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15 Fun Things to do in Murcia, Spain – 3 Day Itinerary

A Guide to the best attractions in Murcia, Southern Spain: the perfect Murcia Itinerary

While in Andalucia you can escape the tourists by visiting the capital of Murcia province: Murcia.

Yes, it is a little confusing when the city and the province it is in both have the same name, but that should not stop you from enjoying what is a young vibrant city full of plenty of things to see and do.

Whether you have two, three, four, or just one day to spend in Murcia, this travel guide’s itinerary can be geared especially for your trip.

Things to do in Murcia, southern spain

Located on the Segura River in south-eastern Spain, Murcia has a population of around 450,000 inhabitants making it the seventh-largest city in the country.

While not on the tourist trail like Alicante and Valencia, Murcia boasts an interesting old town with narrow winding streets and attractive plazas.

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Top Things To Do In Murcia, Southern Spain – Our Murcia Itinerary For 3 days

  1. Catedral de Santa María
  2. Real Casino de Murcia
  3. Museo Arqueológico
  4. Plaza de las Flores
  5. Museo Salzillo
  6. Castillo de Monteagudo

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How to get to Murcia

How to get from Alicante to Murcia:

There are several buses a day to Murcia from the main bus stations in Alicante (1h) or travel by train from the main station (1h 24m). – Buy tickets here

How to get from Benidorm to Murcia:

There are direct buses from Benidorm to Murcia with a stop in Alicante (1.45m). – Get tickets here

How to get from Torrevieja to Murcia:

Getting to Murcia from Torrevieja by bus or train requires a stop in either Orihuela or Alicante (2h 31m). – Buy tickets in advance here

How to get from Madrid to Murcia:

Getting to Murcia from Madrid is very simple via high-speed train departing from Atocha Train Station (3h 28m) by bus with a stop in Albacete (4h 35m). – Buy train tickets here

How to Get from Barcelona to Murcia:

The best way to travel from Barcelona to Murcia is to drive, which takes, on average 5 hours, 42 minutes. View hire car prices and availability here.

Another good way to get from Barcelona to Murcia is by train via Alicante. The average journey time is 4 hours, 57 minutes. Purchase tickets here.

Alternatively, you can take a bus from Barcelona (usually overnight), which takes 8.5-10 hours. Buy bus tickets here. 

How to get from Malaga to Murcia:

The easiest way to get from Malaga to Murcia is to drive. The journey takes 4 hours. This is a lot quicker than other options and worth hiring a car for. View hire car prices here.

You can also travel from Malaga to Murcia by bus (6 hours, 20 minutes). Some buses are direct, and some change in Almeria. Get your bus ticket here.

How to get from Valencia to Murcia:

The quickest way to get from Valencia to Murcia is to drive. This option only takes 2 hours, 19 minutes. View hire car prices here.

There’s also a high-speed train from Valencia-Estacio Del Nord to Murcia Del Carmen. This option takes 3 hours, 34 minutes. Get your train tickets here.

Buses from Valencia bus station take 3 hours, 15 minutes to reach Murcia. Get your bus ticket here.


If you’re wondering what to do in Murcia, look no further. Here’s what we recommend you do on day 1 of your trip.

Visit Murcia Cathedral 

Things to do in Murcia, Cathedral

Constructed in 1394 on the site of what was once a great Mosque, the gothic-inspired holy place received a baroque facelift in 1748 and now has a stunning façade overlooking the plaza – one of the most beautiful places in Murica.

The highlight of the Cathedral of Murcia is its 15th-century Capilla de los Vélez. Dedicated to St. Lucas and funded by the Marquis of Vélez, the chapel was declared a National Monument for its outstanding artistic value.

While visiting the cathedral don’t miss the chance to explore the cathedral museum where along with religious artifacts you will discover the remains of an 11th-century Moorish dwelling and a small Mezquita (mosque).

If you don’t mind a bit of exercise take a tour of the 305-foot tall tower, the second-largest cathedral tower in Spain after the Giralda in Seville and one of the most popular Murcia tourist spots.

Even if you just have one day in Murcia, visiting the cathedral is a must. It’s one of the most popular Murcia tourist attractions! – Check rates for guided tours here

Address: Plaza del Cardenal Belluga, s/n, 30001 Murcia

Opening times: Monday to Friday 7:00 – 20:00 and Saturday-Sunday 7:00-21:00.

Marvel at the Real Casino de Murcia

Things to do in Murcia, Real Casino de Murcia

First opened as a gentleman’s club in 1847 the resplendent building has been painstakingly restored to all its former glory. With its historical design dating back to an era when opulence was the de rigueur of the day, the Real Casino de Murcia is one of the main attractions in Murcia.

Beyond the decorative facade, you will discover a Moorish patio crowned with a large iron and glass dome and Arabic inscription taken from the Alhambra and El Alcázar that repeats the question “Is no one greater than god”?

In the mini palace-like building you will discover a two-tier library built by the English company Waking Gilow in 1916; a grand ballroom complete with crystal chandeliers, and a ladies’ powder room with cherubs and angels painted on the ceiling.

Address: C/ Trapería, 18, 30001 MURCIA

Opening times: 10:30-19:00

Admission: Adults 5€ Children 3€

Visit Museum Salzillo

3-day itinerary Murcia, Museum Salzillo

Famous all over Spain for its magnificent Easter week processions, the Museum Salzillo is one of the best things to do in Murcia city.

Dedicated to Francisco Salzillo, a baroque sculptor who lived between 1707 and 1783, the museum houses many of his most outstanding religious works that were saved from being destroyed during the Spanish Civil War.

Sculpted from wood and then polychromed, the lifelike sculptures are carried through the streets during Holy Week.

The museum also features a nativity scene made from 600 pieces which make the museum one of the best things to see in Murcia.

Address: Calle Dr. Jesús Quesada Sanz, 1, 30005 Murcia

Opening times: Monday-Saturday 10:00 to 17:00 and Sunday 11:00-14:00

Admission: 5€

Wander along the Segura River

3-day itinerary Murcia, Segura River

The Segura Riverbank is home to several parks connected to each other by paths, cycle lanes, and bridges. The most important of these parks and the one you really must see is the Malecón Gardens or botanical gardens.

Designed during the 19th century the Malecón Gardens are one of the top things to see in Murcia and a favorite place where locals go to walk and admire not only indigenous plants from around the world.

If you are in the mood for a longer stroll head out of the city in the direction of Javalí Nuevo until you come to a bend in the river where they have picnic tables for the many people who like to come there and go swimming during the summer.

A great way to enjoy the Murcia river is by bike. – Check bike tours in Murcia here

Lunch in Meson de Pepe

3-day itinerary Murcia, Meson de Pepe

Located in the Vista Alegre neighborhood, just a short walk from the city center Meson de Pepe has been serving traditional Murcian recipes since 1989.

With a variety of both fish and meat dishes, you are bound to find something on the menu that you will like.

Between Monday and Thursday Meson de Pepe offers a three-course set menu del dia that offers you to try local favorites at an amazing price.

Address: Calle Arquitecto Emilio Perez Piñero, 16, 30007 Murcia

Opening times: Daily 11:00-22:00

Visit Monteagudo Castle

Things to do in Murcia, Monteagudo Castle

Built around 1078 to protect the city of Murcia, Monteagudo Castle lies five kilometers outside the town on top of a rocky hill.

Following the defeat of the Moors by James I of Aragon in 1266, the castle guarded the border of Aragon and Castile up until the 15th century.

In 1926 a 14-meter tall statue of Christ was erected on top of the castle, but Communist fighters destroyed it during the Spanish Civil War.

The current figure you see today is a replica of the first statue and was placed there in 1951.

Today the castle is mostly just a pile of ruins that remain closed to the public. You can, however, drive up to the fence that surrounds it.

Have a coffee at the Plaza Cardenal Belluga Square

Things to do in Murcia, Plaza Cardenal Belluga

Located near the river in the historical center of Murcia, Plaza Cardenal Belluga Square is home to the city’s iconic cathedral, the bishop’s palace, and the Salla Belluga exhibition rooms.

On the right side of the Murcia city center Square opposite the cathedral, you will find the tourist office where you can pick up a free map of the city.

Pop into one of the bars or better still an outdoor table where you can have a cup of coffee and study the map before heading off into the old town.

Wander in Floridablanca Gardens

Things to do in Murcia, Floridablanca Gardens

If you’re looking for more unusual things to do in Murcia, head to Floridablanca Gardens.

Named after economist and lawyer José Moñino Redondo, Count of Floridablanca, the Floridablanca Gardens were the first public gardens to open in Spain.

Located in the El Carmen district of the city the park is an oasis of shade during the sizzling summer months thanks to centuries-old ficus trees that line the pathways.

The Floridablanca Gardens are one of the best things to do in Murcia for families.

Enjoy tapas in Murcia 

3-day itinerary Murcia, tapas in murcia

Ask any knowledgeable chef, and they will tell you that Murcia has the best tapas in all of Spain. Surrounded by fertile arable land and close to the Mediterranean Sea, it is easy to see why food plays such an essential part in everyday Murcian life.

When it comes to finding tapas bars in Murcia, Andalucia, start your culinary tour in Plaza Cardenal Belluga with a plate of mussels and an ice-cold Estrella Levante beer at La Mejillonera.

Around the corner is Los Zagales, an old-school bar that serves fried baby squid from the Mar Menor.

After Los Zagales head over to the Plaza de las Flores where you will find half a dozen or so excellent tapas bars where you can spend the evening eating and drinking to your heart’s content.

If you love Spanish food, why not recreate it at home? Try your hand at our Vegetarian Empanadas Recipe, or recreate the delicious Spanish Mushroom Croquettes.

Day 2

Visit Murcia Market

3-day itinerary Murcia, Mercado Publico, market in murcia

When it comes to things to do in Murcia, Spain, don’t forget to visit one of the city’s indoor food markets. The best one in Murcia is called Veronicas Market on Calle Plano de San Francisco.

Built between the years 1914 and 1917, Veronicas Market has a real Modernist feel about it and has vendors whose families have owned stalls in the market since it first opened.

This is a must on any Murcia walking tour. – Check guided tours here

Opening Times: Monday-Saturday 08:00 to 14:00 Closed on Sunday

Do a Murcia Bike Tour

3-day itinerary Murcia, Bike tour

One of the things to do in Murcia, Spain that people often don’t think about is to rent a bike or go on a Murcia bike tour.

Going on a bike tour with a local is a great way to learn all about Murcia and its historical agricultural origins.

Tours generally last around 3.5 hours and involve leisurely cycling through orange and lemon groves along the Segura River. – Check bike tours here

Visit the Roman theatre

Things to do in Murcia, Roman Theatre

Not in Murcia, but in the city of Cartagena the Roman theatre is one of the largest Roman archaeological sites in all of Spain.

Built in the 1st century BC during the reign of Emperor Augustus, the theatre was able to seat 6,000 people. It was used not only for entertainment but also for propaganda and political purposes. 

Want to know more about this hidden gem in Murcia Province? Read our complete guide on things to do in Cartagena, Spain.

Opening times: Tuesday-Saturday: 10:00 to 20:00 Sunday: 10:00 to 14:00 Closed Monday

Admission: 6€

Lunch in Restaurante El Churra

Things to do in Murcia, Restaurante El Churra

To sample an original taste of Murcian cooking, you will not find a better place than Restaurante El Churra for lunch.

Traditionally Spanish, with wood-paneled walls, tile floors, and cloth table linens, the restaurant’s primary focus is beef and lamb.

With Murcia not being too far from the sea, you also are given an excellent choice of seafood to select from.

Address: Calle del Obispo Sancho Davila 13, 30007 Murcia

Opening times: Mon-Sat 08:00 to 24:00 Sun-Sat 13:00 to 17:00

Have a tinto de verano at Plaza Flores

Things to do in Murcia, Plaza Flores

Located in the heart of Murcia’s old quarter, the Plaza Flores is where locals go when they want to enjoy a drink al fresco.

Pedestrianized with a fountain as its focal point, the Plaza Flores is the perfect spot to enjoy a tinto de verano.

Similar to sangria except without the fruit and sugar tinto de verano is a refreshing summer drink made from red wine and Spanish fizzy lemonade.

Enjoy a water park in Murcia (Terra Natura Murcia) 

3-day itinerary Murcia, Terra Natura Murcia

If you have kids in tow and want to do something the whole family can enjoy, consider spending the day at a water park.

Located on the outskirts of town Terra Natura has several swimming pools suitable for both adults and children.

The water park features several water slides that vary in height and a lazy river ride for those just looking to relax while soaking up the sun. – Buy tickets in advance here

Address: Calle Regidor Cayetano Gago, s/n, 30100 Espinardo,

Opening times: 10:00 to 17:00

Dinner in Murcia

3-day itinerary Murcia, Dinner

If you are looking for something other than Spanish food and tapas, try Oven Mozzarella Bar for traditional Italian cooking that will make you feel as though you are in Tuscany.

More pizza and pasta rather than Ossobuco and Saltimbocca, Oven Mozzarella Bar nevertheless serves up quality Italian cuisine in a warm contemporary atmosphere.

Address: Plaza Julian Romea 5, 30001 Murcia

Opening times: Sunday-Thursday 12:20 to 24:00 Friday-Saturday 12:30 to 01:00

Day 3

Visit Mar Menor

3-day itinerary Murcia, Mar Menor, beaches

When it comes to things to see and do near Murcia, a trip to Mar Menor has to be on your list of places to visit in Murcia.

Considered to be the largest Lagoon in Europe the Mar Menor is separated from the sea by a narrow strip of land called La Manga.

Ideally suited to water sports and shallow enough for young children to swim, the area around Mar Menor has some of Spain’s best golf courses making it a year-round resort.

Visit some of Murcia’s best beaches at Costa Calida

Things to do in Murcia, Costa Calida

The beaches in Murcia are some of the best in Spain and not crowded like the Costa Blanca. On the Costa Calida, dunes and virgin pine forests back many of the beaches.

Popular resorts include the hotels on La Manga, a 22-kilometer long strip of land that separates the Mar Menor from the sea. From here it is only a short trip to the pink lake of Torrevieja.

Of the beaches, our favorite is Playa Honda where you will find a lovely promenade and plenty of water sport activities. – Book here the best activities near Murcia

A Day trip to Lorca 

Things to do in Murcia, Lorca, day trip

When people ask what to do in Murcia, we always say be sure to visit the Baroque city of Lorca. Indeed, it’s one of the best day trips from Murcia and a major tourist attraction in the region of Murcia.

While in Lorca, there are plenty of things to see and do like the magnificent castle of the sun, a towering fortress that served both the Moors and Christian armies.

Dive into Lorca’s past by starting your tour of the old town in the Plaza de España. Along with the stately looking buildings is a unique church dedicated to Saint Patrick.

The church celebrates the Battle of Los Alporchones and the Christian victory over the Caliphate of Granada on March 17th, 1452.

In the near surroundings of Lorca, you’ll also find plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking or biking.

You should also check out this post we wrote on the things to do in Granada.

A Day Trip to Cartagena

Things to do in Murcia, Cartagena

Home to the Spanish navy’s most extensive base, the natural harbor of Cartagena was first settled by the Carthaginians around 220 BC and went on to become one of the most important Roman cities in Spain. A trip to Cartagena is one of the best things to do near Murcia city.

Today a history buffs dream Cartagena is easily seen on foot thanks to an extensive network of pedestrian streets and waterfront walkways.

Highlights of any trip to Cartagena must include visiting the Roman theatre and the archaeological museum to learn all about the civilizations that called Cartagena home.

Exploring Cartagena is definitely one of the best things to do near Murcia. – Check guided tours here

Best Hotels in Murcia, Southern Spain

The city of Murcia is home to some of the best hotels in the Murcia region. Whether you’re looking for a budget place to stay or a luxury hotel, there are some fantastic places to stay in Murcia.

Here are our top picks for accommodation in Murcia.

Sercotel JC1 Murcia **** – Luxury

sercotel hotel in murcia, southern spain

 Based in the business district, a 5-minute tram ride from the historic center and shops in Murcia, this modern, stylish hotel features every amenity.

All rooms are air-conditioned and have a private bathroom, minibar, and satellite television. The hotel also features a spa and gym that are available for a surcharge.

At the Sercotel JC1, Murcia guests enjoy a complimentary coffee service and breakfast buffet. The hotel’s restaurant serves lunch and dinner either inside or out on the terrace. This is one of the best hotels in Murcia, Spain! – Check rates & reviews here

Address: Av. Juan Carlos I, 55, 30100 Murcia

Hesperia Murcia Centro *** – Mid-Range

hesperia murcia hotel

Located close to all the things you want to see in Murcia, the recently refurbished Hesperia Murcia Centro is just 200 meters from the cathedral.

All rooms’ air-conditioned rooms come with private bathrooms, free Wi-Fi and satellite television. The Hesperia Murcia Centro operates a 24-hour reception desk and its guests a complimentary buffet breakfast.

This hotel is a great option when looking for accommodation in Murcia with a mid-range budget. – Check rates & reviews here

Address: Calle Madre de Dios, 4, 30004 Murcia

Tel-  968 21 77 89

BCool Hostel ** – Budget

bcool hostel murcia

The BCool Hostel is a money-friendly option with rooms starting from around 24€ per night.

Located 400 meters from Murcia’s old town and 700 meters from the Fine Arts Museum, the Bcool hotel is within walking distance of all the city’s attractions.

Despite being a basic hotel for travelers, guests particularly liked the location near plenty of bars and restaurants and especially loved the on-site restaurant where you could have a home-cooked meal for just 12€. – Check rates & reviews here

Address: Calle de los Infantes 5, 30001 Murcia 

Getting Around Murcia

If you are staying near the city center, you can quickly get around the old town and significant Murcia attractions on foot.

If you are staying out in the suburbs or want to get to and from the university Murcia has a fleet of modern air-conditioned buses and 18 kilometers of tram tracks.

The tram is especially useful if you wish to visit some of the larger shops in Murcia and need to get from Murcia city center. Taxi ranks are found throughout Murcia and operate using a taximeter.

All Murcia taxis are white and have a red and yellow sticker with their cab number on the front doors.

In case you are looking for a day trip from Murcia or the next stop on your Southern Spain itinerary, you should have a look at our 3-day itinerary, Almeria.

Best Attractions in Murcia, Spain – Map

map of murcia, town in spain

A short FAQ about Murcia, Spain

Where is Murcia in Spain?

Murcia is located on the Segura River in south-eastern Spain.

What are things to do in Murcia when it rains?

On a rainy day, you should definitely visit Museum Salzillo.

Is Murcia Spain an interesting place to visit?

Yes, there’s no doubt about it. Just look at the Monteagudo Castle for example.

Is Murcia the hottest part of Spain?

Generally speaking, Murcia is not the hottest area of Spain. In fact, the southeastern coast of Andalucia – including cities such as Almuñecar and Málaga – usually experience the highest temperatures during the summer months. However, Murcia is one of the hottest areas in Spain, with temperatures reaching around 34°C during peak summer in August.

Is Murcia warm in winter?

Yes, Murcia’s climate is mild throughout the year. Temperatures remain fairly warm during the winter months with lows of 17°C. Temperatures rarely fall below 5°C.

What towns and villages are there to visit around Murcia?

The city of Murcia has many towns and villages to explore nearby. Visiting a village or town is the perfect day trip. The most popular include Cartagena, Lorca, Yecla, Mazarrón, and Calasparra, all of which are less than 1 hour’s drive away from Murcia.

What is Murcia known for?

Murcia is known for its vibrant culture and history. It is home to some of the most important landmarks in the Murcia region, including the Museum of Fine Arts, the Santa Clara Convent, and the Church of San Esteban.

There are many beautiful parks and plazas to explore in Murcia’s Old Town, such as Plaza de las Flores and Jardines del Bobadilla. The city also hosts several festivals throughout the year. Murcia is also famous for its culinary scene, and the city offers a variety of traditional Spanish dishes to try.

Is Murcia worth visiting?

Murcia is a less visited city in Southern Spain and is therefore a great place to visit if you want to travel off the beaten track in Spain.

Founded by Abd-Al-Rahman II the then emir of Cordoba in 831, Murcia was an important city during Moorish rule prospering from the export of silk and paper.

Following the Christian conquest by James II of Aragon in 1296, Murcia fell into decline until the neighboring Muslim kingdom of Granada was defeated in 1492.

Wealthy once more right the way up to the 18th century, it is from this period that most of Murcia’s great churches and buildings were constructed.

Today Murcia is known throughout Spain for being a university town and home to some of the best tapas bars in the country.