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10 Fun Things to do in Carmona, Seville

A guide to Carmona’s attractions to visit on a day trip from Seville

Carmona, only 30 minutes away from Seville, impresses with a manifold history.

Stronghold during the time of Julius Caesar, occupied by the Moors and finally captured by the Castilians, Carmona is an architectural melting pot of 3 cultures.

Located only 30 minutes by bus, Carmona is the ideal day trip from Seville. Seville can get really hot in the summer months, so if I didn’t go to the coast, I sought refreshments in smaller towns like Carmona.

Let’s dive into the best things to do in Carmona, Spain.

door in carmona, spain

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On top, Carmona boasts one of the top hotels in the region: the Parador de Carmona. It is the perfect location to relax while being surrounded by historic walls and a very Andalusian atmosphere.

All-in-white houses with Mudéjar details, my dress red as blood, and the Spanish bulls black as ebony made me feel as in a Moorish version of Snow White.

The town has more than 5000 years of history and what seems like a sleepy provincial town, will end up surprising you. 

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How to get from Seville to Carmona by bus

hotel parador carmona

Several buses depart per day from Seville to Carmona. The bus from Seville departs at Plaza de Armas and arrives 30 minutes later in Carmona.

You can thus easily go in the morning and come back at night, in case you stay in Seville.

Carmona is thus the perfect day trip from Seville.

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Top Things to do in Carmona, Spain

1. Relaxing in the Parador of Carmona

view on the carmona parador

The most impressive sight of the city is the Palace of King Pedro, a former Arab fortress that is home to the Hotel Parador de Carmona.

Staying at the Parador is definitely a highlight: an oasis of tranquility, beauty, and the feeling of being thrown back into Moorish times.

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The swimming pool is located in the midst of exuberant gardens with exotic fruits. 

Even if you are not getting accommodated at this 4-star hotel, you should at least enjoy a meal in the castle’s dining room with impressive views of Sierra Morena and the countryside.

Carmona’s delicious local dish “Espinacas con garbanzos” (spinach with chickpeas) will evidence even more why Carmona is a hidden jewel of the Sevillian province.

You can easily stay more than one day or night in Carmona. I definitely recommend staying in Carmona at least until nightfall as the town is absolutely enchanting during the night.

The atmosphere is very mysterious and I loved wandering through its narrow streets.

So what is the best way to visit Carmona?

things to do in carmona

2. Visit the ancient walls

visit old carmona from seville

The town is not very large and the most important sights are located within the fortification walls. I definitely recommend visiting the Gate of Seville and the Gate of Cordoba which are richly ornated.

The Gate of Cordoba is close to the Moorish fortress Alcázar del Rey Don Pedro, home of the Parador.

I recommend starting your tour at the Gate of Cordoba as it is located in the higher part of the town and you can easily park your car at the parking close to the Parador de Carmona.

The ancient walls make Carmona one of the most beautiful places to visit in Spain and it is one of the best things to do in Carmona.

3. Have an afternoon tea in the Parador

day trip from seville to carmona

Even if you’re not staying in the Parador, just have a coffee inside and get a glimpse of the BREATHTAKING views on the plane land of Sevilla province.

The Parador is also a great place to enjoy an afternoon refreshment in one of the hotel’s restaurants.

4. Visit the Jewish Quarter

carmona, seville view

From here, I recommend strolling through the narrow, cobbled streets of Carmona.

You shouldn’t skip the Jewish quarter San Blas with its truly mystic atmosphere.

5. Visit the Farmer’s Market

mercado de abastos in carmona

A highlight of any trip to Carmona is a quick visit to the farmer’s market… which is located on the patio of a former convent!

The market is also one of the best places to stock up on local products and buy artisan souvenirs.

It’s a MUST when looking for things to do in Carmona.

6. Buy Sweets in the Convent

things to do in carmona

There are still several convents existing in Carmona, such as the picturesque St. Claire. Spanish nuns usually prepare delicious sweets which I love to bring to my friends.

Often each Covent has its very own typical sweet.

7. Cordoba Gate

The time of Roman emperor Augustus gave Carmona a time of peace and financial well-being. That brought forth the development of infrastructure and civil buildings. Cordoba gate was one of them.

Further, it was the main entrance to the city. It was a defensive gate and worked as a propaganda scheme.

The gate was around Aljama Mosque and Caliphal Alcazar. It received a few other names, such as Bab-al-Wadi, Bab-al-Qantara, Bab-al-Yazira, and Bab-al-Sura. The gate still has traces of various cultures.

During the 16th century, it went through Renaissance variations. And in the 17th century, decorative motifs were added to it. That’s only one of the reasons why Carmona is a great day trip from Seville.

There are a few views which you can sight when you visit the place. In addition, you can pay a call to the exhibition hall. Go through the stairs, and you will reach the room. Further, the site illustrates the history of the gates. You can view it in the words and pictures.

There is a painting of the Virgin of Grace, the patron saint. Furthermore, you can find it in the central section of the middle span.

There are two small gates on either side of the main gate. You must visit the balcony on the top floor. There you can view the other marvelous sights of the town.

The gate is at the spot of previous Roman gates. And at the end of the former Decumanus. That gate bonds the city with the Roman bridge and the via Augusta.

8. Carmona Fort

view on carmona

This picturesque fort lies in the city center of Carmona. Further, it rises above the Puerta de Sevilla (Gate of Seville) which formed a strong defense for the city.

It is at the highest point of the city Carmona. In fact, it is the highest among the whole Alcores Region.

The lovely views and Spanish cuisine served in the surrounding bars make it worth a visit. And the typical Spanish ambiance will make you fall in love with the place.

Carmona was previously known as Carmo during the days of Julius Caesar. It has views of Andalusia or the plains, which is one of the well-known white villages around the region. Carmona became a city in 1630 by Philip IV.

In 1755, the earthquake almost ruined the property. And the upcoming time, the people witnessed a gradual fall. At last, it fell to pieces. You can access it through the double-pointed Moorish arches. The interiors of the arches still have the remains of geometric paintings.

Do not forget to dig into the Andalusian food when you’re visiting Carmona.

9. Carmona Town Center

view on carmona city center

Once there was the Dominican monastery in the place of the town center of Carmona. The formation started around the 16th century and got completed in the 17th century. On 27 April 1837, it was allowed for public use.

The actual market got built in the year 1842. Moreover, it got constructed in the traditional square style. The courtyard has four amphistylar galleries with around twenty-eight stalls.

The place has a lot to present to its visitors. Make sure to stop by the town center when you visit the city.

There are several picturesque locations in the town center. It includes a magnificent church named Iglesia de Santa Maria. Further, the church got constructed in the seventeenth century.

It is handled by the Brotherhood of the Rosary of Our Lady of the Snows.

Next is Plaza del Mercado, a historic marketplace. And now it has developed into a shopping center. The market is full of locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Also, it has many restaurants and bars where you can indulge in Spanish tapas. Furthermore, you can enjoy some good Spanish cuisine over there. It becomes the best place to hang out on Thursdays and Fridays.

The Plaza de San Fernando is the best location if you want to chill with your friends and family. You can sit there and enjoy your drink and snacks.

People always hit the place to meet each other. It is in the middle of attractive buildings, which makes it a worth visit.

10. Carmona Town Hall

The 17th-century town hall is on the Plaza de San Fernando, housed in the old San Teodomoro college. It was initially a Jesuit convent and included a Roman mosaic.

Also, it portrays the head of the gorgon Medusa between the figures that depict the four seasons.

Further, it is one of the best historic centers of the city. If you want to know things to do in Andalucia, then add this place to your bucket list. It is a must-visit while your trip to Carmona.

The construction of the hall finished in 1621. It was the home to the Society of Jesus order (the Jesuits) in Carmona. It turned into a boarding house in the year 1767. At that time, the Jesuits were homeless.

In 1842, it got renovated into the town hall. Later, it underwent a few changes. The most recent alterations were done in 1980 and again in 1992. The changes included a marble staircase at the main entry.

The town hall presents a neo-classical frontage to the street. And the place is surrounded by the convent’s monastery. Further, it exhibits a crucial archaeological discovery.

You can visit the place to view some more amazing sights. There is also a memorial stone in the assembly hall. It dedicates to Tullius Amelius going back to the 1st century AD.

And also the pieces of the Bruma mosaic. It has a masculine figure covered with a blanket with the name BRVMA at the bottom.

grgeous carmona parador views
entrance to carmona parador hotel