay in one of the cheap hotels in Granada and take a day trip to discover all the things to see in Malaga.

By Bus: If you can’t drive or prefer to sit back and relax on the trip, you can use public transport. The Granada to Malaga bus takes just 1 hour and 45 minutes.

By Train: Unfortunately, there is no direct Granada to Malaga high-speed train. You can catch a daily Malaga to Granada train which transfers to Antequera instead. The whole trip takes around 1 hour 45 minutes. 

BEST OPTION: How to get from Granada to Malaga

Best Option:

If you’re wondering how to get from Granada to Malaga in the most convenient way, you should book a transfer. It’s quicker than taking the Granada Malaga bus and you can relax instead of worrying about driving and parking. 

How to get from Granada to Malaga

1. From Granada to Malaga by Train

From Granada to Malaga by Train

If you’re wondering how to get from Malaga to Granada by train, you need to know each step of your journey.

There is no direct train between Granada and Malaga. There are, however, a couple of daily local trains that go between Malaga’s Maria Zambrano Station and Granada Train Station. – Check schedules here.

If you get one of these trains, you have to stop in Antequera.

You can take a train between Granada and Antequera. That journey takes around one hour. There is a separate train to take you between Antequera and Malaga which takes about 30 minutes.

Of course, there will be waiting time between trains at Antequera to take into account. You can expect the whole trip to take about 1 hour 45 minutes.

Some trains between Antequera and Malaga are local trains and others are high-speed trains. Only high-speed trains go between Antequera and Granada.

If you catch a local train between Malaga and Antequera you have to take a bus between Antequera and Granada.

A regional train between Malaga and Antequera, including the bus between Antequera and Granada costs about 20 Euros for a round trip. 

Taking the high-speed train with a change in Antequera costs about 60 Euros for a round trip.

If you plan to take the train, you should book your tickets in advance.

If you don’t there will be an extra booking fee to buy your tickets in the station. Also, trains often get very crowded.

2. From Granada to Malaga by Bus

A green bus departing from a bus station to travel from Granada to Malaga

When it comes to getting the bus, Malaga to Granada is quite a simple trip. The journey takes between an hour and a half and two hours.

You can catch a direct Malaga to Granada bus every hour. Some buses stop several times, though, and therefore take longer.

There are over 30 buses each day between the two cities. – Check tickets here.

There is also a bus from Malaga Airport to Granada. The price is the same whether you’re heading from Malaga Bus Station or Malaga Airport to Granada.

You can expect to pay between 12-14.08 Euros for a one-way trip or 23-28.16 Euros for a round trip.

The first bus in the morning from Granada to Malaga leaves at 5:30 am. It arrives in Malaga at 7 am and at the airport at 7:30 am.

The first bus to Granada from Malaga airport leaves at 6:30 am. It arrives in Malaga at 7 am and in Granada at 8:45 am.

The last bus from Granada to the airport leaves at 6:30 pm and gets to the airport at 8:45 pm. The last bus from Granada to Malaga Bus Station leaves at 9 pm and arrives at 10:45 pm.

The last bus from Malaga Airport to Granada leaves at 10:40 pm. It arrives in Malaga at 11 pm and in Granada at 12:45 am.

You should always book your tickets in advance to save you time and hassle. The queues to buy tickets can be very long at the bus station.

3. From Granada to Malaga by Car

A spanish road through the mountains from a driver's point of view, traveling from Granada to Malaga

Renting a car is a great way to get from Granada to Malaga. If you’re wondering how to get to Alhambra from Malaga quickly and directly, car hire is the best solution. 

You can travel directly between the two cities on Motorway A92M, with the journey taking around 1 hour 30 minutes.

Not only is renting a car a convenient and direct solution, but it’s also the best way to see the countryside. – Check out the rental service here.

The journey from Granada to Malaga is an attractive route, crossing beautiful landscapes. You can enjoy it to the full from the comfort of your own hire vehicle.

Even better, renting a car will give you maximum flexibility during your trip. There are so many amazing places to visit in Malaga and Granada.

You can travel at your own pace and discover everything without having to rely on public transport.

Stay in one of the boutique hotels in Granada, and you can drive in under two hours to Malaga’s attractions. 

If you’re staying in Malaga, you can easily spend one day in Granada, discovering the sights. You won’t need to move hotels or worry about catching a train – you can travel under your own steam.

4. From Granada Airport to Malaga

A plane taking off from the airport, traveling from Granada to Malaga

If you’re traveling from Granada Airport to Malaga, you can do this easily with public transport. 

1. From Granada airport to Malaga by train

inside of a Spanish train that travels from Granada to Malaga

If you’re traveling from Malaga Airport to Granada, there is no direct train. You will need to take the bus from the Airport to Malaga’s bus station. You can then take a train to Granada. – Check bus tickets here.

There are high-speed trains running between Malaga and Granada but you must change in Antequera. The journey, including waiting time in Antequera, takes around 1 hour 45 minutes. – Check train tickets here.

The price of the round trip is about 60 Euros.  It makes sense to book your ticket in advance so you don’t have to worry about queuing. 

2. From Granada airport to Malaga by bus

Friends waiting to get in the bus to travel from Granada to Malaga

You can easily take a bus from Malaga Airport to Granada. There is a direct service running every hour throughout the day.

It costs between 12-14.08 Euros if you’re taking the trip one way, or between 23-28.15 Euros if you’re taking a round trip. – Check out bus tickets here.

The earliest bus from the airport to Granada leaves at 6:30 am and arrives at 8:45 am. The final bus leaves the airport at 10:40 pm and arrives in Granada at 12:45 am.

It’s best to book your ticket in advance as there can be long queues to buy tickets on the day.

3. Taxi from Granada airport to Malaga

A closeup with a taxi sign on top of a white taxi car. Traveling to Granada to Malaga

Taking a bus or train from the airport can be time-consuming and stressful. The journey takes over 2 hours 30 minutes and the buses can be crowded.

A taxi ride is a far more pleasant option. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery while getting to your destination directly and quickly. – Check out taxi services here.

It’s a good idea to book your airport transfer or taxi in advance to ensure availability and to confirm a price.

Return: Travel from Malaga to Granada

From Granada to Malaga by Bus

The return journey from Malaga to Granada is simply the reverse of the journey outlined above. If you’re heading to Malaga, it’s certainly worthwhile visiting Granada too.

This historic city boasts a wealth of attractions and is a Spanish cultural gem.

Of course, you should always book your tickets and transfers well in advance of your trip. That way, you can be sure of the best possible prices. – Check schedules here.

You can also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything is organized and prepared.

Final words

an aerial view of Malaga with the sea in the distance. Traveling from Granada to Malaga

Traveling from Granada to Malaga is essential if you want to see the best of this region of Spain. Booking a taxi is the speediest and most convenient way to travel. 

However, the buses and trains are also excellent and allow you to travel easily between the two cities.

Whether you’re wondering where to eat in Granada, or what there is to see in Malaga, you’re sure to find plenty of information. 

This part of Spain is truly beautiful and boasts plenty of stunning sights and attractions.

The Alhambra in Granada is a must-see thanks to its famous heritage. – Discover guided tours here.

Meanwhile, the El Banuelo Arab baths are beautifully preserved and make for a wonderful and unique visit. – Get your guided tour here.

Sacromonte, a captivating neighborhood in Granada, weaves a unique tale with its cave dwellings that have been home to the city’s vibrant Romani community for centuries.

This enchanting district not only preserves its cultural heritage but also offers visitors a glimpse into the bohemian spirit of Granada through its flamenco performances and panoramic vistas of the Alhambra. – Check out flamenco shows in Sacromonte here.

In Malaga, you can discover art in the Picasso Museum, see the Roman Amphitheatre ruins, and admire the historic cathedral. – Get your entrance here.

The local surroundings are also truly spectacular with the Sierra Nevada Hills and the stunning Costa Del Sol beaches on the doorstep.

Short FAQ about visiting Malaga from Granada

How many trains per day from Malaga to Granada?

There are around 8-10 train connections between Malaga and Granada every day.

What is the cheapest way to get from Málaga to Granada?

The cheapest way to travel from Malaga to Granada is to take the local bus. The cost of a one-way trip is between 12 and 14.08 Euros.

Can you catch a train from Malaga to Granada?

There is a train from Malaga to Granada, but it isn’t a direct train. You will need to change in Antequera.